An Angel's Downfall

November 2, 2015 (2 years ago)
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An Angel's DownfallThis is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Chapter 1

“Savvy, you’re up,” sabi ng production assistant ng international modeling agency kung saan nagtatrabaho si Savanna.

Hindi niya ito pinansin. She’s busy looking at her reflection at the mirrored wall to make sure that she looks perfect. Two assistants are spraying bronzers on her cleavage as well as high end tanning spray all over her body. She’s wearing silk lacy lingerie which clings perfectly to her curves. She took one last glance at the mirror and she liked what she saw.

Perfect. She told herself.

The production assistant once again prodded her and said that she needs to step into the runway. Habang naglalakad siya sa backstage, nakaramdam siya ng kaba. She bit her lower lip.

Shit. You can’t screw this up, Savvy! Kastigo niya sa kanyang sarili.

Nanginginig na siya sa kaba. She felt one of the production crews push her towards the runway while another was detangling her hair from her huge, bejeweled, and awfully heavy wings.

Yes, she’s an Angel. She’s one of the famous and envied Victoria’s Secret Angels. She’s the very first Filipina print-ad and ramp model to become a VS model.

You can do this, Savvy! You’re beautiful. You’re confident. You have to own the runway.

As she took her first step into the runway, she composed herself and maintained a poker face. She saw lots of influential people from politics, media, and other key people from signature corporations. Wala siyang pakialam. Her parents may constantly complain and say that she’s wasting her business administration degree with what they call as her “cheap” modeling stints. But now, she wants to prove them wrong. She wants them to realize that modeling is her job and that she is good at it.

As she reached the end of the runway, she flipped her hair, blew a kiss to the audience, and gave them a sexy blink. And then she walked back towards the backstage.

That was her moment. Indeed, she owned the runway.

“Babe, you were awesome!” Bati kay Savvy ng kanyang boyfriend na si Marco. He kissed her on the lips and they headed straight to his Ferrari 488 at the parking lot. Katatapos lang ng VS fashion show. Ngayon niya lang naramdaman ang pagod. Her shoulders are sore. God knows kung gaano kabigat ang VS wings na isinusuot nila.

Nang makapasok na sila sa sports car nito, hinawakan nito ang kanyang mga balikat. He gently massaged her shoulders.

“Wawa naman baby ko oh,” sabi nito. Trying to feign some baby talk.

“Tse! ” Aniya sabay kagat sa biceps nito. Ganoon siya manggigil sa kanyang boyfriend.

Marco is also a Filipino. He’s the only son of a congressman from the north. Actually, sa New York lang sila nagkakilala. They met at a rave bar in the lower east side. They were popping ecstasies and grinding on the dance floor when he suddenly grabbed her and offered her a drink. Natatawa siya sa tuwing naaalala niya kung paano siya pinormahan noon ng kanyang nobyo. He even faked an accent just to impress her. Akala kasi siguro nito na pure British siya, when in fact she’s half Filipino and half British. She just let him continue faking his accent. Halata namang Pinoy ito. Magaling lang talagang magsalita. Until she couldn’t hold it anymore and told him, “Ang cute mo!” She can’t forget the look on his face when he heard her say those words. “Pinoy ka?!” tanong nito. And then she nodded. “`Tang ina, pinagtripan mo `ko ha? Humanda ka sa`kin,” pabirong banta nito sa kanya.

And the rest was history. They’ve been together for almost two years now and she could say that they’re good. He’s a good catch. Smart, witty, has a body to die for. He’s even done with his finance dissertation at Wharton Business School.

“My place?” He asked while driving out of the parking lot.

She just smiled.

Nauna nang umuwi sa Pilipinas ang kanyang nobyong si Marco. As soon as he got his MBA, he flew back to the Philippines to start taking over their family business and help in the campaign of his father in the upcoming elections. She’s okay with it. Besides, confident naman siya na hindi ito magloloko. 

