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January 12, 2014 (4 years ago)
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"Uhhhh... fuck yeah!! Fuck, fuck, fuck!!! Don't STOP!!! Malapit na 'ko!"

She's always hot and horny. Always playing with her pussy. Always fucking somebody.

"Baby, doggie tayo."

Agad siyang tumuwad.

He played with her clit first before he inserted his finger, his two fingers, his three fingers.

"I want you... I want your big... long... hard.. hot... cock." she said while savoring the pleasure she gets from him.

"Suck me first, baby." he said. she obliged.

And he asked her to squat in his face. she did.

He was hungry for some pussy. he licked her slit and slowly sucked her clit...

"I'm close to coming...." she said.

He made her bent in front of him and shoved his full length on her, slowly, her orgasm is building up. he eased his cock out of her, and shoved half of it again. again and again. when he felt her pussy tensed, he pulled his cock out.

And inserted his full length inside her. she came. squirting.

While he's continuously fucking her....


"Sinabi niya, 'Don't fall in-love.' Hindi niya sinabing... 'You can't make love.' ..."

Naiwan kami sa practice room.

Nakatalikod akong nag-aayos ng gamit ng halikan niya ang balikat ko.

I was wearing a black tank top na halata yung black and pink lace bra. My palda is a black and pink ballerina styled na micro mini. Inside is a pair of black pantyhose. And of course a pair of 5 inch heels.

"What the heck are you doing?" I asked, shrugging him off.

"Isa lang." He was kissing my nape now. I turned to face him and pushed him.


He stepped forward and kissed my lips. I pushed him. I tried. But he carried me to a nearby table. 

"Let me go! Let me go!!!" Sigaw ko habang pumipiglas. Pero siniil lang niya ko ng halik habang hinihimas ang legs ko.

Nakaupo ako sa table, nakabukaka habang nakatayo siya sa pagitan ng legs ko.

I was punching him now. But to no avail.

Yeah. He was stronger.

Wala nang makakapigil sa malibog na lalaking to.

I was about to surrender but then....

"Argh... ahhh!!! Putcha! Bakit ang hirap tanggalin nito?" he said, frustrated.

I laughed. Hagalpak.

"Stupid." I muttered.

"Why did you wear this dress now?" he's frustration reeks.

I smacked his head and swatted his hands. I tried to get down from the table when he used a sharp object to rip my pantyhose.

No. He didn't.

Syet. sumabit yung pantyhose ko sa table at napunit. nag-ran. Tae.

"Thanks. Now, where were we?" he steadied me to the table. He pushed me so I can lay on the table. Binuka niya yung legs ko. enough for him to see my....

"Wild girl. I guess, you fancy being fucked too. Wearing a white thong in the practice, huh? Well, today's your lucky day...." He touched me down there.

"And you're dripping wet." He said as he parted my thong. He licked me from my slit to my clit. S..sl..slow.

I shuddered. 

"Damn, baby. You taste good." he s... Read More

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