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April 25, 2013 (5 years ago)
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Today is my first year here in FSS.You all knew me as Mr.M.Because of my seniority in number(age)some of you have had the notion that i'm the administrator here of this website.Fortunately the REAL adminstrator was available to correct that notion.I do hope that I can still stay here while I still can write such stories of carnal knowledge.
I've met someone here and she is unique in character.of what she is when chatting she is different in reality.To the ladies whom i've encountered i'll always enjoy chatting with you.To the gentlemen with my same nature...Gentlemen let us be what they expect us to be.Respectful yet brash when engaging in the art of lovemaking.
To those whom i've offended unintentionally I apologize with utmost humility.
In ending,i've learned to like FSS compared to the other sex websites.In truth inuuna ko na nga tingnan ang FSS kesa sa pinaka sikat na social website sa buong mundo.Mas socially engaging pa dito kesa sa kanila talaga eh!Sana yung mga kaedad ko at saka sa humahabol na sa aking nu... Read More

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