A Lover's Note

December 23, 2017 (5 months ago)
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I'm leaving my baggage from my last trip
For I don't want this new love to be short trip
I'm not asking you dear to do the same
But you have my assurance that I'll wait for that to happen.

Don't worry, i won't get tired waiting
You have my words, hope it’s worth keeping
And if that day comes, I'll give my all
Take away my breath and strength till the sun fall.

You and me cuddling under sheet,
My body next to yours, feeling your heat,
Wrap in your arms and kissing me goodnight,
That's how i want to end our day soon as we turn off the light.

Always treat me like the beginning
And who knows i might give you no ending,
I'll make you happy and mak... Read More

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