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Song: I'll Say GoodBye For The Two Of us

"I'm gonna leave ......"That's what I've told you.I decide to leave everything.To be alone and not bother anyone. A long silence in the room then I looked at you there was nothing but amusement you thought it was just one of my joke. I did'nt talk there you realized I was serious..

"Why? What have I done?."
"Nothing........" that's what I said.
"What happened?Tell me."You hug me tight.So tight that all my insecurities vanish.Just one hug and everything seems ok.

Days passed....
I thought I can survive cause you're here with me.Standing by my side. Laughing and listening to whatever I say.

"Hey I had something to tell you."
"What? Is it important?Im busy now.Later ok.?"

"Ok."was all I could say.

You turn away and I smile bitterly.ย 
"Im in pain" thats what I wanna say. But you were with them laughing and talking.

While Im here at the corner waiting for you. Hoping that you'll come back soon.ย 

Days,weeks, months have passed and I was able to manage myself. You will come to talk, laugh and play and then you will go away. Not even asking if I'm okay. You laugh with them listen to their stories and do crazy things.ย 

I could see that you're really happy. And I think you will never need me. Well it's a different thing with me.I need you, I need someone to talk to for I don't know how Iong could I still manage this...

I need you to hug me. To comfort me but I don't think you will let me feel it. That's why I walking away....... Read More

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