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(Ewww) Moments with Division Manager

Submitted by on May 16, 2017 (9 days ago)
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I got promoted recently as Sales and Marketing Executive to Business Analyst Supervisor, same division within the company. I’ve been hearing that there will be a visitor next week from our head office in Canada. A task force was created to plan out the Executive’s 4-day itinerary, 6 days if counting would include the weekend of visiting some of Philippine’s best locations.

Most of the members of the task force were from my previous section in our division – Sales and Marketing. They were able to finalize the itinerary during their meeting Wednesday and announced the schedule before lunch Thursday. All our admins and support personnel had to adjust the week’s activities to give way to the said visit. What remained were priority projects with key accounts.

Part of the itinerary was a house party hosted by the GM. The event was by invitation only. Since our division is mostly operations and more than half of the team is deployed to clients, attendees from our division are mostly the Sales and Marketing Team, Admin Officers and Key Account Heads. I was surprised Friday morning when I received an invitation to this house party scheduled next Friday – the last day of official visit of the Canadian Executive. I learned that my co-Business Analyst Supervisors were not invited and that it was our Division Manager’s decision. Even the Admin Officers and Key Account Heads are intrigued thinking of it as a sort of favouritism by the Division Manager....

Perstaym (Shaved)

Submitted by on May 14, 2017 (11 days ago)
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Perstaym (Shaved)Perstaym... Di ko mapigilang matawa sa sarili ko tuwing maaalala ko yung unang beses kong magshave. 2nd year college ako noon at nasa peak ng pagdiscover ng mga kung anik anik sa buhay at syempre kasama na dun ang sex and anything related to it. That time nakatira ako sa apartment with my sisses sa org sa skul. We are sooo close na we openly talk about our sex lives or sometimes the lack of it. MInsan nanonood kami ng porn together when all have the same vacant time and end up discussing what we have just seen,kung natry na ba namin un or kung ano ang feeling.

One time, we are talking about our hair down there. May isa akong sis na sabi nya ampresko daw sa pakiramdam kapag shaved tska ang "cute" daw tingnan kasi nga kalbo at higit sa lahat nag eenjoy daw si boyfie kaainin sya compared kapag may buhok sya dun. Dahil curious din ako, the next day bumili agad ako ng pang shave. So ayun eh di triny ko nga mag shave for the first time. Ang ganda! Aliw na aliw ako tingnan ang aking pempem na walang buhok for the first time. Ang sarap din sa pakiramdam.. presko at makinis. Excited kong tinext si bf at binalita na nagshave ako at syempre pa excited akong makita kung anong reaction nya pagnakita nya. Ang kaso may duty pa sya at end of week pa kami magkikita kpag ihahatid nya ako pauwi sa amin.

Ang hindi ko alam at bakit naman di ako winarningan ng magaling kong kaibigan na sa una lng pala sya masarap sa pakiramdam. Two days after kong maenjoy ang hairl...

Back Door Cleaning

Submitted by on May 12, 2017 (13 days ago)
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Hi fss,

I need suggestion to my problem, ang hubby ko ang lahat nagturo when it comes to sex and nakasanayan na naming na after sex is im going to give him a blow job to clean him and as an ending, kaso we are into anal sex na rin, after nya labasan sa puke ko gusto nya round 2 sa butas ng pwet ko pero hindi ko na sya na boblow job and hassle din na naghuhugas mpa sya in the middle of the night instead na matulog na lang kami.

Tuwing manonood kami sa net ng porn na may anal sex malinis ung butas nila they even give a blow job after it. Hindi man sabihin ng hubby ko na sana ganun din ako but I could tell, sana matulungan nyo ako..I want to surprise him this coming mother’s day kung aabot pa.


we are not using condom because we wanna feel the pleasure and the pain in my part.

Captain of My Heart

Submitted by on May 4, 2017 (21 days ago)
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Captain of My HeartI want to dedicate the stanza of this song to kapitan_asdf, the captain of my heart who captured my soul.

Sad Refrain by Ian Veneracion

Mem'ries of you follow
Everywhere I go
Down the high and
Bi-ways of my days
Music of your laughter
Fills my every dream
Like a love song
From long ago

Never ending streams
Of faces come and go
Million diff'rent
People all around
No use searching for
I'll never find you there
For you are f
ar beyond compare

Yes, Kap... you are far beyond compare. No one has ever caught my attention in the virtual world the way you did. I wish I were brave enough to tell you how I feel and let you know how much your existence matters to me. Please keep in mind that, somewhere in the real world, there's a happy creature who is very delighted because someone like you exist. Until next time my beloved captain....

My First International/Interracial FFM Skype Threesome

Submitted by on May 3, 2017 (23 days ago)
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My First International/Interracial FFM Skype ThreesomeHello again guys, it's me Tino. I'd like to share with you another of my strange experiences. Truth be told, this might not be interesting to a lot of you since it's just voice chat and not the "real thing" so to speak. Still, I'll say it's one of my more intense sexual experiences and, for those who want to know more, here's the story with key information removed for the sake of privacy. Also, I warn you that this will be very nerdy and weird.

