An Open Letter to Mr. Right

July 23, 2014 (3 years ago)
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An Open Letter to Mr. RightMy Dearest Mr. Right,

I wonder…  Are you out there somewhere?  Are you waiting for that magical moment that would define true love, i.e., meeting me?  Do you think that maybe we will be sitting next to each other while commuting to work and our shoulders would be rubbing each other?  Or maybe we’d crash into each other in a coffee shop where I will be accidentally spilling coffee over your favorite shirt and you’d be too busy to notice because you’d be staring at me?  Or maybe you will rescue me in some romantic way and be my knight in shining armor?  I don’t mind playing the damsel in distress if the situation arises.  I think I am a fairly good actress too.  Hmmmnn…  Come to think of it, I am not opposed to the idea of doing something that would knock you off your feet and maybe I’d win your heart.

But then again, there is no perfect magical moment really.  We don’t need the standing-in-the-rain-while-our-personal-soundtrack-is-being-played-in-the-background kind of thing, but I am looking forward to the day that I would finally get to meet you and spend some time with you.

But don’t get me wrong, I can take care of myself and I don’t really need to be saved (most of the time anyway) but it would be really nice to have someone to lean on, someone who will teach me, give good advices, and open that pesky water bottle that refuses to open or that jar of peanut butter that refuses to budge.

I do know that everything won’t be perfect all the time between us, and I don’t really expect it to be.  I know that things will be complicated and difficult because well… I admittedly am complicated and difficult.  I have many faults and I know for myself that I am very stubborn.

I know it may seem like I am asking a lot, but I give everything that I have and all that I am.  So do you think you are ready for all of that?

If you think you can handle those things, could you just appear and come find me?  I’m right here… just waiting and anticipating your arrival and I won’t be settling for Mr. Right Now.  Just you.


Your Ms. Right (Me)

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