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January 1, 2016 (2 years ago)
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I don't know how long i've been having this dreams
The streets in chaos filled with screams
Someone's shouting it's time to repent
The world has gone so dark and violent

The gates of hell is finally open
Satan makes his move with all this omen
Slowly plunging us all to darkness
Turning all our thoughts into madness

The demons are living among us
Controlling everything to turn it to dust
Blinding us with false reality
That we still live in a world with justice and liberty

Consuming everything, driven by greed
They don't care if people will bleed
Convincing us that this is what we need
Planting in our minds their evil seed

Maybe this is all just my imagination
In my mind i've seen a vision
People suffering, shaking in fear ... Read More

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