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May 15, 2014 (4 years ago)
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When we were oceans apart,you often tells me to look up and watch the beautiful moon,and I often assume that its night time here even it is broad daylight just so to let you feel I see what you see,for I know that what you were trying to tell me was that our eyes meet somewhere where the moon smiles.
You are the reason for my smiles,my laughters,my beatiful thoughts,my life,yet you are my greatest secret which I've been longing to shout and tell the whole world that you are mine,my love but I just can not.
Now that you're home and I no longer need to pretend to see the beautiful moon during daytime,but you are more distant for you no longer tells me to watch it with you.I wish that you are just there even afar for it is when I can feel is when I am loved,it is when I can feel that you are mine,it is when I can feel you belong to m... Read More

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