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November 29, 2013 (4 years ago)
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Being a pioneer here in this site has it's ups and downs.I mean you get to chat with the members and as it goes along they open up to you.Now being the recipient of such information can be advantageous.But i'm not like that instead I now understand the other person of why they came here at all.I must have heard a lot of sad sob stories and some of the most incredibly outrageous siyuations.
What touches me the most are of the women who are the battered ones,those who have lost self confidence,self worthiness,trust to any man.We think that a MILF is an easy lay.Hearing out their most hidden thoughts and opinion and then bluffing yourself to their bedroom just to experience a moment of their sexuality.
Today i've heard 2 versions of these women.It touched my heart and made me reflect on how wrong i've been thinking of what they want.An ear to hear their cries of unhappiness on a union.I keep silent and pass no judgement.Sa una magulo pero sa huli pag napagtagpi tagpi ko na naiintindihan ko ang hinahanap nila dito.Hindi lang naman yung pagtatalik kundi yung maranasan na may nag mamalasakit.At kung umabot man sa puntong kayo ay magkita at magsama sa 1 sandali na makalimot sa mga problema sa mundo....Yun ang gantimpala na dapat hindi aabusuhin.
So gentlemen,be sensitive to these women.Have patience as you wooe them.But I warn you,a woman who is scorned is a dangerous individual to trifle with.She has nothing to lose anymore for she has been ridiculed and has grown numb from all the hurt others have thrown at her face.
You may say i'm doing this to gain more of them.But really,they open up and i accept them and pass no judgement.I won't... Read More

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