Accidental textmate

December 5, 2013 (4 years ago)
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Ito ay isang kathang isip lang inspired by naughty thoughts and horny imagination.

May nakuha akong txt…  “I am sorry I cannot go to the office today, may emergency lang po sa bahay…”

Since I didn’t recognized the number, and thinking it may be one of my staff, I answered back.. “Sorry your number is not in my directory, may I know who is this please?”

Sumagot.. “This is Carla, the new receptionist po”

I don’t know any one of that name that we recently hired, and I answered “Sorry you might have the wrong number”

Then I got another reply “Is this AJAX Consulting?”

I answered back “Sorry again, this is not AJAX Consulting”

Akala ko that will end it… then I received another txt…”Parang ang bait nyo po… ok lang po makipag friends?”

I don’t know what I was thinking but I am intrigued with the texter and also thought if she was able to get a job as receptionist may really have a pleasant personality, so I answered “Sure no problem”

The whole day passed and almost end of office with no texts received from that number.  So akala ko wala na.  Then maya maya I got a text from her  “Sorry po d ako nag reply. May pinaasikaso kasi sa akin”

“No problem” I answered back

From there on several exchanges of texts and some questions asked about personal stuff.  From these, I formed in my mind who she is.   She is in her early 20s, single, new graduate , living with her family, and didn’t have any boyfriend yet.  She will not claim she is pretty, but d naman daw pangit, fair skinned, stands at around 5’1”.  Average figure daw sya, although hiya pa to reveal her boob size but waistline daw nya is 25 and hips at 32.   From my imagination, may kurba.

One day, nag txt sa akin asking may gusto daw syang itanong but nahihiya pa sya.   I told her it’s okay and she can be comfortable with me.  She answered if okay lang ba talaga kasi medyo personal.  I assured her it’s entirely okay and being a matured man, will understand her.

Yong mga friends daw nya kasi may pinakita sa kanyang mga porn sites, so she is confused kung tama ba na nagbabasa sya don ng mga sex stories.  I asked her what’s the effect on her.

“Eh kasi nag iimagine ako na ako yong character na babae sa story” she answered

“Then?” I asked again…. Wag na daw she texted back…. I edged her sige na sinimulan na din nya eh

“Iba po nararamdaman ko.  And ginagaya ko yong ibang kwento” she simply answered

“As in what?” I asked

“Hmmmm, sinubukan ko po yong ginagawa don sa story, na hinahawakan yong private part nila” she answered… “Masama po ba yon?”

My imagination was running, what her hands were doing with her pussy.  How her face looks like touching that clit… How her body moves with every slide of her finger in her pussy.

“It’s normal for anyone to have that feeling.  What is important is you can control it.” I told her

“Yon po mahirap minsan, sa simula, once a week ko lang po ginagawa.. but lately halos araw-araw and may time na when I was left alone sa house, I did it three different times in one day..” sabi nya

“Natatakot ako kasi baka made-virginize ako.  Baka hindi na ako makapag asawa”  she continued

I assured her it’s normal thing, na people sometime have this urge and may times masyadong malakas.

“Kayo po ba dumaan na sa ganon?” she asked me.

I replied yes and medyo wala sa lugar  told her “Ngayon nga medyo nakaka feel ako ng urge dahil sa kwento mo eh”

“Talaga po… ay sorry po… D ko p o alam..” she answered… “Pero affected po ako ng nalaman ko na may effect sa inyo.. I mean, parang gusto ko din hawakan private part ko now”, came another text from her.

Suddenly I am lost for words and cannot answer immediately.  “Busy na po kayo?” another text from her.

“Sorry, may ginawa lang ako” I answered.  “ I will be going out in... Read More

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