A Day in the Justice League (A Story Retold)

May 13, 2014 (3 years ago)
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A gang of teen-aged boys were debating who is their best superhero. One said Superman, others said Batman, while the rest mention other superheroes. But one kid mentions Invisible Man.

“Man, that’s not even a superhero,” the other kid protests.

“I tell you, Invisible Man is the best superhero.” Here's why.

Wonder Woman, a member of the Justice League, decides to unwind after completing her tour of duty in her homeland, Themyscira. She returns to the Hall of Justice, the superheroes’ homebase, and goes to the penthouse with glass walls to have her skin tanned. Upon reaching the place she quickly undresses herself revealing her very sexy body, thinking that nobody would dare to take a peek on her. She prepares the folding bed and other accessories for relaxation. Once everything’s ready, she lays on her back, her legs and arms spread, and relaxes.

Meanwhile, Superman, perspiring profusely, and feeling horny, returns to earth from his mission in space. He didn’t know he got infected with an different and rare type of kryptonite during his battles with a monster alien. His dick is growing by the minute and he needs release before he goes crazy.
Nearing the Hall of Justice home base, he sees Wonder Woman on the penthouse laying on her back like a starfish waiting to be picked. He decides to fuck her right there and then but at the last minute he re-evaluated his plans. If he goes there and fucks her without her consent, he is sure Wonder Woman would not go down without a fight. The consequence will be catastrophic.

So he decides to use his super-speed. Diving at the speed of light, he places himself quickly above Wonder Woman and fucks her so fast she is not even aware she is being fucked by Superman. In less than a second Superman releases his sperm, flies again, lands in front of the main door of the Hall of Justice, and loses consciousness due to the virus. Luckily some of the superheroes are there and see him faint so they rescue Superman and he is taken to the medical room to be treated immediately.
A few hours later a sober Superman wakes up from a deep sleep and sees himself in the hospital bed. Doctors inform him the reason for his sickness and how they are able to treat his infection. A few more hours the doctors give permission that Superman can accept visitors so every minute the superheroes start to enter his room to see if he’s okay. When Wonder Woman enters the room, Superman remembered what he did to her on the penthouse.

“Diana! how are you? How’s your sun tan?” Superman asks, fishing for an answer.

“Oh, it’s just great. I like my new tanned skin. How did you know?”

“It’s pretty obvious. You didn’t feel any difference after you had it on the penthouse?”

“No, I can’t say I did. Why? Is there something I should know?”

“Nothing. No reason at all,” Superman quickly changes his topic as they chat.

Wonder Woman left a few minutes later when Invisible Man enters the room and checks on him, wearing a necktie and an eyepiece but Superman doesn’t need that since he can use his x-ray vision to see him whenever they talk.

“Hi man, what’s up?” Invisible Man said.

“As you can see I’m recovering. How about you?”

“Damn, I’m a bit sore man.”

“How come?”

“Well you know that Wonder Woman's my girlfriend now, right? A few hours ago we decided to relax at the penthouse. We took some drinks, and had a little chat. A few hours later I started kissing her. Then she kissed me. On... Read More

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