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 I did not drive home. I knew better. My wife will definitely ask whose car I was driving and mahirap na madali magtrace ng owner ng car sa LTO. So I went back to the hotel, parked Anne’s car there and I got mine. I will just call her tomorrow and ask her driver to meet up with me somewhere for the parking ticket and keys.

When I arrived home it was around 2:30 o’clock in the morning already. I called up my yaya to open the gate for me as I didn’t want to wake up my wife Maan anymore.

While in the garage I remembered the wet panty given to me by Anne. Shit buti na lang naalala ko pa, nasa bulsa ko pa naman. I inhaled Anne’s scent for the last time, hmmmang bango talaga…I wrapped it in a piece of paper I saw lying on the middle seat and placed it in the compartment, hoping that Maan will not be too nosy and check what’s inside the compartment.

I used my key to let myself in the house, removed my shoes and went to our bedroom.

Gently, I opened the door so as not to wake Maan and true enough my wife was already fast asleep. Only the lampshade was on. I changed into my sleeping shirt and boxers, went to the bathroom to brush my teeth after which I climb into the bed.

While on the bed, sensing my arrival, Maan moved slightly but did not open her eyes dahil siguro sa sobrang antok. I looked into my wife’s face, it was very peaceful, she is still very lovely, I compared her beauty with Anne and I can’t say who’s more beautiful. Each has her own unique beauty kaya di ko macompare.

I felt guilty, here lies my wife sound asleep fully trusting that her husband was out there working late. If she only knew!

My wife was wearing a blue satin negligee and she looked damn hot. Dahil nga bitin ako sa escapade namin ni Anne, biglang bumalik and tigas at tikas ni manoy.

I kissed Maan gently on the forehead, her nose, cheeks and then lips…dad antok na ako let’s sleep na please..uttered my wife.

But I wont be denied for the second time that night…I know my wife’s weakness alam ko kung papaano sia bibigay.

Slowly I removed my boxers and shirt and I was naked as the day I was born. I moved into my wife’s feet and hiked her nightee. Talagang maalaga pa din sa katawan si Maan, she is about 5’4”, still slim despite having two kids, courtesy of going to the basement gym at least 3 times a day. Her boobs are bigger than Anne, with a natural sag caused by having to breast feed her two children, plus the father, he he. My wife is also maputi, she is actually a mestiza kaya Caucasian ang beauty, she has a short boyish hair which shows more her beautiful face and long neck. Down below my wife is wearing a matching blue laced panty. Maan likes to dress up for me kaya naman laging mainit and aming bed. Our sex life is actually great. We do it at least 4 times a week and sometimes even everyday. I know, u might be asking eh bat ka pa naghahanap ng iba? I don’t know also, for adventure or thrill, for pride, ego, self esteem, midlife crisis I really don’t know. But I know that I just couldn’t resist Anne.

Every slowly I removed my wife’s blue panty, and her most precious treasure was revealed to my hungry eyes. Unlike Anne, Maan hates to shave, ayaw din mag pawax sakit daw, so she only trims her pubes basta wag lang kumawala pag sia ay naka swimsuit. My wife, therefore, has a trimmed bush, which I also really like as they were soft and satin like. My wife resisted a little but my persistence won and I was able to remove her panty.

Now that my wife’s pussy is right before my eyes, I was already drooling, I smelled it first…Hmmmm ambango. I kissed her pussy lips gently bago ko nilabas ang aking dila ay pinasadahan ang kahabaan ng slit ng kanyang p*ke… At first ay magkadikit pa ang mga thighs ni Maan..Dad…please Im not really in the mood right now, bukas na lang pls, I will make it up to you… That was the second time I in a span of a few hours na narining ko ang I will make it up to you line…I will have none of that…kailangan ko makaraos ngayon kaya pinagbuti ko pa ang paghimod sa puke ng asawa ko.

After a few licks, I tasted something slimy, at napangiti na ako…ohhhhhhhhhh dad…Maan said…naramdaman ko na binuka na ni Maan ang kanyang mga hita to give me more access to her cunt…I lapped on her cunt once more with more vigor and enthusiasm, until her moan became deeper ahhhhhhhhhhhhh dad, don’t stop please…more….gusto ko na yan shittttttttttt at mas lalo pang bumasa ang pussy ng aking asawa..

I used my tongue and my lips in lapping at my wife’s wet cunt. And when I knew that she was already in the mood, I sucked on her engorged clit…

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, dadyyyyyy ang sarrrrappppppppppppp, more please don’t you ever stoppppppp…ummmmmmmmmmmm…I  love u daddddddddddddd, galling mo talaga kumain.

I knew then that maan was at the verge of cumming…so as a finale I inserted two fingers inside his soaping pussy and she almost screamed…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shittttttttttttt…tang inaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, dadddddddd fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with ur fingers……..lick me…just don’t stop…now my wife is a prim and proper woman, so hearing her say those filthy words meant she was almost cumming….I curled my two fingers…looked for the rough patch inside her vaginal walls when I found it I applied pressure on it, sucked on her clit and I got the reaction I wanted. My wife was now thrusting her pelvis upwards sumasama sa pressure na binibigay ng dalawang fingers ko… and I never thought that just two fingers can actually lift a woman up the bed, he he….