Well, she thought wrong. Katatapos lang ng kanyang Gucci Serpenti photoshoot para sa isang kilalang fashion magazine nang makatanggap siya ng sandamakmak na texts at missed calls galing sa mga kaibigan niya sa Pinas. Sari-saring links ang finorward ng mga ito sa kanya, urging her to check out the said links.  She did. Apparently, those links led her to some video clips showing her boyfriend and some random skank getting off inside his car.

Napaupo siya bigla.  Her knees where shaking. She wanted to yell and break something but she’s still at the photoshoot and she’s wary that she might create a scene.

She stood up and told their assistant, “Quinn, something came up and I need to go home.”

“Are you alright?” Tanong nito sa kanya. “You look so pale,” dagdag pa nito.

“I’m good. I just need to go home,” she said and then grabbed her bag.

Habang nasa loob ng elevator, hindi malaman ni Savvy kung ano ang kanyang gagawin.

Think. Think. Think.

She reached for her iPhone and called her agent.

“Book me a flight to the Philippines as soon as possible,” aniya rito.

“Oh, hell no!” Sagot ng kanyang baklang agent. He’s black American and proud to be gay. May hawig ito sa Hollywood comedian na si Tahj Mowry, only taller and leaner. Malaki and utang na loob niya rito sapagkat isa ito sa mga taong tumulong sa kanya para maging VS Angel. Itinuturing niya na rin itong best friend.

“Trent, please? It’s an emergency,”pakiusap niya rito.

He grunted. “Is it an emergency, emergency? Or is it just an I-am-a-tantrum-throwing-bitch-who-wants-to-get-what-she-wants-right-away kind of emergency? Hmmm?” Pagtataray nito sa kanya with all the Ghetto accent.

“Trent, please?” She made sure that her voice was extra sweet.

“Savanna Jolene Pendleburry, this is unacceptable. Unacceptable!” He said, faking a British accent. Ginagaya nito ang kanyang ama.

“You owe me this, nigga.” She said in a serious tone. They’re on this level of friendship wherein saying the N-word isn’t deemed offensive anymore. “You owe me this,” ulit niya. “I have always been obedient, I’m professional, and you can’t deny that I’ve brought in some huge endorsements. And FYI, I’ve just wrapped up the Gucci Fall Collection. Yeah, you’re welcome!” Gigil na siya rito.

“Okay, okay. Cool it down kid. Momma’s gonna book you that flight in a breeze.  Meet me at the airport in an hour.

She sighed. She hailed a cab and went straight to her flat in Brooklyn. Wala na siyang lakas para mag-drive. Pagkarating niya sa kanyang apartment, kinuha niya ang kanyang Rimowa suitcase at Luis Vuitton carryall. Since she knows how erratic the weather is in the Philippines, she just opted to throw in some dresses, jeans, and tops with thin fabric onto her suitcase. And of course she tossed in her vanity/makeup kit inside as well.

Gusto niya pa sanang magshower at magpalit ng damit bago pumunta sa airport. Kaso nakatanggap siya ng text mula kay Trent. He said that she should be at the airport in 15 minutes because he was able to squeeze her in one of the business class fights. Nagmamadali siyang umalis. Bitbit niya ang kanyang suitcase at carryall. Habang nasa taxi siya, dinukot niya and kanyang compact powder mula sa kanyang LV Damier Neverfull at tinitigan and kanyang sarili sa salamin.

“Oh, God,” bulalas niya.

“Anything the matter, Ma’am?” Tanong ng cab driver.

“Nothing, nothing. Let’s just go straight to the airport,” sagot niya.

