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A Post Graduation Party

December 15, 2013 (4 years ago)
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This adventure I had occurred right after we graduated from high school. Tony, Mel and I were inseparable during our high school days that after the ceremony we decided to have our own swimming party and it will be overnight to celebrate our parting and to wish our future endeavors. Among us three, Tony is “heavy” (bigatin) --- figuratively speaking not because he is overweight but he is already financially independent --- he is at the majority age back then, working as a jueteng collector and he always treats us anywhere, anytime.

So we agreed to have our overnight swimming party. Tony gave the address and we arrived at a private resort somewhere in Laguna around 6pm. As usual Tony took the tab because when we reached the place, the amenities were already there including the booze and the food. A friend of Tony vouched for the place. The private resort back then was used as a vacation house but what made it interesting was the retro look --- you would think you were still living in the 1960s because the appliances, the decorations, even the house itself gives a “psychedelic feeling” to it. The only thing that is new to that house is the jacuzzi installed during the 80s when the area was renovated for commercial use.

I guess I could say we had a good time. In fact it was one of the highlights of my life. Around 9pm the owner of the house arrived and welcomed us. Gunther, the owner, happened to pass by after he and his wife were about to spend the night in their house after attending a business conference in Quezon but his business partner (Tony’s friend) didn’t inform him the place had already been rented. Being courteous and hospitable, Tony suggested that Gunther can stay since it would be unfair for the couple to leave, feeling tired from the activity they attended. We promised we will not be rowdy from that time until the morning. Gunther thanked us and immediately went to inside the house to fix their things for the night. We helped the couple bring their luggage inside the house while his wife immediately went to the master’s bedroom since she is obviously sleepy and tired. We continued our party, albeit was a bit reserved and awkward since the owners are in the house. We could see from the opened kitchen door that the couple had a hurried dinner and went to their room at once.

But after an hour Gunther went out and joined us. He said that it was unfair to us that they became party poopers after we welcomed them, aside from the fact that he also needed to unwind after undergoing a brutal three-day business conference. Gunther is around 50 years old, his height a bit short for a foreigner, standing around 5 feet and gray hair with streaks of white on his sideburns. He is the nerdy type salesman: thick rimmed glasses, tucked-in polo shirt. His story is that Tony’s friend and he are business partners. While Tony’s friend takes care of the daily operations of the property, Gunther finances the operations. He and his wife I think were Germans (deducing from his rough, halting English accent). I consider his wife, Leda, the typical wife: reserved yet unpredictable. She is an inch or two taller than Mark. Her figure, though a bit heavy, is voluptuous by my standards. But what I consider her shapely legs and tummy as her best asset in her 34-25-37 figure.

The night went on, and we were already drunk after emptying a few brandy and beers when Gunther asked us if his wife is hot. We said of course. He asked us again if his wife is hot enough to be fucked. Being drunk and all, we said yes, and that we would like to fuck his wife with or without his permission. He said he would even thank us if we would do that. We laughed hard afterwards thinking he was joking.

We continued our binge until Melvin excused himself to the washroom. Ten minutes later he didn’t return so Gunther had to go fetch him. Tony and I felt that something was not right do we quietly looked for the two in the washroom, living and dining room to no avail but I noticed the master’s bedroom was slightly open so I touch Tony’s shoulders and to check it.

What we saw blew our minds. Melvin was in the bed, fucking Leda face down while Gunther watches them at the corner of the room.

We can’t tell if Leda is asleep, drunk or drugged. Melvin was sweating a gallon while he humps Leda, as a faint moan could be heard from her.

“Come on baby, fuck me hard…” Leda said in between moans.

A few minutes later Melvin growled and twitched his hips as he pumps his jizz inside Leda’s pussy. He turned over beside Leda when his cock went limp and kissed her. Gunther saw us watching them so he told us to get inside and asked whose turn to fuck his wife. Though I may be drunk, I just can’t believe how Gunther is able to allow Leda fucked by other men in front of him.

Tony immediately removed his shorts down and got on the bed. He pointed his cock towards Leda’s face and fucked her mouth. Leda tried to close her mouth but Tony pinched her nipples that made her say “Aahhhh!” which made Tony able to insert his cock into her mouth. “Fuck!” “Son of a Bitch!” and “Shit!” was all Tony could say as he lifts Leda’s head and face fuck her while she moans and slurps his cock until I heard Leda gagged and choked on Tony’s cock when Tony spasmed and came into Leda’s mouth. Tony told her to swallow his come which Leda did by holding the base of his cock and sucked hard from the base up to the tip of his penis. She even licked the remaining come on his stomach.

Leda turned on her back from us after Tony was done fucking her. By doing that I could see in the dim room her back which really outlined her semi curved figure and her shaved pussy. Gunther asked her if she is tired. She said she wanted to talk to him for a minute so Gunther requested us to give him and Leda some privacy so we went back to the pool and continued with our merrymaking. We can’t believe what transpired a few minutes ago. When Gunther returned he said that Leda was just a bit annoyed because we were all watching her when Melvin and Tony fucked her when the set-up should be Leda would be fucked by another man (or in case for us kids, except for Tony) while Gunther watches from his chair. We apologized but Gunther admitted it was his fault so we asked him then if Leda is done with our “session”, Gunther said not yet because I it was my turn now but there would be three person staying in the room. We agreed.

So went back to the room and found Leda coming out from the washroom. Standing, I am only at her shoulder level. “Oh, it’s your turn now,” she said passively and came near me to pull my shorts down and kissed me. The smell of mouthwash was in her mouth, obviously to wash the smell and taste of Tony’s cum after he came. She immediately sat in the corner of the bed and told me to come near her. She then grabbed my cock, rubbed it gently for a few minutes, and spoke dirty words that made me really horny and sprang my cock hard. Feeling my cock was ready, she turned around, knelt at the floor while her hands were placed in the bed, and told me to fuck her.

I was a bit disappointed when I entered her because I can’t feel anything inside. Being a big and tall woman that she is, I guess I was at a disadvantage, anatomically speaking. I guess she noticed that too and laughed a little that made me a bit annoyed so I tried to leave the room but she held me and apologized, that she understood how a 16-year old boy cannot satisfy to fuck a 40 year old woman like her because of her “used” pussy. So she took out a KY jelly in the drawer and applied it on my cock. She also applied some on her butthole by fingering it. Once done, she told me to mount her. I entered her slowly at first but when the cockhead penetrated the hole, it slid inside easily.

“Ohhh…I like your cock boy, it fits just right…ahhh…shit…! You are making me cum! Unngghhh! Give it to me…oh yess…!”

I quickened my pace and after ten minutes of continuous fucking, I came in her ass. I guess I left a hand mark in her butt cheeks after cumming so hard.

She laid on the bed again sideways which made me see her shapely hips and sexy long legs. I was surprised when after a few mi... Read More

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