Being Single Forever, Sort Of

March 19, 2015 (3 years ago)
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I just had a lively chat with my friend, Rose. She's in her upper 20s, smart and with the cutest smile. When our conversation led to her status as single (she's currently not in a relationship), she politely asked me to read her blog instead. So I did.

While browsing I suddenly realized that a career woman like her often has a different perspective when it comes to marriage. They are more independent and open minded now than before. I was surprised when I read that she's ready to be single forever.


As I continue reading her blog, I saw some interesting things about her point of view. Rose finally declared, to my relief, that she still might change her mind and consider getting married in the future if the following issues will be addressed:

1. A guy beside her during stormy nights. 

Do you really need to get married to make love to someone during cold nights? I don't think so. Sex is beautiful but I'm not sure about her personal convictions when it comes to that. I don't want to impose since it's a personal choice. Basta masarap ang sex pero di ko naman sinabi sa kanya.

2. A guy that she can spend time talking about everything under the sun even with nonsense stuff.

There are lots of guys out there who are smart and witty and she needs to make sure to update herself in that department, too. If you want something from a person then you must offer something of equal value to sustain the relationship. It makes sense, di ba?

3. A guy that can be a travel buddy anytime, anywhere.

I know guys who love to travel but the problem is that you can't travel all the time as frequent as you want to once you have little babies. Mas mahirap lang pero pwede pa rin naman.

4. Unbearable pain of pregnancy and labor.

I thought that Rose might not be here if her mom didn't do it because of this fear. Also, having children don't have anything to do with marriage, at least for most of career women nowadays. 'Yung sperm naman ay di kailangan ng marriage certificate para makabuo ng bata, di ba?

A child is a gift from above and to participate in the circle of life is second to none. I wish she'd consider this, seriously .

Anyway, I was happy to learn that we agreed to disagree on this: "That not having a child makes a woman incomplete" and you can have one, married or not. A woman is always complete if she thinks she is. It's all in the mind.

Finally, I think I saw her fears in immersing in an uncharted territory. You can't have it all but we are far more flexible animals. Adaptable in so many ways if you'll find courage to try or entertain the idea of getting m... Read More

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