May 15, 2015 (3 years ago)
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When I first saw her at the corner,
I never knew that I will fall for her.
I'm captured by her pretty smile,
Her beauty and her sweet profile.

Though there was a lot at stake,
I will do everything for her sake.
But the timing was not right,
For there was no love at first sight.

Everything happened so fast,
And I thought I could make it last.
Every moment we have spent,
Are my most treasured moment.

I'm just a romantic fool,
Following true love's rule.
Even though there's always pain,
I will love and and love again.

Even if things didn't go well,
I'm still wishing and will always tell.
That when I said the words "I Love You"
Believe it to be pure and true.

For loving her is so sublime,
I'll find her on a... Read More

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