But everything’s the matter. Nakafull-makeup pa siya dahil sa kanyang print ad photoshoot kanina. She’s wearing a Gucci wrap around dress and 5-inch black stilettos. Suot niya pa rin Serpenti watch na minomodel niya kanina. To put it simply, mukha siyang A-list jetsetter. Or even worse, para siyang British heiress sa get up niya. Under any circumstance, she knows that she can definitely pull off that kind of look. But today’s different. She’s going to the Philippines. And as ironic as it may sound, she doesn’t want to be tagged as a prima donna. She wants other teenage Filipina aspiring models to perceive that despite all the glamour the modeling world entails, models could still get to live a life outside a glass house. She wants to be seen as a fun, carefree, t-shirt and jeans kind of woman. But that’s quite impossible as of this moment.

They’ve reached the airport. Nagbayad na siya at bumaba na sa taxi. Binigyan siya ng cart ng isa sa mga airport personnel. She passed by some Filipina teenagers giggling and calling out her name. Lumapit ang mga ito sa kanya at nagrequest ng picture. She gladly obliged.

“Are you guys here on vacation?” she asked them.

Speechless, sabay-sabay at sunod-sunod na tumango ang mga ito. Natawa nalang siya. She saw Trent waving at her at a distance. She faced the kids and said, “Enjoy your vacation, girls!”

Nagtilian ang mga ito. Napapailing na naglakad siya patungo kay Trent.

“You look stunning, dahlin’. Hmmm, perfection!” anito sabay beso sa kanya. He handed her the ticket and urged her to check in. Bago pumasok, tinawagan niya ang kanyang ina at sinabing magpapasundo siya sa NAIA.

As light and breezy her check in might have been, she still failed to appreciate it because she can’t get those stupid sex scenes off her mind. Bitbit ang kanyang handbag, dahan dahan siyang umupo sa tabi ng isang middle-aged na babae, afraid that she might disturb her nap. She looks distinguished. A professor, perhaps. In fairness, may taste ito sa pananamit. She reminded her of her mother. Filipina, prim and proper, with aristocratic features.

The woman opened her eyes and smiled as she saw her.

“Here for graduate studies?” tanong nito sa kanya.

She cleared her throat. She doesn’t want to engage into long talks. Mahaba pa ang flight. Under a different circumstance, she’d be very happy to have a conversation with this woman. But because she’s too preoccupied with that scumbag boyfriend of hers, she finds it energy-draining to engage into any chitchat. Kaya nga nang tanungin siya nito kung andito ba siya sa States para kumuha ng master’s o doctorate degree, tumango nalang siya. Besides, that wasn’t entirely a lie. Talaga namang nakapagtapos siya ng MBA bago pa siya sumabak sa pagmomodelo. She did it for for the sake of her parents. Alam niya kasing aatakihin sa puso ang kanyang mga magulang kung hindi man lang siya kukuha ng master’s degree.

She wore the plane-issued eye mask. Pinilit niyang matulog. Half-way through the flight, she woke up. Naisip niya na naman ang pagtataksil sa kanya ni Marco. She’s not hurt right now. More like devastated and furious. And to think that she’s considering his marriage proposal. Damn you, Marco!

Ang kapal ng mukha nitong mag propose sa kanya bago ito umuwi sa Pinas. Good thing she never said yes right away. Fuck you, Marco!

Isn’t she enough for him? Isn’t she beautiful and sexy enough? Okay naman sila eh, as far as she could tell. They were going steady. Modesty aside, but she thinks Marco can’t find another woman of her caliber. Perhaps he’s going cheap now? Punyeta ka Marco, papatayin kitang hayup ka!

“My dear, are you alright? You’re restless. We’re about to land in a few,” sabi ng kanyang katabi.

“I-I’m okay,” sagot niya.

She made way for the middle-aged woman. Pagkababa na pagkababa nila sa eroplano, magkasabay silang naglakad papasok. They got their suitcases. She smiled at her shyly. She was about to turn her back at her when she suddenly held her hand and handed her a card.

