A sad fairy tale

February 10, 2014 (4 years ago)
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A Sad Fairy Tale

   They met at a young age, she was 5 and he was 8. A simple smile sparks a union that may break boundaries some day. She was a rich man’s daughter; He was a poor man’s son. Can this be a hindrance for a love so divine? He courted her, wooed her with all enthusiasm, proposed his true feelings; she was anxious, she was scared, she loved him from the start but she wouldn’t dare, for her their status is such a burden that she can’t carry nor bear. She rejects him and goes to the other way. Broken and defeated the boy didn’t give up; he turned his grief to hard work, his sadness to perseverance and his rejection to inspiration, wishing and dreaming everything will change if he strives more harder each day. Days, months, weeks, months, years past by time has been good for the boy now a man but the girl now a woman didn’t have the same fate, she is 6 months in waiting and she didn’t saw it coming. Everything has changed since the rejection she has given. Their wealth has dwindled together with her She find love but ca... Read More

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