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Fates: Chapter 1

Submitted by on June 7, 2018 (16 days ago)
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A/N:Hey guys for credits I bases this story on a game called fatehaven(good game trust me) and since I was mind blown by its ending I decided to make it a story in FSS with the usual Smut ;) anyway this is PURE ENGLY so if you have trouble reading English well this ain t for you. Comments highly encouraged enjoy XD

Narrator's POV

Our story begins in the humble village of Eldminton, simple and friendly the village has lots of wooden houses to represent the villages simplicity in architecture some huts even have straw roofs, very bad for rainy weather I must say, what do you think?. I know breaking the fourth wall by speaking to you the reader is against the rules but I love a good chat or two

Reader:Just get on the Damn story!

Oh yes alright we now got to the house of our protagonist, Arthur Donell a young 20 year old lad living in a houshous e with his parents and 7 siblings tough time for you Arthur. They aren't rich or even well fed they are one of the many people in the village that lives with the forest. Why? They are hunters and arrows are their lifeline. His father Roy was a great hunter but he is getting older and being the eldest son he is being trained by his father how to hunt to sustain his family, Arthur is not that happy,he wants to learn and go to school instead of shooting dears in the forest. Thats why almost everywhere he has his hands on a book. His mother never liked th...

Professor Mylene: Chapter IV - Taboo

Submitted by on June 7, 2018 (16 days ago)
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Professor Mylene: Chapter IV - TabooHabang natutulog si Mylene sa Clinic at nagbabasa ng libro si Gale sa canteen sa baba ng Y Building ay nagkakaruon ng matinding init ang dalawang makapatid na Professor sa isang madilim na silid sa X Building. Sina Professor Coleen G. Lee at Professor Myles G. Ocampo

Coleen: Ahhhh shiiit ang sarap! Uhhhh! Diinan mo pa ahhhh mmmmmmmpph . . .
Ungol ni Coleen sa ginawa sa kanya ni Myles.

Pinagpatuloy ni Myles ang paglamas sa suso ng kanyang ate.

Coleen: Ohhh hmmmm ohhh mmmmmmmm. . .

Habang nilalamas niya ang malulusog na suso ng kanyang ate ay hinahalikan nito ang likuran nito.

Tsup tsup tsuuup. . .
Tunog ng bawat halik ni Myles sa likod ni Coleen.

Dahan-dahang gumapang ang bawat halik ni Myles sa likod ng kanyang ate papunta sa balikat at leeg nito. At sabay taas baba ang pag lamas sa malulusog na suso ng kanyang ate habang kinakalikot ang mga utong nito.

Tsuup, tsup, tssuuppp. . .


Halos mabaliw si Coleen sa ginagawa ni Myles sa kanyang mga sensitibong at malulusog na suso. Sa sobrang sarap ng kanyang nararamdaman ay lumingon ito sa likod at inilabas ang kanyang dila. Agad-agad naman hinalikan ni Myles ang kanyang ate.

Hmmmmm ahhhh sluuurph sluurp sluuurp hmmm. . .
Tunog na mapusok nilang laplapan.

Habang lamas pa din ng kaliwang kamay...

Space Adventures CH.1:The Crate.

Submitted by on May 4, 2018 (1 month ago)
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reminder first time ko po so medyo di pa ko sanay and this will also be my very first story so bear with me especially typos, anyway since chapter 1 wala muna akong masyado g sexual scenes since medyo ibubuild ko ung setting ng world
Ung lang and I hope you guys enjoy.😊
Edward Marshall was just waking up from his cozy bed and mostly due to the irritating sound of his alarm clock. He looks around..may 12 2089 standard time is 7:45.hmmmmmmm

SHIT! He has something VERY important to do by 8:15, "dammit dammit shit!" Edward said running downstairs with haste and a bit of panic he hurriedly removed his panjamas and stepped in the showers, he has a mascular body,5" 9 tall, he has a bit of muscle but dosent show em off he didn't really like attention.he also had a pretty long cock about 8 inches and he had a hint of abs. And neat hair plus his blue eyes.

