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True Confessions: A Shallow Gal

August 24, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I dated this guy named Jay. He's around my age, single, and average looking but I haven’t always been particular with looks. I’m more of a sapiosexual. Just in case you don’t know what a sapiosexual is, I’ll tell you that a sapiosexual is someone who finds intellegence the most sexually attractive feature in a person. A close friend who introduced us warned me he is not good looking. But in the brains department? He is bloody brilliant. So one date led to another until such time that we both ended up in bed.

When he went down on me, I felt the earth move. Literally. He ate me for what seemed like hours. I remember jokingly asking him (breathlessly) while he was eating me out, “Dyan ka na ba titira?” because he just kept going and going and going. He had a way with that wonderful tongue of his that I lost count how many times I came with just his tongue.

Of course every girl still wants to be fucked right, right? And when I say fucked right, I meant fucked by a cock. But when that time came, I didn’t feel a thing. Seriously. I knew he had his cock in me because I felt it as he rubbed it against my clit before going in, but when he was pumping I couldn’t feel his cock go in and out. I looked at him and he looked like he was enjoying himself. I felt guilty for not feeling anything that I faked it. I think I was convincing because he didn’t suspect a thing. He fell asleep beside me when it was over and I spend the rest of the night wondering what went wrong. Was his cock too small? Was my pussy too wet?

I was so bothered about the whole thing that I talked to a close female friend about it who laughed and said, “Just be glad he had a stiff tongue. At least his tongue made you come a gazillion times!” I actually worried that maybe my pussy’s not as tight as it used to and that I should start doing Kegel exercises. But I tracked down my previous sex partners (three of them) and asked them point-blank how my pussy felt like to them. They all said it felt tight. So maybe I wasn’t the problem.

He asked me out again and I knew if we go out again we’d both end up in bed... Read More

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