An Angel's Downfall 2

November 4, 2015 (2 years ago)
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An Angel's Downfall 2This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Chapter 2

“Oops, honey, are you sure with that one? That looks cheap,” sabi ng kanyang girlfriend na si Rebecca habang isinusuot niya ang kanyang necktie.

He just shrugged.

“Jacob,” Rebecca gave him a menacing look while sipping a cup of brewed coffee.

“Okay,” he sighed. He opened his drawer and got three neckties.

“How about this one?” He said while raising a red necktie.

“What are you, going to prom?” Mataray nitong sagot.

Natawa nalang siya. “How about this?” Pointing at a black and silver striped necktie.

She made face and mocked him once more, “Jeez, are you a real estate agent?”

“Goodness, Becca, I’m running late for court.”

“Pick the navy blue silk tie, it suits you.”

“Thank you,” he said in a sarcastic tone.

He’s spraying his Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio perfume when his girlfriend approached him from behind and sensually wrapped her arms around his lower abs.

“Uhmmmmm, uhhhhhh,” she growled like a hungry animal.

“Are you sniffing me?” Tanong niya rito. He turned around and faced her.

“What do you think?” Pagtataray na naman nito sa kanya.

“You just really can’t get enough of me, can you?” He cupped her face and showered soft kisses all over her face.

She smiled and gave him that come hither look. Naka silk robe lang ito. She has no other clothes underneath. He’s quite sure because they’ve just had sex last night. Maaga siyang nagising sapagkat kailangan niya pang pumunta sa korte para sa drug trafficking case na hina-handle niya ngayon.

“Uhmmm,” she started removing his tie and unbuttoning his long sleeved white polo.

“You know, you’re practically making me late, right?” Biro niya rito.

“We still got 15 minutes,” anito sabay tulak sa kanya sa kama. He fell on top of the bed, face up.

She untied her robe and sat on top of him, straddling his crotch area. He held her up so she could unzip his slacks and remove his briefs. She then rubbed her wetness against his manhood.

She hasn’t inserted his cock yet inside her pussy but she’s already grinding. Her breasts dangling and moving freely as she grinds.

“Oh, fuck,” she uttered.

He leaned forward and buried his face between her breasts. He inhaled her natural scent. She caressed his hair, guiding him to lick and suck her nipples. And he did. He cupped and squeezed her breast while gently grazing the other one with his teeth. Licking and sucking it as well.

“Oh, Jacob!” She screamed in pleasure. Drawing his face against her breast with both her hands.

He pinned her on the bed and started trailing kisses down her navel. She arched her back and spread her legs. He started licking her shaved pussy. He played with her clit. Biting and sucking it alternately. He could tell that she’s very horny because she’s nudging her pussy against his face.

“Ahhhh! Fuck me! Put your cock inside me!” She pleads. Digging her fingernails into his shoulders.

He continued licking her clit and inserted his index and middle finger inside her pussy.

“Oh, God! Fuck me now! Please, please…” She begged.

And he did fuck her, gently inserting his hard and throbbing dick inside her wet pussy. She screamed. She screamed his name over and over again as she reached her climax. He came soon after. He laid on top of her for quite a bit while he’s still inside her.

He kissed her forehead, and then her nose, and her lips.

She hugged her tight.

“`Love you, hon,” he said while kissing her passionately.

“`Love you too,” she said. She then squeezed his butt and teased him, “Late ka na uy.”

“Is it my fault if you can’t resist my hot body?” He teased back while putting on his clothes.

“Eeewww,” tili naman nito habang binubuksan ang TV.

“Sa ulo ng mga nagbabagang balita…

Lalaki, natagpuang patay sa sarili nitong condominium unit sa Makati. Ang naturang lalaki ay si Marco Jimenez. Isang kilalang business tycoon at nag-iisang anak ng mag asawang sina Congressman Alberto Jimenez at sociallite na si Criselda Gozon-Jimenez. Nakiusap ang mag-asawang Jimenez sa mga kapulisan na gawing pribado ang pag iimbestiga subalit sila na rin ang nagpasyang isapubliko ang pangyayari sapagkat ayon sa inisyal na imbestigasyon ng Makati Police, ang pangunahing suspect sa pagpatay sa naturang negosyante ay ang nobya nitong si Savanna Pendleburry, isang sikat na international model.”

They froze and focused on the TV screen.

“Now that’s interesting,” sabi ni Rebecca.

“I bet she did it,” he said with full conviction.

“Fifty grand, she didn’t. I mean, hello? She’s an international top model. Why would she waste her career?” Pusta sa kanya ng kanyang girlfriend.

He shrugged. “Make it a hundred. Pretty sure, she murdered her boyfriend in cold blood.”

“Deal, a hundred grand!” Nakangisi pa si Rebecca.


It’s an old habit of theirs way back their masters of law degree at Harvard. Kapag may interesting case, nakikipagpustahan sila. It started small. From a couple of bucks, to a hundred, and into thousands. Now that they’re both established lawyers, they still can’t shake away such habit.

“Aren’t you gonna prep for your deposition?” Tanong niya rito.

“Mamaya pa `yon. Now, go! You’re late. Duh.”

Napailing nalang siya at hinalikan ito bago siya umalis.