It all began with a game of World of Warcraft. Yes, the MMORPG. After I graduated from college and got started on a life of my own, gaming was one of my only outlets of stress. While you could call the people I was around at work my friends, I could never really fully connect with them and found myself spending more time in front of a computer instead of watching teleseryes with my co-workers. Yes, I guess that'd make me a nerd but it really means nothing to me in the long run.

While playing WoW, I met two interesting friends: "Leah" and "Rose". "Leah" played as a Draenei Paladin, "Rose" had her Night Elf Druid and I was a Gnome Warlock. Yes, you're welcome to laugh but I like being funny that way. In fact, it was probably my odd sense of humor that endeared Leah and Rose to me.

We were part of an international guild that had players participating from all around the globe. Leah, a Canadian woman was probably one of the more popular players in the game due to her dedication to the g...

Virgin but Naughty and Wild @ 23

Submitted by on April 28, 2017 (27 days ago)
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I have a confession to make.. I just turned 23 this month. And napapaisip lang ako kung hanggang kailan ko iingatan ang virginity ko. Haha. Pero syempre gusto ko naman ibigay to dun sa karapatdapat. Nagkaboyfriend na ako pero isa palang, at di na nasundan. Di dahil sa di pa ako nakamoveon sa kanya pero siguro dahil gusto ko dun na sa tamang tao.

Actually, dun sa ex ko na yun may mga bus experience kami. May time na nilalamas lang nya boobs ko and kakapain yung keps ko habang basa na basa pero never ako nagpafinger. And never rin naman nya pinasok daliri nya doon. As in himas lang. Gentleman naman yun and hanggang ganun lang din naman gusto ko. Aaminin ko, muntik ng may mangyari sa amin nung one time na magisa lang kami sa apartment.

Medyo inosente pa kasi ako nun.. Kaya pala ayaw nya na kami lang maiiwan sa bahay ay dahil baka di sya makapagpigil. Ako naman, sobrang linis lang ng utak ko nun dahil alam ko magaaral lang kami. Hanggang sa naglalambing na sya para halikan ko. At yun nga siguro nasa 30 mins kaming nagtotorrid kissing. Yun yung unang beses na matagal kaming naghahalikan. Hanggang ako na nagsabi na kailngan na namin magreview uli.

May 6 hrs kasi kaming break nung araw na yun. So after magreview, we still have 3 hrs pa. Hinatak na naman nya ako para halikan sya, pero this time nakaibabaw na ako sa kanya habang sya nakaupo. Sobra yung laplapan namin, sarap na sarap sya sa halikan namin lalo na at sinisipsip ko yung toun...

Hindi Inaasahan

Submitted by on April 21, 2017 (1 month ago)
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kapag talaga libog umiral hirap na kontrolin hahahaha

isang gabi nakitulog ako sa isang kaibigan sakto din nakitulog din pala tito niya siguro nasa edad 45 tyrs old na..
habang kalaliman ang gabi bigla ako nakaramdam ngpagkawiwi. habangpababa ako my naririning ako ungol kala ko kung anu na nagulat ako nagnunuod ng porn ang tito ng kaibigan ko habang nagmamastarbate naramadam yata niya my nakatingin kaya napalingon siya bigla tinago niya ung tarugo niya.. ako naman sabay talikod diretso Cr aminado ako naginit ako bigla habang naghuhugas ako ng aking keps hindi ko pala nalock ung pinuntuan biglang pumasok ung tito niya na nakahubad na ung short.. nagulat ako hindi ko alam kung anu gagawin ko.

ako: tito bakit po
tito: nag enjoy ka ba sa pinapanuod mo kanina ( sabay hawak sa tarugo ) pwede mo hawakan sarap naman puke mo walang bulbol
ako: ( shetnakabukaka pala ako )

sabay lapit sakin si tito sabay hawak sa puke hindi ko napigilan sarap niya humgod ng kamay niya habang nilalaro ung tinggil napabuka talaga ako lalo... sabay taas ng damit ko sakto n wala ako bra.

tito: taena laki ng suso mo talaga sabay sipsip dila sa kalwat kanan ngsuso ko
ako: ahh tito sarap sige pa po
tito: malaibog ka pala?
ako: matagal na po kasi ako walang kantot aminado ako namimiss ko na to

sabay buka sa dalawa kong hita sabay dila sa puke at sipsip sa tinggil

sarap sarap kumain ng matana na un hahahaha kaso wala...

Sex Bucketlist #4: Sex with a Foreigner

Submitted by on April 18, 2017 (1 month ago)
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This is a series of real sexcapades that i dare did with the sex bucketlist I have with my bestfriend.  We have 10 in the list and this is the 4th in the list.

