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August 17, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Hi FSS citizens! 

I'm a newbie here pero I am enjoying the stories and the people here so far. Ang daming mga interesting kausap and mga nice chatters sa chatroom. I would like to ask for your help sana in a friend's sensitive situation. Seeing as we read incest stories here and talk about sex na hindi natin ginagawa sa labas, I thought this would be an appropriate avenue for this.

My friend is in her late 20s, single, working, living with her parents. One time she caught her dad crouching outside the bathroom she just vacated. Sabi daw ng dad nya, chinicheck lang yung gas kasi parang may leak. She didn't mind it although wala naman daw siyang naamoy na gas leak. Then it happened 3 more times, sakto nagsa-shower or peeing sya. And everytime her dad would give her a different reason kung bakit sya nandun, kesyo parang may patay na daga daw, may leak yung sink, etc. 

A couple more times she heard her dad coughing and sounded as if he's right outside her bedroom door. Note that she heard this in the middle of the night, around 2 or 3am and yung bedroom nya, nag-iisa lang sa pinakataas na storey ng bahay nila. She's experimenting din kasi, sexually, she would have phone sex with a guy and everytime they would finish, she would hear her father's distinct coughing sound (I met her dad and habit nya nga na parang nagcclear ng throat lagi, something he can't control). This happened countless of times na daw.

Now, my friend is kinda freaking out and wants her dad to stop yung paninilip sa kanya. Her father worked abroad kasi when she was younger and ngayon lang nagretire kaya parang wala silang strong father-daughter bonding. Plus her parents are both 60s na kaya halos wala na sigurong sex-life. Nahuhuli pa daw minsan ng mga kapatid nyang boys na nagmamasturbate yung tatay nila while watching sexy films sa madaling araw. Naintindihan ko naman na he might be sexually frustrated and lacking na sa sexual activities.

I told her to talk to him directly about it para hindi na sya nahihirapan (she blocks kasi all possible holes na pwedeng silipan ng dad nya and kept all the keys sa room nya, dati her parents have a copy nung key). Ang problem nya, yung tatay nya kasi emotionally fragile, medyo mahina yung loob kaya she's scared na baka kung anong gawin sa sarili kapag kinonfront nya about it. So ngayon, wala kaming maisip na way ku... Read More

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