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July 26, 2014 (3 years ago)
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An Untitled StoryAnd so she is stuck – figuratively that is – with her left hand on the wall. She hates her friends right now! She had never been lucky at drawing straws, and she thinks her friends cheated. They tricked her into getting the smallest straw.

Her crazy friends called it ‘speed wall dating.’ She looked at the empty “hand spot” right next to hers. “As if someone would actually place HIS right hand on the wall. As if someone would really be that interested in me.” She sighed a deep sigh and waited. For what? She doesn’t know.


He had been standing there for what seemed like a long time. He was surprised when someone approached him earlier this morning as he was on the way to class. “If you want to know who wrote you the note, be here.” The girl handed him a piece of paper and suddenly left. The note was a direction to a place inside the campus. And now he is a few steps away from the said place.

Nervous– yes, that is what he is feeling at that very moment. Why is he even here? Ah yes, he remembered. He wanted to meet the person who wrote him the note - the note that was slipped into one of his books. He was holding it now, and he couldn’t help himself. He opened the note and started to read it – again for the umpteenth time.

Dear Stranger,

I sit here at my table looking at you and I feel like I am staring at perfection. And I can’t take my eyes off you. You are everything I want — and more.

I could say I am confident — in you and me and us — but that does not make me less terrified — of you, of this, and of uncertainties.

And if you just turn around and look my way, then maybe you’d feel the connection too.

If I can just make a sound to somehow catch your attention, then maybe you’d realize I could be the one.

I suppose for now I could just let myself long for you for a bit and hope that one day in the near future I’d work on the courage to come up to you and say hi.

Your Stalker

He folded the piece of paper and placed it inside his pocket. Just a few steps away. He is just a few steps away from meeting the faceless girl whose words had been haunting his dreams.

People were passing by and looking, really looking at her. “They must think me crazy! I look like I’m crazy.” And she thought they could also be feeling sorry for her too. This fat girl, standing right next to a wall just waiting… waiting… She closed her eyes and willed for it to be all over soon. “Please Lord, please let it end.”

“Hi.” She heard someone say

She slowly opened her eyes and saw a familiar face – a very good-looking familiar face – and he was looking at her, standing so close and really looking at her. She noted how his hand was against the wall and how it fit the handprint.

“What is he doing here?” She thought.

And she tried to look away. He was standing so close she felt she can’t breathe. He smiled and offered her his left hand. She hesitated. This is just too good to be true. It can’t be real! She had been thinking of him too much lately that she must have willed him to life. This can’t be! The man of his dreams can’t be standing in front of her right now! But he took her right hand and she noted how his was shaking.

“Hey.” She finally forc... Read More

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