Adventures of Myk: The OJT

September 16, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Had another sexcapade dun pa rin at the same office where I had sex with the manager. This time mejo mas delikado kasi the girl used to be my OJT which I then hired her as contractual kasi may project pa kami na tinatapos and I still needed her around. I was 24 na ata nun kasi it was the year after the incident with the manager and I was promoted na rin a little higher that's why I was able to hire my own contractual na assistant. Yung girl naman was about 20 and was just waiting for her graduation so she could leave for Canada where her parents were working. Chinita and mejo may pagka Maggie Q yung tipo nung girl; mejo bony na mapayat pero may curves naman. She was the quiet demure type pero alam mo na pwedeng may kulo sa loob kasi she was also very headstrong and smart.

I already knew na mejo may gusto sa akin yung girl. Ako naman okay lang kasi di naman ako mahilig sa payatot although her skin and maybe her youth then made her delectable na rin sa akin. Or there's really just something about her that makes my dick hard until now. Although we never did engage in any flirtatious banter, she would normally look at me na "malagkit" and while the enviroment then was friendly touchy, she was one of the few that wasn't really touchy; except to me and always pag kaming dalawa lang.

I mentioned in my previous post na my job then really was prone to a lot of overtimes and this time was no exception. Pero this time naman instead of evening OT, weekend OT kami. There were other people on our floor pero we were at the far end at some cubicles na we had converted into a temporary document archive area. The cubicles weren't really wanted kasi they were at a secluded area na windowless so mejo malungkot yung area.

We were sifting through some documents kaya kami nandun sa area and she was helping me out kasi mejo marami rami yung kailangan hanapin. I remembered I sat down on the floor to rest my back for a bit kasi antagal ko na nakayuko and I started chatting with her while resting. I asked her how her preparations was with regards to her impending departure for Canada. This was around September na and she was leaving mga end October. She stopped what she was doing as well and sat down sa office chair sa harap ko. I remember she was wearing a knee-length denim skirt at the time (I remember enough kasi and madalas suot lang naman nya eh either pants or skirts that would not be higher than her knee. manang ba. hehe!) and a button-down polo.

I think she told me some stuff about her preparation pero what struck me was when she told me na "mami-miss kita sir". Eh mejo demure and guarded nga yung girl so that statement was really forward para sa kanya. Syempre the polite thing to say for me at the time was syempre naman ma-miss rin kita.

Ewan ko ba kung bakit lagi akong super dense and oblivious sa mga advances, and this was yet another instance na ganun. Ang nasabi ko lang sa kanya was something like sus andrama naman.

Then she asked me if may gagawin daw ba ako that night baka daw pwede ko sya samahan lumabas. That was the time na mejo na-realize o na na this was going somewhere. Especially since I had a gf at the time and she knew I had a gf at the time kasi I was open about it naman and may mga pictures sa desk ko. And I had to decline her kasi sabi ko may date kami ni gf ng gabi.

She told me may bigay lang daw kasi sana sya na parting gift sa akin. At that point I remembered I was standing up na to continue working and para rin ma-cut na yung usapan and I was telling her na di naman na di na dapat sya nag abala. I asked her ano ba yun? At that point she stood up and kissed me sa lips.

Eh syempre alam nyo naman tayong mga boys... Palay na yung lumapit eh. So nakipagtukaan na ako so to speak. Hehehe! It started with a kiss but then I pulled her and kissed harder. Di naman pumalag and in fact lumaban pa lalo and naki-yakap rin. Binaba ko yung mga kamay ko to grab her butt and mas lalo pa dumiin yung mga kisses nya. I lifted her up onto one of the desks dun sa available na cubicle and sat her down. She was already unbottoning her polo and i was lifting up her skirt, all the while hindi nag break off yung kisses namin.

I broke off the kiss lang when she was able to open her polo na kasi I wanted to gaze at her boobs and panties. Her boobs were small lang. Not flat totally pero small lang. She was wearing normal white bras and a white cotton panty. I can still remember yung look sa eyes nya na parang hayok while I was taking in how she looked doon sitting on the desk with her polo opened, legs apart and with her skirt hiked up.

I went to her neck next while my hands started working to unhook her bra and massage her pussy a bit sa ibabaw ng panty. She was trying to grab naman my dick through my pants. Then I pulled the available chair so I could sit down, placing my head almost level with her crotch. Very good angle for pussy eating! I put her legs on my shoulders and pulled aside her panty and started eating her out. Licking the lips and clit. At the same time my right hand was busy playing with her nipple. I can hear her stifling her moans and I notice nalang after some point na she was biting onto her hanky pala.

After I felt her cum, I stood up and opened my pants. She was still in the same position and my dick still gets hard until now just rememebering how she... Read More