"sir incoming call" a robotic voice said. "put it through James" he said. James was his ever loyal AI buddy.everyone had one now.when he is at home James would assign robot cleaners to do chores. He can plug his phone in the one of the many AI ports so he can let James go with him.he was pretty much like cortana in halo, no rampancy of course he was quite intelligent. And very human he was Edwards best pal. He better, him alone cost Edward 800,000. And his system worth 200,000. Edwards best pal costs a million.

Fortunately,it was easy to gain a millio...

Room. 34B (Part 3)

Submitted by on April 24, 2018 (1 month ago)
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After mag work-out ni Ivan nagsimula na sya mag plano.

I need some contingency plan. sabi ni Ivan sa sarili nya.

First, I need food ready to go I don't think staying in our house will be a good idea, maybe staying for about two months after a possible outbreak will be good but after that I need to move. Constantly moving is the best way I can think of surviving.

8:00 am
Hanbang nagiisip si Ivan, may mga pangyayari nagaganap sa may Pier ng Maynila. Isang barko na naglululan ng isang container na may pamilya na pumuslit mula Mindanao ang dumaong.

*thud* thud* clenggg* .... Tunog ng container habang binababa ito sa barko.

Mga anak maghanda na kayo. sabi ni Ernesto sa mga anak nya.

Opo tay! ani naman ni Jam at Jessy.

*cough* *cough*. ubo ni Ernesto sa may panyo nito at nakita nya may dugo.

Tay! Kamusta nag ubo nyo? ani ni Jessy sa amang nanghihina

*cough* Okay lang ako anak. sabi ni Ernesto sa nag-aalalang anak.

Si Ernesto isang Padre de Pamilya ng Pamilyang Ortega, isang butihing ama at asawa. Si Jessy anak ni Ernesto maganda, morena at makinis ang balat nito at may taas na 5'5.Ito ay mag didisinuwebe sa Disyembre panganay na anak ni Ernesto. Jam nakababatang kapatid ni Jessy di ka-gwapuhan ngunit matangos ang ilong at may tangkad na 5'3. Ang nanay nila Jam at Jessy ay namatay dahil sa impeksyon ito ay isa sa mga unang nahawaan ng MSEV sa Mindanao at kasama s...

The Visitor, Finale

Submitted by on April 23, 2018 (2 months ago)
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The Visitor, FinaleThe following morning I was up and out just as the sun was starting to peek out. The barrio was quiet except for the roosters. This time of year, the farmers didn't have to get up quite so early. I washed and tried to do something with my hair, something to disquise the stupid pixie haircut mama ko always gave me. It would make me look like a little girl forever, or worse, a little boy... with my skinny body. How I wanted long beautiful, luxurious hair like other Pinay!

Anyway time was important, and I couldn't waste any. I threw on a fresh flowery cotton panty, a pair of plaid shorts, and a simple spaghetti-strap top that I usually wore as an undergarment. I topped it off with a pair of yellow rubber flip-flops from the bargain bin at the market. There was no point in putting on any special clothes. For that matter, I didn't have any even if I wanted to. I was hoping what I had would be enough. My heart raced as I ran to the secret spot, the intersection of the two paths.

I waited and waited. It seemed like an hour but it was probably only a few minutes. "He's not coming today", I thought.  I was disappointed. I felt like I could not live any longer without that guy's dick in my mouth. I shivered at how naughty (and sarap!) that thought was. Just then, I heard his running shoes hitting the dirt. I dropped to my knees in the center of the path and waited.

Soon he was before me! My heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest! 

