December 24, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Let’s start off with, I completely love and adore that man to death, lets face it, it’s pretty damn hard not to.

I couldn't have chosen a more perfect person to have had by my side, and I am so grateful, honored and happy for all the memories we shared. For those of you who know him, I don’t need to tell you how amazing he is, inside and out, you all already know. For those who haven’t, here is just a handful of examples why he is amazing, in dot points.

•He is the only man I know who wear maong pants and black shoes combo.

•With ease, I’ve seen him make smile a kid snot, a sour sue and a grumpy old man. I have seen him light up an endless amount of eyes, as they watched him.

•He is always up for an endless amount of laughs, snorting and honking away.

•He will always tell me how amazing cook I am even if I know for the fact that I am not.

•He can make a tomboy fell for him in an instance.

•He is a good provider.

•He's drop dead gorgeous.

The list of small examples goes on and on in my mind, as the list grew and grew I found myself beside the most beautiful person I have met or may ever meet. From 'friendship' to ‘love’ I became “in love’ and our journey through life together left no regrets.

Even though him and I have decided to go our separate ways, this whole experience hasn't turned me off love, it hasn't made me fear it, nor have I lost any faith towards it. It proved to me that real love truly exists, the journey of me and him was a beautiful 'lifetime' in itself, our little infinity, it was perfect and we lived every moment of it in love.... Read More

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I am in no way, shape, or form, perfect by any means. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes throughout the years. But I’m at that age in my life where I truly don’t need anybody who doesn’t need me or who treats me like nothing.
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