“Don’t get this the wrong way, Hija. But if you need someone to talk to, just call me or go to my office,” sabi nito sa kanya. Pressing her hand as if she knew that something’s troubling her right now. Naglakad na palayo sa kanya ang babae. When she looked at the card, it says:

Emilia Sanchez-Delgado, RPm, MSPsych, PsyD, MD
Clinical Psychologist/Psychiatrist

She saw the contact numbers and office address at the bottom of the card. Kinuha niya ang kanyang pitaka. She inserted the card in her wallet, placed it back into her bag, and started pushing her cart towards the exit.

As she was exiting the airport, a wave of reporters and media men ambushed her. Hindi na siya nakaiwas pa.

“Miss Savanna, welcome back to the Philippines!” Sabi ng mga reporters.

“Miss Savanna, is this an official visit? Are you endorsing something or you’re just here for a vacation?” Tanong naman ng isa.

“Miss Savvy, we’ve heard from a reliable source that you’re here because you are the new face of MAC Cosmetics? Is that true?” Singit naman ng isa pang reporter.

She composed herself. Alam niyang si Trent ang may pakana ng lahat ng ito. Damn you, Trent! You and your awful publicity stints.

She smiled for the camera. “Can we please not talk about endorsements, sweetie? I’m back in the Philippines because I miss home,” aniya sa malambing na boses. Of course, it’s not true. Hello, I spent most of my friggin’ life in Manchester. London is my home.

She handled the ambush interviews quite well. Papalabas na siya ng airport ng makita niya ang driver ng kanyang mga magulang. She went inside the car and instructed the driver to take her to her best friend’s house.

Lasing na lasing si Savvy. Nag-inuman sila ng kanyang best friend na si Mich sa condo unit nito. Lahat na yata ng mura nasabi niya na patungkol kay Marco. If only curse words could beat a person, she’s quite sure na bugbog sarado na si Marco ngayon.

Pero nanaig pa rin ang kanyang pagmamahal rito.

Shit. You. Are. So. Screwed. Up. Savvy.

Inutusan niya ang kanilang driver na ihatid siya sa condo unit ni Marco sa Makati. Pagkarating nila sa entrance ng condo, tinanong siya ng kanilang driver kung maghihintay pa ba ito sa kanya.

“No need, Mang Isko. Umuwi na po kayo,” sagot niya.

She headed towards the elevator. Marco’s unit is on the 19th floor. She was trembling. She does not know how to confront Marco. Nanginginig ang kanyang mga tuhod habang naglalakad patungo sa unit nito. Nang marating niya ang tapat ng pintuan ng unit nito, halos hindi na siya humihinga. Nagdadalawang isip siya kung magba-buzz in siya o susubukan niyang gamitin ang combination ng passkey ng pad ni Marco sa New York. If she’d buzz in, he’ll have plenty of time to hide his bitch in the closet or elsewhere. She opted to key in his New york pad passkey. True enough, pareho lang ang pass key ng Makati condo nito pati na rin ng sa New York. Stupid jerk.

Pumasok na siya. Wala ito sa sala. Sumilip siya sa kwarto at nandoon ito, mahimbing na natutulog. She stared at him. He looks like a baby curled up in his bed. He looks so peaceful iin his sleep. So innocent.

Huh! Innocent, my ass!

Umupo siya sa gilid ng kama. Hinaplos niya ang buhok nito. With her fingertips, she gently traced the outline of his face, his jawline, his chest.

He moved and opened his eyes. Nagulat ito ng makita siya.

“B-babe…” pupungas-pungas na sambit nito.

“Sssshhh, go back to sleep,” aniya rito sabay halik sa noo nito.

Parang nawala ang pagkalasing niya. Feeling niya nasa tamang huwisyo siya.

“Babe, when did you arrive? Ba’t di ka tumawag?”

She just smiled. She’s smiling because she’s hiding the fact that she’s getting turned on by his mere presence.

Fuck! Why am I horny right now?! Just looking at his face, his perfect abs, aaarrggghhhhhhh!

Her gaze went down. Naka boxers lang ito, no top. Biglang nag init si Savvy. Inilapag niya ang kanyang bag sa bedside table. Bago pa man sila mag inuman ni Mich kanina, nakapagshower na siya sa condo nito at humiram ng spare na damit.

