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February 25, 2015 (3 years ago)
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Tonight's WWE RAW opens with the usual intro video. We're live from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. A huge 'CM Punk' chants break out.

We go right to the ring and out comes Paige to a big pop. We see stills from Paige at Fastlane last night as she makes her way to the ring. Paige takes the mic and fans chant her name.

Paige: I got screwed last night. Alam nyo yan. Nikki Bella uses the rope to pin me. And I will not gonna let this happen tonight. (The fans with a loud 'Yes' chant.)

Paige: So come on Nikki! Come out here in the ring and face me right now! (She's now angry and then screams.)

As she looks on to the big monitor, The Authority's music hits and out comes Triple H w/ Stephanie. A huge boos from the crowd now.They enter the ring as Stephanie looks into Paige now. Fans chant Paige name.

Paige: Why are you here in this ring? Im calling for Nikki Bella. I want a rematch right now for the Divas title. (Paige then scream)

Steph: You know what Paige, forget about that rematch coz that's not gonna happen. (smiles) Crowd with a 'No' chant and more boos.

Paige: But why? She cheated last night. And that's not best for business right Hunter? (she looks to Triple H)

Triple H: Maybe you're right Paige. Cheating is not best for business but we have an idea, right hon?

Steph: Yes hon. We have an idea. You have the right to challenge for the Divas Title at WrestleMania (pointing at the WM sign) if you can beat your opponent now.

Paige looks shock. The Authority leaves the ring as we go to the ring announcer Lillian Garcia.

Lillian: The following match is scheduled for One Fall. On the ring now, from Norwich England, Paige! Paige makes her pose to the fans from the turnbuckle.

Lillian: And her opponent..

(backstage) Alicia Fox is now ready to come out but someone pulls her hair and throws to a chair.

Paige is still waiting for her opponent. Brock Lesnar's music hits out comes the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Fans got into very mixed reaction as the champ walking to the ring.Paige's back is now in the corner and is very afraid of Brock. Lesnar raises his belt.Lillian: From Mineapolis, Minnesota, weighing at 305 lbs.. Brock... Lesnarrr!Paige's face starting to cry. Lesnar approches, comes face to face. Paige look scared.Michael Cole: What the hell is the Authority doing?Jerry Lawler: Its not best for business.Lesnar (takes a mic): Before we start this match, I will dedicate this to my number 1 conter at my title, Roman Reigns. (fans cheers this)Lesnar drops the mic and takes off his shirt. But the big monitor pops and Stephanie starts to speak.Steph: By the way, this will be a No Disqualification match. So Paige, goodluck!Paige still crying and says 'Noooooo!'Out of nowhere, Lesnar lifts Paige into his finisher position. Paige starting to scream again. Lesnar smiles and hits the F5 with an impact.Cole: Oh my God! Lesnar with an F5!Lawler: I feel sorry for Paige.

Paige is laid out. The referee checks her. Lesnar smirks, goes down to the ring afron and gets a steel chair.

The fans gets worrid and starts with a No chant.

Lawler: Dont do that Brock.
Cole: Did you forget? Its a No DQ match.

Lesnar goes back in the ring with the chair in hand. The referee saw this and tells Brock not to use it. Lesnar didnt listen and hits the referee hard in the back.

Lesnar smiles again and the fans chant 'You Suck' on Brock. He looks on to the unconsious Paige. Lesnar sets up the chair and sits near the head of Paige.

Fans still chanting 'You Suck' on Lesnar, Brock gets pissed, stands up and throws the chair.

Nagulat ang lahat ng hubadin ni Brock ang kanyang suot na shorts at umigtad ang napakalaki nyang burat.

Lawler: What the hell is he doing? We're on live television!

Nag-umpisang magdyakol ni Lesnar. Tilian naman ang mga babaeng fans sa nakikita nilang malaking burat ni Brock.

Lesnar then got near Paige. Lesnar drags Paige in the corner now. Pagkamulat ng mata ng babae ay nagulat ito ng makita nya ang napakalaking burat ni Lesnar.

Paige: Ano ito Brock? Ano gagawin mo sa akin? Dont do that! (Ang mangiyak ngiyak nyang sabi)

Lesnar: Paige, ang ganda ganda mo. Tsupain mo lang itong titi ko para pampagana sa aking laban sa WrestleMania. Pls Paige. (Malapit na ang pinakaulo sa bibig ni Paige.

Paige: No Way!

Lesnar: Ayaw mo talaga ha? (Akmang susuntukin na ni Brock ang babae)

Paige: Sige sige, gagawin ko na. Wag mo lang ako saktan.

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