Savanna has been crying all day, all night, non-stop. After being arrested and brought in to the police precinct for questioning, she was temporarily detained. Buti nalang dumating ang abogado na pinadala ng kanyang mga magulang. Kung hindi, siguro nagkandaleche-leche na ang mga sagot niya sa mga pulis. Or worse, she might have said certain things which could really pin her name to Marco’s murder. She told her lawyer to post bail so she won’t be put behind bars. Wala siyang pakialam kahit magkano pa. She’s got a fat bank account. Besides, even if she didn’t have money at all, she could still post bail because her parents are filthy rich. Pero sinabihan siya ng kanyang abogado na hindi siya pwedeng magpiyansa. He told her that she’s charged with a crime punishable by reclusion perpetua or life imprisonment and that all suspects charged with either death penalty or life imprisonment will be denied bail.

She’s been incarcerated for quite a while now. Several months, in fact. She already lost count. Her only hope is that the final day of her hearing would come and she’d be out of this God forsaken prison she’s in.

She’s in hell. No clean water. No palatable food. No comfortable bed.

So yeah, I’m in hell.

Palagi siyang binibisita ng kanyang mga magulang, ng kanyang yaya at ni Mang Isko. Pati na rin ng kanyang best friend na si Mich. Maging si Trent binisita siya. Despite all the mess she’s in, Trent still managed to cheer her up by telling her not to worry. Because as soon as she’s released, ipapahanda raw nito ang kanyang bagong VS Angel costume portraying her as an angel who’s a convicted murderer, carrying a knife drenched in blood while walking the runway.

Her cellmates are also of big help. They helped her realize how lucky she was growing up. And they cheer her up in their own little ways as well. Ang pinakamalapit sa kanya ay si Corazon. They all call her “Mamang” dahil ito ang kanilang mother figure. Isa itong bugaw. Nakulong sapagkat nagpatong patong na ang mga kaso nito, mula estafa, escort service/prostitution, drug pushing, falsification of documents, at kung anu-ano pa. But despite her background, may sense naman itong kausap.

Yesterday, her most awaited day has arrived. Magbababa na ng hatol ang judge sa kanyang kaso. She was very optimistic that she would be released. But she wasn’t.

She was found guilty of murder. She was sentenced with life imprisonment. It was established that she was guilty beyond reasonable doubt. That the said murder was premeditated because she has motive to kill Marco since he cheated on her. The murder weapon found on the crime scene belonged to her, the eyebrow razor. It was recovered from her make up pouch all covered in blood. The make-up pouch, a customized Gucci leather pouch has her name embossed on it. And it was submitted and exhibited in the court as evidence along with the razor and other make-up stuff.

Hysterical siya habang ine-escort na siya ng mga pulis pabalik ng kulungan. Her parents were crying and her mother even fainted inside the courtroom.

Now she’s here, lying on her bed, inside a filthy and stinky prison cell.

Reclusion Perpetua. Life imprisonment.

The thought of it made her cry even more.

I’m gonna be fucking locked up in this fucking cell until I fucking die.

Pumalahaw na siya ng iyak.

“`Tang ina naman, Tisay! Magpatulog ka naman!” Sigaw ni Mamang Corazon.

Hindi pa rin siya tumigil.

“Kriminal ka. Nakulong ka. Tapos. Eynd ov stowree!”

“Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang! Huhuhu! How many times do I have to say! I did not kill that bastard!”

“Ay sus! Ano ba’ng ginamit mo ha? Ang sabi sabi, blade daw?”

“Nooooooooo! It’s an eyebrow razor.”

“Aha! Nalintikan na, eh inamin mo rin na ginilitan mo sa leeg?!”

“Hindi! The court said na yung razor ko raw ang murder weapon. But I did not do it, Mamang!” She’s exasperated.

“Itulog mo nalang yan, pumapangit ka na oh. Ilang paligo nalang mas maganda na ako sa’yo,” anito sabay halakhak.

Pinilit niyang hinaan ang paghikbi. Patuloy siyang tahimik na umiiyak hanggang sa nakatulog na siya.


Kinabukasan maaga silang nagising para sa morning exercises, recreational at crafting activities nila. Nang matapos sa mga ginagawa ay bumalik na sila sa loob ng selda. Katatapos lang i-fishtail ni Mamang ang kanyang mahaba at blonde na buhok ng marinig nilang sumigaw ang jail guard at tinawag ang pangalan niya.

“Pindelberi, may dalaw ka!”

Tumalon siya mula sa double-deck na kama. She could hear the clanking of the metal bars as the door opened.

“Sina Mommy, chief?” Tanong niya sa jail guard.

“Hindi. Mister mo, nandiyan.”


“H-ha?” Napakunot-noo siya.

Iginiya siya nito patungo sa visitor’s holding area. Nakita niya ang isang lalaking nakatayo kausap ang isang pulis. Matangkad ito. Around 6 feet. Well-sculpted ang katawan. Moreno but with mestizo features. He’s waering fitted gray long sleeves which are rolled up half-way through his elbows. Tailored ang maong pants nito. As a model herself, she could say that this guy could definitely pass as a male print ad model. Guess jeans or even Armani.

Lumingon ito sa kanya. Bigla siyang na-conscious.

Good God! Is my face oily? I need some freakin’ press powder! How about my hair? My outfit?

And then she realized, she's wearing their orange prison suit.

Orange na orange! Bonggang bongga!

“Sweetie,” sabi ng lalaki sabay halik sa kanyang mga labi. It was a light kiss. But it lingered. She was caught off guard. Napatanga siya rito.

“Ser, okay na yung kwarto. Kailangan niyo lang po munang pumirma rito,” sabi ng jail guard.

He signed right away. Iniabot nito sa kanya ang record book. Before she affixed her signature, she surveyed the page. Written on the top part of it was: Conjugal Visits

“Sweetheart,... Read More

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