Adventures of Myk: The Manager

September 16, 2014 (3 years ago)
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During my second job (I was 23 then), had me working directly with another manager from another department. Para ako adviser/consultant for an aspect of her job. She was a small lady lang pero maganda and sexy/malaman. She was probably in her mid-30's then.

Very friendly yung work environment namin and it was really normal for people to hug and beso or mag-akbayan and what-not. Our job was also prone to very long OT sessions so normal na abutin kami almost midnight or even past midnight at work. 

So one-time I emailed her something and then went to her to discuss it on her desk kasi mejo may pagka-complicated yung matter. She was seated tapos ako naman was crouched beside her on her right with my left hand on the armrest of her chair for support to free up my right hand to move her mouse and point at her laptop while I went through my discussion.

All the while she was smiling at me tapos after quite a bit, siguro di na nakatiis, hiniritan ako na: "alam mo Myk, if i didnt know better I'd say you were trying to cop a feel." So ako naman parang, "huh?!" Ayun pala, yung tips ng fingers sa left hand ko on top of her armrest have been brushing against the top of her legs the entire time. She was wearing a skirt kasi that rode higher than her knee tapos ako naman sobrang engrossed siguro dun sa discussion kaya di ko napansin. So syempre sorry naman ako. Tawa naman sya. 

Since di pa kami tapos dun sa ine-explain ko, balik ako sa discussion but I kept my hand in my pocket this time. Lalo tuloy sya tumawa and she actually grabbed my arm and put my hand on her leg tapos sabi nya: "ayan o wala naman malisya!" So natawa na rin ako and sabi ko sige na nga! Sabay himas and squeeze ng hita nya. Then she was like: "o, o... hanggang dyan lang yan ha!" but I played along and said "sus eh kala ko ba walang malisya."

I guess I need to explain na all along talaga at the time, I really thought we were just playing. The sentiment kasi barkada talaga and mejo normal na yung pagigigng touchy like I said so I really was innocently playing at the time. 

Kaya nagulat ako when she stood up and locked the door to her room sabay nung pabalik na sya she took off her high-heeled shoes and then removed her panties while keeping her skirt on. Naupo ulit sya dun sa chair nya habang ako naman tulala pa rin dun na nakatayo. She grabbed my front, opened my fly and started sucking on my dick. I rememberd di pa rin ako makapaniwala dun sa nangyayari nun and my brain hasn't quite caught of to the situation yet. Nakahabol lang ako nung naramdaman ko I was about to cum, but then it was too late kasi I came in her mouth. 

Nagulat sya dun and she let out a squeal pero didn't remove her mouth from my dick. She hit me sa tummy kasi apparently wala pa nakakagawa sa kanya nun! Not ever her husband! Hahahaha! She spit out my cum sa tissue. Wala daw sya nagawa kasi baka daw matalsikan yung suot nya. Quick thinking for her. Hehe!
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