I felt the contraction of Maan’s vaginal walls, pinagbuti ko pa ang pagsipsip at pag himod sa clit ni Maan habang nilalabas masok ko ang aking dalawang daliri na paminsan ay dinidiian ang kanyang G Spot..

Then suddenly her body shook, kasabay ng mahabang…dadddddddddddddddd di ko na kayaaaa….im cumminggggggggggggg, im cummminnnnnnnnng, ungggggggggggg…I love youuuuuu johnnnnnnnnnnnn. My tongue was a little bit sore from lapping my wife’s cunt and medyo nangalay din mga kamay ko at fingers ko but the reaction I got from my wife was worth it…

Hi hi hi…kaw talaga..walang pinipiling oras yang libog mo….maan said na nakangiti. Ayos ba? nagrereklamo ka ata eh, sabi ko naman. Ayos na ayos dad .pa insure mo kaya yang dila mo dad he he he…Then maan sat down, at bigla nia akong sinakmal ng alik…gigil na gigil, pati seimpre ako gigil na din.

Tinulak ako ni maan pahiga, kumubabaw sia sa akin, hinubad ang kanyang nighty at tumambad sa akin ang kanyang malalaking suso na walang bra… maputi si maan kaya pinkish and kanyang nipples, gigil ko itong nilamas. Maan leaned forward and fed her left nipple to me…siempre tatanggi pa ba ako…supsop agad habang lamas ang kabila…sinipsip ko din ang kabila baka magtampo…napapaungol na ulit si maan..

Maan kissed me on the forehead..on my nose, on  my lips, on my ears, neck, collar bone, chest…. She sucked on my nipples….ahhhhhhh mommyyyyy sarapppp..she continued kissing me down to my navel, hinimod nia pusod ko.

While looking into my eyes my wife continued kissing me down below to my pubic area until she reached the head of my cock, hinawakan nia ito at hinalikan ang ulo at dinilaan at nilunok ang aking precum habang nakatingin pa rin sa akin….shit how erotic the sight was. There was my beautiful wife with her pouty lips wrapped around the head of my cock…I love my wife.

Then Maan licked the shaft up and down, going back to the head….she cupped my balls while bobbing up and down on my cock, ang galing talaga mag tsupa ng asawa ko….maya maya pa niluwa nia ulit cock ko at dinilaan ang shaft pababa hanggang balls…sabay sipsip sa mga balls ko….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit mommyyyyyyyy puta ang sarapppppp niyan……..Maan repeated the routine a couple more times at nung lalabasan na ako bigla siyang tumigil…shit nanaman? Sa isip ko lang..

But before I got disappointed my wife straddled me, kissed me full on the lips, nalalasahan ko pa precum ko, pero di ko na yun pansin dahil sa libog. Hinawakan ni maan ang galit kong t*t at itinutok sa naglalawa nia na ring lagusan.

Di na ako nakapagantay pa, sa gigil ay kumanyod ako pataas at sabay naman ito sa pagbaba ni Maan kaya baon na baon agad ang ari ko… sabay kaming napaungol…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mommyyyyyyyy, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dad, mas masarap pa din talaga ang kantotttt….fuck meeee daddddddddd..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..

Then Maan rode me like a cow girl, habang lamas ko ang dalawang dede nia…..habang tumataas baba si Maan sa ari ko…sinasalubong ko naman ito ng kanyod pataas kaya maririnig mo ang banggaan ng aming mga pelvis,,, plak plak plak…plak... plak….plak…plak…plak……

Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sarap mo honnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, sige pa giling paaaaaa sarap talaga ng puke mo hon ang sikip pa dinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, masikip pa din nga kasi cesarian ito nanganak sa 2 kids namin…

Ang galling mo din dadddddd…srappppppp ng titi moooooo…akin lang to haaaaa….wag mo ipapasok sa iba..oohhhhhhhhhhh….sayong sayo lang tong puke ko honnnnnnnnnn, ikaw lang makakatikim nito….ang tigas ng titi mo dadddd parang gabakal….ano ba pumasok sa isip mo bat sobrang tigas ata…..pero ang sarappppppppppp….ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Malapit na ako mommyyyyyy, ang sarapppppppp di ko na kayaaaaaaaaaa…lalabas na tamod koooooo… kantutin mo pa ko honnnnnnnnnnn…..

Ako rin daddddddd….malapit na malapit naaaa…lalabasan na man ako….sabay tayooooooo.

Eto naaa mommyyyyyyyyyy……sige daddddddd putok mo lahat sa akin yannnnnnnnn….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ang sarapppppppppppp…shittttttttt dad ramdam ko ang dami….ayan nadin akooo sabay tayo ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…..i love you dadddddddd……love u to momyyyyyy….at sumambulat na nga sa kaibuturan ng puke ni Maan ang aking masaganing tamod na muntik nang si Anne ang makinabang kanina.

Sabay kaming nakaraos ni Maan, bagsak si maan sa chest ko, nakapasok pa din ang titi ko sa kanyang puke kumikislot kislot pa sinasagad ang katas…si maan naman nagmuscle control pa kaya parang hinihigop ng kan... Read More

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