Sex Bucketlist #4: Sex with a Foreigner - it should be full bloodied foreigner and not half with filipino lineage.

This happened about a few years ako.  I was 23 at that time and this was the time na I would make tambay sa casino.  Although kasama ko tita ko usually, di naman ako palaging naka dikit sa kanya.  It is given na marami talagang mga foreigner na pumupunta sa casino and during those time, marami na ring mga koreano na naglalaro dun.

Koreans love their own.  They love their local brands.  They come in groups and they are rowdy specially kung marami sila.  I was in a bacarat table and it was full with other people standing.  There were a group of koreans there na sinuswerte at ang ingay nila.  Mga 7 sila 5 girls at 2 boys.  I was sitting next to them and kung ano pinustahan nila dun na rin ako.  The korean guy next to me caught my attention.  Kamukha nya yung guy sa koreanovela Lovers in Paris.  Sumabay na rin ako sa swerte nila.  Kung saan sila pumupusta ay dun na rin ako. Kami na lahat sinuswerte.  Para na kaming close kasi nag high five na kami, sabay na kami tumatawa.  Malaki na rin napanalunan ko and kasi hindi ako ganun ka risk taker, nag stop na ako ng nanalo ako ng around 18k.  Bumalik ako sa tita ko and naka upo lang sya sa slot machine na nilalaro nya...

Gangbang Experience

Submitted by on April 16, 2017 (1 month ago)
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Gangbang ExperienceSo eto na nga, para sa mga nagrerequest, ikkwento ko na ang experience ko of fucking 4 guys at the same time. Nagkakalabuan na kami ng bf ko so i have now time to share with you my story.

Ako ulit si Danna, 22, this happened 2 months ago. Ininvite ako ng bestfriend ko na si KC para sa isang reunion with our highschool classmates sa probinsya namin. Agad naman akong pumayag dahil saktong uuwi din naman ako sa amin, at para makita na rin si KC at ang mga hs friends ko. Overnight daw at sa bahay ni KC ang venue, madalas din akong natutulog don kaya di na bago sa akin. So ayun na nga, dumating na ung araw, so nakita ko na ung mga hs classmates ko non, pero laging gulat ko na bakit kami lang dalawang babae ang nandito, at ung mga lalakeng classmates ko ang meron.

Wala naman akong naisip pa nung una bakit ganon, ang sabi lang sa akin ni KC ay di raw makakarating ang mga classmates naming mga babae dahil may work sila. Comfortable naman ako dahil mga close ko rin naman ung mga guys eh, ganoon din naman si KC. Dahil malapit lang sa beach ang bahay nila KC, doon kami nagpalipas ng araw, kumain, nagkwentuhan, naligo, pero sa ngayon bawal ang alak.

Kahit mga boys kasama namin ay comfortable naman kami magsuot ng 2 piece, bahala na silang pagnasahan kami, total hanggang tingin lang naman sila hehe. At ang lagi kong kakwentuhan ay si Julius, ang aking hs crush, hindi ko boyfriend, pero aaminin ko may nangyari sa amin one time sa bahay nila nung highschool...

Ginalingan ang Pagpapanggap

Submitted by on April 11, 2017 (1 month ago)
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Ang kwentong ito ay base sa totoong pangyayari pero walang skin to skin contact.

Tawagin nyo na lang ako sa pangalang Alex(hindi totoong pangalan) 27yrs old, may asawa at isang anak, isa ako sa mga lalaking may tinatagong kapilyuhan kahit na masaya ang pagsasama naming mag asawa.

Nag umpisa ang pangyayaring ito noong November 2016, matagal na kong miyembro ng isang
dating site pero di ako gaanong active, naisipan ko lang sumilip ulit doon sa dating site na yun dahil mag isa lang ako sa bahay ng time na yun dahil dayoff ko at sobrang boring ko ng time na yun. Inupdate ko lahat ng info ko at syempre yung picture hindi ko nilagay ang sarili kong mukha.

Habang nag bbrowse ako sa site, nag ppm ako sa mga babae ng mga kalokohan at kabastusan, nagulat ako ng makita ko picture ng asawa ko, syempre di ko sya pinadalhan ng message na nakakabastos, nag pm ako sa kanya at agad naman syang sumagot, ng time na yun nasa office ang asawa ko kaya nagtaka ako, inisip ko baka breaktime nya kaya sya nakakasagot sa message ko, single daw sya at syempre ako din single kunwari.

Ayun nga habang lumalalim na ang usapan namin, nagpalitan kami ng number, di alam ng asawa ko meron akong simcard na pang kalokohan kaya ayun ang binigay kong number sa kanya, ang simcard na to ay libre lang dahil sa binili kong bagong smartphone.
Naisahan ko asawa- bulong ko sabi ko sa sarili ko, pero ang binigay nyang number sakin ay iba, kaya nag taka ako bat ibang n...

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