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October 15, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Most of us, if not all of us, are aware what’s normally or usually happening in an adult site like this.

Eto lang ang sakin, see if you pipz can relate or probably learn from this... sana lang it worths your time reading this blog…

1.       MEET a GUY/GAL ONLINE AND ENDS UP IN a RELATIONSHIP -->  just because mas real tayo sa virtual world kesa sa totoong mundo natin, we tend to be more open – our minds and our hearts.  Mas vulnerable kung may pinagdadaanan and mostly, an easy prey sa mga taong taking advantage like a lion waiting for someone to devour…especially kung in need tayo emotionally and that lion gave us the special attention…lagot na tayo di ba?

Do I have a proof?  Yes!  I experienced it myself a few years back.  Naligaw ako sa isang adult site first time in my entire life…nagbasa ng stories, natuwa dahil wow! may chatroom…kaaliw di ba?  So, I’ve met a lion online that seems to be a sheep kasi sobrang sweet makipag-usap, very generous sa attention,  and treated me really, really special.  At dahil nga first time ko…at gullible akong tao…I easily trusted the guy…gave him my digits and called me right then and there…he was very flirty, turned on my horny button, ending? – SOP.  Long story short, naging kami online kasi single (daw) sya and syempre single din ako.  Until I met my online boyfriend in the flesh after 3 months and personally dated for 2 months.  On the 62nd day from the day we personally met, he dropped a bombshell on my face - he’s a married guy, a father of 3 kids…and he needs to leave me na.  Shit! sakit di ba?  Grabe lang no?  Syempre damaged ako…affected buong pagkatao – family, work, atbp.  It may be a short period of time, like less than half a year…but I have invested so much trust, time, effort, money and most of all, binuhos ko lahat ng emotions ko.  Love ko na sya sobra…ayun, basag ako…it took me a while to move on…and you probably know when I say “a while”.

Well, don’t get me wrong pipz, not all relationships from here hindi okay ang ending…meron din namang nag-happily ever after.  I witnessed 2 of my friends met their wives online…and they are happily married with kids, so di ba? Ingat lang…wag akong gayahin…lolz

2.       MEET FRIENDS AND/OR ENEMIES --> since marami talagang adult na bored sa buhay ngayon at ang pampalipas oras ay ang magbabad sa site na ganito, expect mo na marami kang makikilala.  For a lot of time, you’ll meet pipz you can relate with by your experiences and even sa mga current na pinagdadaanan mo…the same interest at trip sa buhay…ka-brainwave mo…mga ganun.  But you know, not all people that relate with you and opens up with you could really mean you should trust them agad, pede ka nyang gawan ng issue eventually.  So we need to be very, very careful disclosing our personal information.  Share things only you are sure you would not regret sharing to these pipz in the end. 

Again, do I have a proof?  Yes!  I gained friendship with good pipz from that site and up until now, we are good friends.  Pero nakakaloka, na-set-up din ako….may isang nag-offer ng friendship, nag-trust agad sakin, insisted to open his/her personal social network account just so I could view him/her and his/her friends, gave me his/her password…I never wanted to accept the password pero kinulit nya ko na view ko pics niya at ng mga friends at special someone nya.  So I did…ang kulet e!  After a day or two, nag-announce sa room na may nag-sabotage daw sa account nya…wrote bad words addressed to his/her friends, ending – nagalit sa kanya mga friends nya and his/her special someone.  So, ano pang expect ko di ba? Ni-blame nya ako, sakin lang daw niya binigay password niya and he/she trusted me so much.  Binuhos nya lahat ng galit nya sakin at siniraan ako sa room.  Well, I don’t care, heller, kamusta naman?...bakit ko naman gagawin yun?...anong mapapala ko kung gagawin ko yun?  So I told him/her, indi ko ginawa yun, at kahit magalit siya sakin, wala akong pakialam…malinis konsensiya ko…I do not have to explain myself to him/her, malay ko kung kani-kanino nya binigay password niya di ba? O baka plan nya talaga siraan ako...hmp! he-he..

3.       PREFERRED TO BE DISCREET FOREVER --> marami ding reader and watcher lang, they preferred to be discreet kasi either gusto lang talaga nilang magbasa, walang hilig mag-chat, or they are protecting themselves being associated with any adult site...and for me, with the experiences I mentioned above, I preferred to be discreet.  From the beginning, sabi ko sa sarili ko, this time mag-iingat talaga ko.  Anyway, fun lang naman ang pinunta ko dito, outlet to release my stress at lahat ng mga pagka-badtrip ko.  Pero di ko napigilan, nalihis ako sa pagka-discreet ko…dahil nga cguro mabilis akong mag-trust at magbigay ng emotion sa taong feeling ko ka-close ko na.  I have met 3 chatters from here already face to face (wag nyo na itanong kung sino kasi di ko sasabihin senyo, bleh!), so may nakakita na sakin at lahat sila wala na dito…lolz.  Or, pedeng nagpalit lang din ng name, hehe, ewan ko.  Nabigay... Read More

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