A Long Ride

January 11, 2016 (2 years ago)
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a long ride

going home is a long ride...this, we both know.
the cold in the bus made us horny, a hint aglow,
my hand crawled over her legs, way under her skirt,
i'm greeted by wetness, oh my, muddy as earth!
it's a silky covering against a rough middle finger,
then she grasp my hand... funny, i know it's not anger,

i studied math...so, i learned to measure,
but, i didn't tell them i've mastered cliterature,
behind the silky covering, labia was introduced,
there's the boudoir in eden, the valley of juice,
i bowed to the queen, a squirming clit,
i gave her sweet caress till the bus was lit.

now she's going to alight, with a smile and a little shame,
so, i did what's polite... i asked... Read More

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