She removed her halter top and jeans. Pumatong siya kay Marco. She started grinding her pussy against his manhood. Although both covered in boxers and thongs, could feel that she’s already soaking wet and his cock is throbbing against her pussy.

Marco held her waist and maneuvered so he could be the one on top. Dahan dahan nitong inalis ang kanyang thongs. As if prolonging her agony.

Dinilaan nito ang kanyang leeg.




Savoring every inch.

She cannot contain the pleasure. Napaungol siya.

“Ahhhh, uhmmmmm, Marco! Uhhhhhhhhh,” aniya sabay kapit sa mga balikat nito.

He started licking the sides of her breasts. Marco knows that that drives her crazy. Napahawak siya sa headboard ng kama nang nagsimula nang dilaan ni Marco ang kanyang nipple. His right hand squeezing her left nipple simultaneously.


“Do you like this, babe?” Tanong nito sa kanya habang kinakagat kagat ng salitan ang nipples niya.

Hindi siya sumagot. His words echoed in her mind.

“Do you like this, huh?! Do you fucking like this?” Tanong nito sa babaeng kasex nito sa loob ng kotse. Umungol ang babae at sinabing, “Yes! Yes! Fuck me, Marco! Please,” sa malanding boses.

Marco’s licking her navel now. She’s trying so hard not to think about his sex tape.

But each lick, each bite, strongly reminds her of what he did. Kung kanina sa eroplano, palagay niya na hindi siya nasasaktan sapagkat nangingibabaw ang galit, ngayon alam niya na nasasaktan siya. She knows deep inside her heart that she’s hurting.

She is hurting.

And she seeks revenge.

She tried her best to divert her attention. Lumingon siya sa kaliwa. She saw a framed picture of her and Marco having fun in Santorini. Seeing the photo just made her feel worse and her pain skyrocketed. Paglingon niya sa kanan, nakita niyang nakausli sa bag niya ang kanyang makeup pouch. Nakabukas ang zipper nito at umuusli ang kanyang mga brow spoolie, makeup brush at brow razor.

Abala sa pagkain ng kanyang puke si Marco. She faked her moans. It’s as if her mind is about to burst.

She wants to forgive him.

She wants to pick a fight with him.

But she also wants to slit his throat with her eyebrow razor.

2 days later…

“Sa ulo ng mga nagbabagang balita…

Lalaki, natagpuang patay sa sarili nitong condominium unit sa Makati. Ang naturang lalaki ay si Marco Jimenez. Isang kilalang business tycoon at nag-iisang anak ng mag asawang sina Congressman Alberto Jimenez at sociallite na si Criselda Gozon-Jimenez. Nakiusap ang mag-asawang Jimenez sa mga kapulisan na gawing pribado ang pag iimbestiga subalit sila na rin ang nagpasyang isapubliko ang pangyayari sapagkat ayon sa inisyal na imbestigasyon ng Makati Police, ang pangunahing suspect sa pagpatay sa naturang negosyante ay ang nobya nitong si Savanna Pendleburry, isang sikat na international model. Ang iba pang mga detalye, mamaya sa pagbab---“

“Susmaryosep!” Pinatay ni Aling Minda ang telebisyon. Kasalukuyan niyang inihahanda ang French toast at orange juice para sa breakfast ng kanyang alagang si Savvy. Nagmamadaling pumanhik siya sa hagdan patungo sa kwarto nito.

“Isko, ihanda mo ang sasakyan. Dali!” Sigaw niya sa family driver ng mga Pendleburry.

Binuksan niya ang kwarto ni Savvy. Natutulog pa rin ang kanyang alaga.

“Savvy, anak. Gising na, aalis tayo.”


“Savvy, pakiusap anak gumising ka na,” aniya habang inaayos ang maleta nito.

“Yaya? What’s wrong?” anito habang kinukusot ang mga... Read More

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