ang sarap ni bestfriend 2

December 1, 2013 (4 years ago)
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Natutulog at nakabukaka si Claire sa kama. Suot nito ang maikling skirt at sleeveless top. Kitang kita ko ang panty niyang kulay pink. Kinunan ko siya ng litrato habang natutulog. Hinalikan ko siya sa labi, dahan dahan kong hinubad ang suot niya. Ang puti at ang kinis ng balat, malarosas ang mga utong. Kinuha ko ang cellphone niya at kinunan ko ng litrato ang hubad niyang katawan. Inamoy ko ang puke niya, fck ang bango. Dinilaan ko ang puke niya, ipinasok ko ang dila ko sa loob niya. I explored her with my tongue, while my hand her focused on her round firm breasts. I was sucking on her pussy hard, she was getting wet & her nipples were getting hard. I stopped when I felt her move.

Claire's POV

"Aaaah Kim" I moaned. I felt hot & wet,someone was making me feel uneasy. I was naked, wet & horny. Kim stopped and I wanted her to continue what she was doing. So I moved my hips, and wrapped my legs around her burying her on my pussy. "Please don't stop" I begged.

"Mmm aah" I felt her tongue inside me, exploring my pussy. She was licking me like she was licking icecream. My pussy was getting wet, I love how she eats me out. Kim's the only one who has tasted my pussy. I was rocking my hips and rubbing it against her. "You're so wet baby" yes, only for you Kim. She stopped licking my pussy. I was shocked to see her wearing a sex toy, it was an underwear with a toy cock. She smirked at me, " Claire baby, do you want this inside your pussy?" she was teasing me. I nodded, I spread my legs and stretched my pussy lips, " Ah Kim please stop teasing me, please put it inside my vagina" I begged, I'm so horny.

"A-aaah, it's so big" I moaned as she thrusts the cock inside my vajayjay. She was thrusting it hard,fast, & deep. It feels so good. She was slamming it in n out of me. We did it for so long i lost count of my orgasms. We changed positions, Kim was lying down as I moved my hips up and down, putting the cock in and out of me. I was moaning so loud, Kim was looking at me. As I moved it in and out. "Aaaah k-Kim don't look at me like that" I blushed, this was so embarrassing.
"You're so cute Claire,I love seeing you this horny" she teased. I was moving so fast, I reache... Read More

Part #: 2

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