A letter for Jenny

January 28, 2015 (3 years ago)
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 A Letter For Jenny,

Time has been unkind, circumstances so cruel.
Irony always takes its part in every life’s mystery.
Dilemma leads my way, confusions drives me on. 
Many words worth speaking, yet my intellectuality begin to dull.

Thinking of you seems an opiate of my being. 
Though I tried to resist, yet there seem to have an inner compulsion.
Obsession as it may seem, but I know it is an intense passion.
I admit, though still a puzzle to me, you are an enigma.

Time may alter everything around, experiences may radically change convictions,
and people may come and go,
yet what I have felt for you will remain
until my consciousness lounge to its final repose.

Had it not for my utmost yearning to hold you in my arms forever,
I could have been enjoying now the freedom of pursuing meaningful endeavors.
I had been devastated, broken into pieces, for quite some time,
had been stagnated, and until now still carry the burden of finding my old self again.

Indeed, what had existed between us was just one of the million bitter realities I have to accept.
I know that you know how much I love you then, and even you yourself have noticed
how my entire world revolved just in the region of your paradise.
While it is true that “sometimes love just isn’t enough”, but what is everything without love?

 At the end of these premises will rest the fruitless arguments of my compassion,
futile attempts to let your unyielding heart comprehend the mourning of my sniveling soul.

As you have desired, may things remain as it may and somehow,
somewhere far beyond today, as you look back in the time that I wrote this message,
you will remember that there was someone who cared, loved and long for you
with untainted heart and clean intentions who had been pungently mistreated by a love so spiteful.

Nevertheless, my wish is your happiness.
I would rather let you walk into the sun and gaze at me running in the rain.
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