The Visitor, Part 3

Submitted by on April 23, 2018 (2 months ago)
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The Visitor, Part 3That night, besides being horny,  my thoughts centered around how to get him to stop. I didn't want another embarrassing encounter like I had that morning. I didn't want to embarrass him either, or cause him to wonder what the heck I am doing in the field at first light in the morning. There had to be a way to be obvious. If I am subtle, he won't notice and it would be awkward. If I'm blatant, than it will still be awkward, but at least I have a chance of getting my goal... hmmm.

But what should that goal be?  I really didn't want to fuck the guy. I mean, I wouldn't want to break his family. And I was programmed by society that I am not supposed to give myself to anyone who is not going to be in my life forever. Old-fashioned, right? I don't apologize for that. It may be old and traditional, but I believed it. In many ways, I still do.  So... fucking the guy is out of the question. So then, what is it I'm after? What do I hope to achieve? I really must be going crazy.

Maybe I just want him to notice me. Maybe it's just attention from a handsome man?  Is that all?  I thought about it for a while and came to a conclusion. No, that isn't all.  That's just the start. I could have his attention all day and night, but I need something more. I want his body and I want to give him mine. Maybe not all of it, but I will gladly give him what I can right now. Above all, I want to make him happy. I want to blow his fucking mind, I want him to be so damn content...

Room 34B (Part 2)

Submitted by on April 22, 2018 (2 months ago)
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Well bois! What can we do? Malayo naman sa Manila ang Mindanao. There's nothing to worry about. sabi ko.

Plus the government is working out to supress it. dagdag ko pa.

Kriiingg! Kriiingg! May tumatawag sa phone ni Mike.

Si mama! sabi ni Mike.

Hello po ma? Bakit po kayo napatawag? kausap ni mike ang mama nya sa phone.

Opo nandito po ako sa bahay nila Ivan, naglalaro po kami. Po? Sige po mama. biglang malungkot na sagot ni mike sabay baba ng phone.

So ano nangyari? tanong ni Carlo

Si mama kasi pinapauwe ako dahil sa Flash News pati ikaw Carlo pinasasabay ka na ng mama. malungkot na tugon ni Mike sa amin.

What? Bakit naman ganun it's just a simple matter wala pa naman sa Manila ang sakit ah? medyo inis na tugon ni Carlo.

Oh man! Too bad, but I think you need to go. Maybe they are just worried, come on! Cheer up man! May nest time pa naman. pampalubag loob ko na tugon sa kanila.

Okay sige uwe na kami Ivan. Thank you sa libre mo ahh! ngisi na sabi ni Mike.

Putangina mo! Anong libre? Utang yun HAHAHAHAHA! sabi ko sa kanya.

Well Ivan! tanggap naman namin naghihirap ka na! HAHAHHAHAHAHA! dagdag ni Carlo.

After 30 minutes nagpack up na sila and umalis na nag book sila ng Grab.

Hayst! Magisa nanaman ako dito sa bahay. Dami pang kalat na iniwan ng mga mokong! inin na banggit ko.

Maya't maya pa nilinis ko na ang bahay tinap...

Sa Nayon - Part 4

Submitted by on April 20, 2018 (2 months ago)
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Sa Nayon - Part 4... Pagpapatuloy

Nagising nalang si Noel hapon na pala, nawala na ang 3 diwata na kanina lang ay katabi pa nya sa paghiga. Nagbihis na ito at bumalik sa kanilang bahay. Itinago niya parin sa ibang tao ang kanyang naging karanasan.

Sumunod na linggo idinaos ang fiesta ng baryo ni Noel, bumaha ang alak at puno ng pagkain ang mga mesa. Madaming taga baryo na dumalo, dito nasilayan ni Noel si Selya. Di mawari ni Noel kung bakit ngayon niya lang napansin ang kagandahan ng dalaga sa liit ng kanilang baryo. Buong gabi niya itong pinagmasdan habang tuloy tuloy ang pag inum nito ng alak.

