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November 10, 2012 (5 years ago)
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Bago pa mauso ng husto ang YM at iba pang chat clients, meron ng iba’t ibang chats na lumabas. isa na rito ang chat sa globe, being the first to introduce SMS into the market, they also introduced GLOBE CHAT. I’m one of the people who tried this chatroom. That time, most of the subscribers (di pa uso ang prepaid nun) were either professionals or housewife ng professionals or sabihin na nating may  pera. I don’t really know how I started fantasizing about married women. That time, I am already married too. Siguro, one of the reasons was that kahit ano mangyari, hindi maghahabol basta basta ang married woman. Well, maybe…

After so many attempts, I got to know a lot of ladies, but mostly single, and once I learned that the girl is still single, I would try my best to get away from her. I would make up excuses not to meet up. Then one time, I met someone who just got married. Her description, voluptous body, blue shaded eyes, hot, and always horny. So after a few exchanges of messages, we agreed to call each other. She asked for my number and she immediately called up. Upon hearing each others voice, she asked me if I knew how to have SOP. “Let’s try”, I told her. I asked her where she was at that time, what she was wearing. She explained that she was on their bedroom, lying naked on their bed. “WHOOAHH! Nice! I like that”.  Then she said, “What about  you?” I told her, “Im in the bathroom,  and I can’t speak louder, because my wife might woke up”. She replied “Hmmnnn, exciting ha”

Then we went ahead with our small roleplaying. Imagining things, thinking we were together, touching each other’s body. Pleasuring each and every veins and nerves, getting wet with sweat, describing to each other how are we going to do that. Then I told her, “Imagine me going inside of you, slow, gentle and deep.. Use your fingers and think of it as mine… Gently stroke it, nice and slow…” I could really hear her moan as if somebody’s trying to stop her from breathing normally. I told her again “Put another finger inside, while your thumb touches your clit… Slowly set the pace, make it a little faster..” Then I asked her, “How are you feeling now?” She told me, “Just continue, I’m almost there”. I told her that I was imagining her on top of me and she told me, “shit! Im comingggg!!!” Then the phone went off.

The next morning, she apologize to me  and told me, that she really enjoyed it.  Ilang gabi din kaming hindi nagtawagan, puro text lang, palitan ng sweet nothings. One message I sent her was that I was asking her what was our relationship. And she confided in me that she is starting to fall for me. I didn’t believe it at first. Few more SOPs and one night she surprised me, “Baby, gusto mo magkita tayo?”, sabi nya. “Paano? E ang layo layo mo”, I told her, cause she is from up north and I'm in Manila. She told me that she would  go to Manila, just to meet up. Naisip ko, problema to. Paano ako mag alibi sa asawa ko, ano idadahilan ko? Hindi naman kasi sa pagmamayabang, hindi ako marunong magsinungaling sa asawa ko. Yun ibang lalaki, takot silang ipaalam mga kalokohan at kahinaan nila sa mga asawa nila, sa case ko, alam ng asawa ko lahat pati mga kalokohan ko. So yun nga, sabi ko na lang sa sarili ko, bahala na.  So nagset kami ng date and time kung kailan magkikita.

The meeting place, AVENIDA, near Philippine Rabbit Terminal. I was early on our meeting place, sa Jolibee, tapat ng terminal. Then suddenly my phone rang, she’s calling me “Hello? San ka na? Ano suot mo?”, “Dito ako sa taas, khaki pants, red polo shirt, black leather shoes, black backpack. Basta  hanapin mo na lang yung pinakapangit dito sa itaas, hehehe” biro ko pa. Pero sa totoo lang, nanginginig ako sa nerbiyos. After a few minutes, she approached my table and asked for my name. I immediately stand up, “Yes, ako nga yon”, then I shook her hands and offered her to sit down across the table, of course, I pulled the chair for her. I asked her what she like for lunch, but she insisted that we shoudl be going. So we went out and take a cab. Told the driver  to take us to Sta. Mesa.

