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August 19, 2017 (9 months ago)
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I'm an 18 year old, sexually active female. Wala akong boyfriend and when I said sexually active, it means I have sex with my guy friends, schoolmates, etc. No strings attached.

Pero lately, I am craving for something else. I lost my interest towards boys of my age. It started last month when I decided to watch porn. Yung laging kiniclick ko is yung mga stepdad videos, hardcore fucking na matured yung mga lalaki.

Is it weird if I find older guys so soooooo hot? When I say old, it's not grandpa old naman. Parang middle aged guys lang. 30's, 40's. I'm not picky when it comes sa itsura kase average looking lang din naman ako pero damn, older guys turn me on. Tuwing nagmamasturbate ako, I always fantasize an older man fucking me. Hindi ko alam kung bakit. Basta big men turn me on. Kahit sa balbas natuturn on ako. Sa bulky na katawan natuturn on ako. Sa maugat or balbon na braso natuturn on ako. I don't mind if the man is 10 years older, 15 years older or twice my age. Naguguluhan ako. Para bang, I want to be dominated by daddy figures. Ganon.

Then last week, I met a guy online. Sa Omegle to be specific. We decided to have phone sex and god, his voice! Sobrang lalim, lalaking lalaki. Yung tipo ko talaga. Tapos napakacommanding nya. Dominating. He tells me what to do, when to cum, and I swear, I've never come so hard my entire life. Pinakamatinding orgasm ko yon dahil lang sa boses!
Is this wrong? Am I weird? Is there something wrong with me? Is it wrong to wish for someone older than me? I lost interest in sex kase a... Read More

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