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1st All Nighter...

February 27, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Our First All Nighter

(10:00pm) So what are we going to do now bebe? I asked her in a normal tone,” bebe, alam mo na…” she answered with the voice of a horny little angel that always sends shiver to my spine! (She’s such a tease) waaaa!!! Uhmm… bebe aren’t you hungry, I smartly changed the topic! Bwahaha! And she bites it! Yep bebe!!! She excitedly said… Tara na sa ministop! So we went out, holding hands while walking. She’s wearing the usual sando, shorts and no comb hair style, so so cute!!!… hahaha! We reached ministop and she wanted some chichiriya so we got some and siyempre her favorite CHEESECAKE FLAVORED SUNDAE but sundae in cone is the only thing available,”mas gusto ko yung nasa cup bebe”, she exclaimed! no choice ang bebe no cups available talaga eh… we paid for her food and hurried on the nearby burger stand and as usual she ordered a burger… as we were waiting for her burger she ate her sundae in a hurry cause its melting all over the place! HEHEHE! “kaya ayoko ng cone bebe eh!” looking like a very annoyed little girl! It’s on her hands, all over the cone and she’s licking it everywhere so I was smiling and laughing a bit on what she was doing and she looked at me, “ang bully mo talaga”… I LOVE YOU TOO I replied and she smiled. We got her burger so we went home still holding hands; we went straight to her room where she ate her burger without sharing as usual! Hehehe! We talked and talked, actually she talked and talked sharing her experiences (not the naughty ones ok) in life and I’ve learned a lot about her… I felt so very special cause she was sharing everything to me, im such a lucky guy to have her. We talked as i... Read More

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