Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


• Why should I become a Filipino Sex Stories Member?

When you sign up to be "Filipino Sex Stories" Member, you get your own personal profile posted on the site, including a picture if you so choose. Once a member, you may submit sex stories and personal blogs to the site. Chat with other members. Receive private messages and many more features.

Membership is 100% Free.

• How do I become a Member?

Click here to be redirected to signup page. Fill in the form and submit, an activation link will be sent to your registered email address. Open your email and click the activation link, and Congratulations! You're an official member!

*If you did not received an activation email, we can resend it using this link "Resend Activation Link"

• I did not get my activation email.

Here are the possible reasons why you would not receive your activation email:

   1. You entered your e-mail incorrectly so we sent the email to the wrong place.
   2. It may take a few minutes for the email to arrive.
   3. It may be in your bulk/spam folder.
   4. Your ISP (mail service) did not accept the email, thinking it was spam.

- We can resend it using this link "Resend Activation Link"
- Or sign up for a new account using a new username, and perhaps a different email address.
- Or wait for 24 hours until your pending account will be expired and deleted, then sign up again with the same username, and perhaps a different email address.

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• I've forgotten my Member password. Now what do I do?

You can use our Password Recovery feature, which is located beneath the login boxes on the Login page. The script will email the username and password to your registered email address.

• When I browse Filipino Sex Stories, I get pop-ads. Does Filipino Sex Stories use such ads?

Filipino Sex Stories does not use pop-up ads of any kind on our site.

• Does Filipino Sex Stories share my personal info?

We are very serious regarding your privacy, we will never share your personal information. Please read our privacy policy for more info.


• What are the Guidelines for submitting a story?

To submit a work to this site, you must agree that you have a permission or own the copyright to the submission or the material is not copyrightable, that you are or over 18 years old, and that it is legal to view adult material in your area. Writings about paedophilia and bestiality are strongly prohibited (except fantasy creatures like dragons, unicorns, werewolves, etc)

• If I submit a story to Filipino Sex Stories, do I still own the copyright?

Absolutely. You are simply granting us a non-exclusive right to publish your story.

• How do I submit a writing to Filipino Sex Stories?

- If you are not a member yet, sign up as a Filipino Sex Stories Member. Once you've done so, you can post your writings directly from "My Account" page.

Fill in the story title. Then, choose categories that most accurately reflects the content of your story. In the Tag section, separate each with comma (ie: lesbian, big boobs, ...). Then, type or paste your story into the text box. Voila! You've submitted your work!

- Or you can directly email an erotic story here.