A personal early morning

May 17, 2014 (3 years ago)
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So last night one hosted a dinner party at the beach sands of Nasugbu Batangas.Though it did ended around 5 am I still was able to wake up early(I did'nt get ineberated).Coming downstairs I hear a very nice voice singing a song of love.Did we hire a new househelp?I peek at the kitchen and there she was a very beautiful young woman,aided by another house help.Wearing a white thin shirt,breasts covered by a neon grean brassier and an ass you would want to pinch or slap then mash it for it's softness.
She and her companion turn to me and smile.
"Oh!Good Morning,did we wake you up?We were preparing some breakfast care to join us?"
"And you are?"
"I'm the mother of Shane this is maria my househelp who I brought along."
"I'm Mr.M,host and owner of this humble abode."
"I know,thank you for being the host and celebrating a party for a destined child."
"Pls,it was her father's idea.I just wanted to be a part of it."
While engaged in conversation she did'nt mind me in having a full view of her so much well endowed and blessed chest.A cleavage so deep and tight,bossoms rich in delight.Thus this SC's wandering view change in angle as this woman turned waving her perfectly formed posterior.No such lines?Am I seeing things or is this a reality I cannot deny.NO PANTY...
"Mr.M could you wait here for a moment?I've something to give you as a token of my appreciation to what you did for my daughter."
"Sure..i'll wait." just let me view you much longer and enjoy it.
Her house help turned and continued in what they were cooking.Shane's mother went upstairs.I decided to go to the living room and wait.
I look up and see one of the greatest views man has ever seen...and caught that object she threw down at me.Before it landed in my catching hands I saw her shaved pussy.In my hands were her silk colored lingerie panty.
"Open it!"
I open the folded underwear,inside a letter.Still looking at her mischief in thought I answered... Read More

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