August 11, 2014 (3 years ago)
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AgainBreak the silence.
Break the chain.
Break free.
Things has change,
between you and me.

I'm standing on the edge of heaven,
one wrong move,
one wrong action,
one wrong step,
then I might fall in hell.

Living like this is not living at all.
It takes a lifetime to forget.
Forever it is seemed to me.
As blue as the ocean-horizon sky,
as dark as the midnight shadowshades.

Cold fire on my skin.
Heart-hardened lacking a reason.
Under my senses, over my emotions.
I Could'nt forgive myself.

I feel numb.
I feel hatred.
I feel pain.
But I feel no feelings.

I lied in honesty.
I died in living.
I tried in giving-up.
I'm in love without love.

Like a poet with no name.
Like a scent with no smell.
Like a poison with no spell.
Like a sweet with no taste.
Like a moon with no stars.
Like a cloud with no sky.
Like crying with no tears.

Why does it have to be you?
You destoyed me,
so why do it has to be only you who can rebuid me?

You are the ryhme missing in my music.
You are the piece missing in my puzzle.
You are who you are when you completed me.
So you'd taken the entire me the day you left.

Shall I hear without sound?
Shall I see without sight?
Shall I shout without voice?
Shall I walk without steps?
Shall I breathe without air?
What should I shall?

An edgeways in shallow.
An unlucky fortune.
An unpast future.
An inner outerspace.
An ordinary special.
An illegal law.
An impressive insult.

In the midst of nowhere-galaxy,
where no one can understand me,
I saw your name shining.
But why?

I should regret the day i've met you,
but here I am blaming my self alone.

I should forget all the memomies we have,
but here I am reminincing all the moments we shared.

I should hate you because you left me,
but here I am calling your name again.

I should unlove you for breaking my heart,
but here I am still loving you with all my heart.

I should hurt you back for hurting me so badly,
but here I am longing for you so badly.

I should not forgive your mistakes,
but here I am asking for your forgiveness.

I should stay away from you in a distance,
but here I am begging you to stay.

I should have learned letting you go,
but here I am being low-witted in setting you free.

I hate it when I ignore you but then will miss you.
I hate it when I lie to my self but then will convinced that it's true.

What you see in me is not the real me,
and the real me is not what you see in me.
But why can't you see me at all?

So many poems left undone.
So many stories left untold.
So many fantacies left unfulfilled.
So many questions left unanswered.
So many moments left in memories.
So many fairytales, still a tale.

What a non-sense,
i'm alone anyway.
I keep telling myself that I should be happy for you two,
what a non-sense either,
my only joy is you.
Is that a wink without smirk-a smile without lips?

A loud silence.
A peaceful violence.
A hot ice.
A summer rain.
A sorrowful bliss.
A straight curve.
A corner in circle.
A true false.
A sensible folly.

The song has its own soul,
the wine has its own spirit,
the painting has its own life,
while I fainted fully alive.
Human without breath.

Like a living ghost in a dreamland,
haunted by another ghost.
A scary ghost that frightened my hallowed-startle horror.
I'm afraid of my fears.
I'm afraid of tommorow.

It's amusing how you began in my fantasy,
a dream-come-true of mine.
And it's funny how you ended in my fantasy,
a truth-became-dream of mine.

I'm still afraid of tommorow.
Like a bird trying to fly under the sea.
Like a fish trying to swim over the milky way.
Like a lion king trying to... Read More

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