Lumalim na ang gabi at dahan dahan na nagsiuwian ang mga taga baryo, nakita ni Noel na naglakad pabundok si Selya, at naisipan nyang sundan ito. Ayaw niya mapansin ng dalaga ang pagsunod niya kaya patago siyang sumunod dito.  Napadaan si Selya sa hilera ng mga puno, at pagdating nito sa isang matanda at malaking puno ng mangga biglang napatigil ito, nangilabot siya at tumayo ang kanyang balahibo. Dahan dahan lumingon pataas sa sanga ng puno dito niya nasilayan ang dalawang malaking pulang mata na umiilaw sa kadiliman. Bigla siyang nabalot ng usok na mula sa taas ng puno at nawalan siya ng malay.

Nakita ni Noel ang pagtumba ng dalaga pagkatapos mabalot ng usok, lalapitan na sana ng binata si Selya ngunit nakita niya ang pag baba ng hugis ng tao mula sa puno ngunit hindi normal ito. Mula sa kalayuan tantya nya nasa sampu o dose talampakan ang tangkad nito. "K...


Submitted by on April 20, 2018 (2 months ago)
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Woaaahh! Look at that boobs 36 E! Damn son. sabi ni Ivan sa isip nya habang tinitigan ang babae sa may kalye gamit ang binoculars nya.

Sayang! Kung di ka lang infected pwede ka na sana ehh. pagbubuntunghininga na habol ni Ivan.<br>

Ako nga pala si Ivan 19 years old, 5'10 maitim pero slim and mascular naman ang katawan kaya nga minsan nagpagkakamalan na black american descendant ako. And I live in this fuck up world of mordere, or zombies para sa iba kaso malaki ang pagkakaiba nila. Ipaliwanag ko sa inyo mamaya pero ipaliwanag ko muna kung paano to nagsimula.

3 days ago magkakasama kami ng tropa ko sa bahay namin dito sa pasig at naglalaro kami ng PUBG magiisang linggo na rin kaming ganito pa deliver ng pagkain tapos laro at wala pa masyadong tulog. Wala naman kasi sina mama at papa. Si mama ofw nagtratrabaho sa US habang naman si Papa seaman kaya karaniwan na ako lang magisa sa bahay pero nung bata pa ako kasama ko si lola kaso nung mag 18 ako bigla na lang syang inatake sa puso at ayun ako na lang magisa dito sa bahay kaya pwedeng pwede ang tropa sa bahay.

Oy! Guys can you just shut the fuck up I'll clutch this game bois! sigaw ni Mike habang nagcoconcentrate dahil sya na lang ang buhay sa team namin.

Lol! I bet on my mother that you will lose HAHAHAHAHAHA! sabi ko naman.

Ilang beses mo na sanabi sa amin yan na ipapanalo mo yung game. Pasong paso na boi yung sinasabi mo. ani naman ni carlo


Uling Girl

Submitted by on April 17, 2018 (2 months ago)
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The man was in the back of his car, working on his laptop. Abruptly, the driver stopped for traffic. The man looked out the window and into the eyes of the girl. She was sitting on a pile of charcoal, making small pieces out of big ones with a large chopping knife. She was filthy, her clothes were little more than rags and what he could see of her skin was blackened with charcoal. The man noted her eyes, there was something there. Just then, the vehicle began moving and the man went back to his work.

The girl had a hard life. She was sold to her current owner many years ago as a small child. At first, she washed the owner’s clothes. The owner and his wife beat her until she learned how to do it to their satisfaction. Later on, the owner fucked her at night, and not gently either. The owner’s wife pretended not to notice but then she would beat her the next day. Worse, lately they made her do the worst job, bagging charcoal for sale. And worse yet, the owner’s son had taken to fucking her at his whim. And when it couldn’t get any worse, the owner’s son’s friends began fucking her too, especially after drinking. Sometimes they took turns, and sometimes 2 or 3 of them would do it to her at once, choosing which hole they wanted and going at it. The girl obeyed and submitted to whatever they wanted from her, because inside she was almost dead. She no longer cared what happened to her.

The next morning the man returned. He bought the girl...

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