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December 15, 2015 (2 years ago)
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I will lie if I say I've forgotten,
All the things that happened.
I will not say I still remember,
The thing that was called forever.

Every place I go reminds me of you,
Those memories that are so true.
But I can't stay chained in the past,
To the things I thought would last.

When I close my eyes I see your smile,
Even for an instant or just for a while.
All of these I keep in my memory,
The things that made up our love story.

As the days and months withered away,
I'm still taken back on that fateful day
As you said the things I don't want to hear,
All I can feel is a pain I cannot bear.

But you gave me something to ponder,
Things I need to fix and get in order.
For that I am really grateful I met you,
Even if in the end you bid me adieu.

So I'm moving forward not moving on,
And handle whatever I st... Read More

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