A glass of Ice Cold Beer to FSS!

June 19, 2014 (3 years ago)
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A glass of Ice Cold Beer to FSS!
On the ROOF where I live
Pasig City, PH

This is just a piece of thing to share, as I give out the “ICE COLD BEER” as my way to give out the praise for such a fun and still erotic story that I just finished up reading.

This was actually intended to be posted as a simple comment for ladiesconfessions’ Sex Submissions Series: Dark Alley, but as I put the words in, I noticed that it’s quite exaggerated to be one as a comment, so I decided to put it as a blog post instead, to give out the rightful remark for a remarkable literary art done by the said author and connect it as well to a writer that I thought have seen before in a different site, which is also a part of the top stories in “My List of Filipino Erotic Literary Art”.  Well, as an “artist” it had been like a disease for me to give out my Top 10 List, not just for the field of Literary Arts but also for Visual Arts and Photography which I also do.

Some of you might get confused on what would really be my cup of tea, well, I just tend follow my aura on what I would be picking up, whether it would be a pen, pencil and a paper for me to draw, a paint brush, set of oil paints and just put out a piece of something in anything that could fit in to the concept I have, well “ART” and “MUSIC” is what I really am as a whole, it is not just a simple part of my stress relievers or hobby, it is what I am made of as a person.

Going back on the main purpose of this, which is obviously not to give out my entirety, well, I would say, since my teenage years while we gather in Tandem or PUP with all of my fellow slackers or as they put it, PUNKS or Deviants, but we just simply call ourselves the “HAPPY KIDS” J, this particular type would be one of the concepts I heard whenever we do instant story sharing or instant poetry and also, read a lot of things with this type, BUT I should say that “Dark Alley” is considerably exceptional. 

Why? I really don’t know specifically.  It might be due to the effect of having the lead character as a “professional young lady” or it could be the way it was laid up on each scenario and twist?  Anyway, all-in-all this is definitely going to be one of my top list, and in lieu with this, I just wanted to say that my First one would still be "Pepito" ... :) but as of now, the numbers from 4 to 10 all came from FSS... The second top is actually from the first site that I joined in to, which is, PL.  I would like to take an apology to the admins for putting up the other title and the previous site where I had been, it wasn’t done to promote anything, I think it is necessary, as I try to put things more visual on how I give my praise to ladiesconfessions’ literary work.

Aside from ladiesconfessions, as I mentioned earlier that another author, which I am still thinking up to this very moment, have seen in a different site before or it could be someone else, but anyway, his work that was posted here just made me say “wow” literally after reading his story.  It is no other than Jason-the-Jackals’ Isang Minuto Lang.  This specific story had my imagination working as I read each word on the story, it was as if I am watching a movie inside my head.  Simply WOW!  Top Caliber and Top of the Line work I would say.

To ladiesconfessions and Jason-the-Jackal, CHEERS! For more great stories to come…

For me, I am still trying to put things in my mind for a story that I could work with, since my unfinished story (which is still at work state ... Lolz!) was already posted in two different sites that caters the same concept as FSS, I have decided to definitely work with a new one that could fit the standards or "at least" be a part of the average level of a lot of good FSS Story tellers, writers and something that could at least fit on the... Read More

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