Pagpasok namin sa loob, tinanong ko ulit sya, “Sigurado ka ba sa gagawin mo?”. She didn’t answer me, instead she held my hands and kissed my lips.We kissed, gently at first. Yung tipong, padampi-dampi lang ng labi. I put my hand on her chin and hold her, looked in her eyes, then kiss her again. My hands slid to his nape, gently caressing her nape and the sides of her ears while we were kissing. After a few minutes, our gentle kiss became furious. We kissed  like there’s no tomorrow. As if we don’t want to part, as if those were the last hours of the world! When our lips parted, she immediately removed my shirt, unbutton my pants and knelt down, stroking my boner inside my briefs.  She was looking at me while she was doing it. “uh hmmmmnnn… sarap naman nyan..” was all I could say… Then without a warning, she put out my dick and lick it… I almost fell down. She lick it around the head, while slowly stroking the body with her hands. Then suddenly, she put it inside… all of it… “ahhhhhhh!!!!!!” I couldn’t take it anymore…

I took her hands and pulled her up. Gently unbuttoned her blouse, her skirt, then kissed her on her lips… to her face, her whole face, then to her ears, back to her lips…while my hands was touching and exploring the newfound nakedness in her…

My lips slid to her neck, kissed her around, then gently going down, down to the top of her bra.. planting kisses all around her breast… while my hands are in her back, trying not to be noticed that I am unhooking her bra. When her bra was released, I cup both of them and gently squeezed it… Then I kissed it again, one after the other, trying to avoid the nipples area… She was moaning all the while and trying to direct my attention to her nips, but the tease that I was, I didn’t give it to her. I tried to fool her that I would not kiss her there, my kiss was already going down to her navel… I could see her frustration and all of her mixed emotions… Then I suddenly went up to her right nipple, she carved her back, trying to give everything to me… I slowly suck it, tease it with my tongue, gentle squeeze and lick again… Then her left nipple, same routine, suck, lick, squeeze, lick, suck again. I could feel her wetness when I touch her panty. I pass my hands on top of it to arouse her, then put my hand on her left leg, caressing the smoothness of it…. then to her righ leg…then my lips went down…slowly circling my way to her tummy, and when I’m almost at the top of her clit, I turned around, went back to her navel, then I stood up… I went down from the bed. Took her feet, kissed her from her ankles up to her legs, both feet, one after the other… gently inching my way to her pussy.

I put my hands on her panty again, and it was more wet than before, proof that she could have cum already, how many times, I don’t know. My concentration is just to give her pleasure. I gently pulled her panties down. She curved her hips to give way. VOILA!!! Her shaven glory! “WOW!” That was all I could say. She just smiled at me, her eyes revealing the lust that have developed over the few moments that we were together…
I slid my body between her legs, gently touching, caressing and licking every part of her body that came my way.
Then she told me in a very sweet voice, “Please, kainin mo ako.” I immediately and willingly obeyed, licking her left thigh, circling my way to the right and back, avoiding any contact with her clit. Then I licked the lips of her pussy, I felt she was shiverring and shaking. I twirl my tongue on her pussy lips, still avoiding contact with her clit. Then with my two fingers, I opened up her pussy, revealing her now erect clit, I gently blew some air over her clit and I felt her shiverring again “Ayan na naman ako baby! ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!” She almost cried.

Then I put her clit inside my lips, as if I was sucking it, my tongue was playing with it inside my mouth, “SARRAPPPPPPPP NYAAAAAAANNNNN!!!” She was screaming… I could feel her juices squirting out every now and then… I slowly inserted my finger inside of her pussy while still playing with her clit. “I love you baby!! AHHH!!” Before I even tried to finger fuck her, she stood up and told me, “kaw naman, nanghihina na ako”…

Itinulak nya ako sa kama, at inupuan ako sa aking mga hita. Hinawakan at hinimas nya ang noo’y malambot ko pang pagkalalaki at sinabi nya sa akin “Gaganti ako, lagot ka”. Napangiti lang ako sa sinabi nya, Dinilaan nya ang pinakaulo habang sinasalsal nya ang katawan. Paikot ikot ang ulo nya sa pagdila. Dahan dahan nyang ipinapasok ang kabuuan sa kanyang bibig, hanggang sa halos nasa bulbol ko na ang kanyang ilong. “Baby, ang sarap mong kumain” sabi ko, tumingin lang sya sa akin at kumindat. Ilang labas pasok pa sa bibig nya at parang puputok na ang puson ko.
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