April 30, 2014 (3 years ago)
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BAKIT KAYA. . . .REPLY NI DARL. . . . How can I miss you this much???

   Darl: Same question I asked for the past 4 days. Only acceptable answer is --- I just do. 

Loving you really made me the happiest but being so far away from you somehow makes me sad.

     Darl: So true! I even thought of training myself not to miss you so much. Resolving to be offline so I will not be tempted to send you offline messages. I know you are busy and you have to concentrate in what you have to do. And I will never get in the way of what you are doing. But the selfish part of me won a little, it agreed with the rational side not to send you so many kulit messages, but it fought hard for me to stay online, just so if there is chance that you will send me a message so I can reply right away.

       Do you know that the mere sight of the blinking envelope in FSS warmed my heart? Because I knew you sent me a letter again and it never failed to surprise me with what you had to say.

     Or do you know that your FSS blogs/confessions made me want to hide under the bed? Because of so much kilig, I can't barely control myself from shouting your name.

     Or do you know when YM window suddenly popped, and I saw your name, it automatically brought a smile to my face? Because I knew even for a few minutes I can tell you how much I love you.

Alam ko, hindi perfect ang lahat sa atin, at may mga pagkakataon na hindi tayo madalas na magkakausap man lang at ito ay aking labis na ikinalulungkot subalit batid ko na magkakaroon na naman ng ngiti sa aking mga labi when you will be with me again.

      Darl: Life is not perfect. But it sure does have a lot of colors, and you brought that in my life. Never a day passed by since the first time you told me you love me that I didn't pinch myself. Asking, "Is this for real? Am I a fool for doing this? Am I too old for this?" Regardless if what we have just exists in the virtual world then, I will always treasure the moments I shared with you. Because you are the one thing I dare not dream of, but somehow, someone above heard my silent prayer and brought you in my life. 

Akala ko ay madali ang malayo sa iyo pero mali pala ako kasi palaging ikaw ang nasa isip ko sa bawat minutong dumaraan.

    Darl: So that is why I can't sleep sometimes! But I always dream of you, the man who touches my body like nobody can :P

Kahit na sa pag-uusap o sa chat lamang natin, ang mga problema seems so small at ang kaligayang aking nadarama ay hindi matutumbasan.

     Darl: When we are together, life seems so simple. Wish we can be together soon, but having spent time apart will be good for us to know each other.

Know that I will always try to understand you as you always try to understand me.
Kung wala ka, ang buhay ko ay isang napakalaking problema sapagkat hindi ako masaya. Sa bawat gabi, kalungkutan ang aking palaging kapiling.

  Darl: Told you before that I was happy and content before I met you. But still a part of me still longs to love someone so I planned to get to know other people this year, using conventional means. I have my rules on online relationships. It is something I do not want to do again. But here I am breaking all my rules. And funny, I am having a wonderful time with you. :-)

Mula nung natagpuan kita, alam kong nabubuhay ako hindi upang maging mag isa kundi ang mabuhay ng kasama ka.

Darl: I am an optimistic person. But when it comes to love, optimism always eluded me. But with you, I am willing to go that extra mile just to be with you only for a moment, but still praying it will be for long a time.

Malayo man ang aking lakbayin, hindi ko mapigilan ang isipin ka. . . umaga hanggang gabi at maging sa pagtulog ay nasa isip kita.

Darl: When I’m tired from work, or bored at home, I only need to say your name in my mind and like a magic word, I’ll have the energy to go on. Because I knew we will be together soon

Ngayon, sa aking pagtulog, habang ang kalungkutan ay unti unting bumabalot sa kwartong aking kinaroroonan, hindi ko maiwasang gunitain ang mga nagdaaang araw na palagi tayong nag uusap. . . nagtatawanan. . . nagkukulitan. . . magkasama sa chat room. . . pati na nga yung pinag uusapan natin ang buhay ng may buhay. . . at hindi ko mawari kung bakit kailangan kong gawin ito. . .ang maging malayo sa iyo.

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