A Bullied Plea

December 25, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Suicidal plea (a bullied plea)

Are you happy to see me crying?
Maybe you’re laughing when you know I’m down
It’s your pleasure to hurt me isn’t it?
It’s alright, at least I did pretend for so long.

My existence isn’t worth appreciated
But why my presence bothers you?
Succeeding hurting one may makes you feel great
Were you aware of yourself?

I know you don’t care
But I’m tired of hiding all these pain
Sick of crying myself to sleep
And feeling exhausted of everything.

Nobody dares to listen
Would you mind to hear my pleadings?
Never mind, you’re thinking I’m insane
But I need to end up my sufferings

-I am not Emo nor bullied ah. I just made this for my documentation in regards to self harming and bullying way back in college as... Read More

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I can make a poem with a blink of an eye
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