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From Story to Movie

Submitted by on July 21, 2016 (7 months ago)
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Just wondering:

Halimbawang isa kang ang movie producer or director na nagkainteres na gawing pelikula ang isa sa mga stories dito (sex themed or otherwise):

1. Sinong writer at anong kwento ang pipiliin mo?
2. Sinong artista ang nai-imagine mong gaganap sa mga characters ng story at bakit siya ang napili mo?
3. Anong title ang ibibigay mo doon sa movie adaptation (if ever)?...

Not An Affiliate of FSS

Submitted by on July 15, 2016 (7 months ago)
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To All The Members:

It has come to our attention that some of the stories submitted here in FSS are being copied and posted in another site (www.pinoykwento.com).

Please be aware that Pinoy Kwento is NOT, in any way, affiliated with FSS.

All our affiliates follow a unique pattern wherein only 90% of the post content is available to the readers. The remaining 10% can be accessed by clicking the "Read More" link found at the bottom of each post. Any reader who clicks on that link will be redirected to www.filipinosexstories.com where they need to sign up (for new users) or login (for existing members).

Furthermore, all our affiliates show the stories with their original authors, in the same way as these are posted here in FSS. We do NOT use the byline "admin" on any article that is not written originally by the admin.

To All Our Valued Authors:

We apologize for this inconvenience but as of yet, there is no absolute solution of making your posts non-copiable. Even if we disable the conventional "select-copy-and-paste" feature, a lot of ways can still be done by anyone who wants to plagiarize your literary works.

Thank you for posting your stories here in FSS. We truly value your efforts.

We do hope that these incidents of plagiarism won't affect your enthusiasm in sharing your stories with us.

To everyone, thank you for supporting our site. Your co...

Plagiarism of stories

Submitted by on July 15, 2016 (7 months ago)
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Dear Admin/s of FSS,

Kindly do something about write ups authored and posted articles here at fss for it is being flagiarize by a certain website www.pinoykwento.com.

Hope you do something about this for the sake of authors posting here....

Top 5 na Mailap na Members ng FSS na Gusto Mong Maka-Date

Submitted by on July 2, 2016 (7 months ago)
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Katuwaan lang.. Upgraded Version ng Blog ni Anaxarette..

Top 5 na Mailap na members ng FSS na Gusto mong Maka-Date at Bakit?.. Jackpot na yung maka usap sila..hahaha..yun ang bongga dun :)...

To Go or Not Go Out with Ex-Jowa

Submitted by on July 2, 2016 (7 months ago)
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Hi everyone,

I just want to get your opinion of what to do when you’re in this particular awkward situation:

I had an ex-bf which is married now and our break-up five years ago was not really that good. In short, there was no closure. We parted ways and cut the ties right away. * communications after that. So, I remain single but moved on already.

I’ve got two questions for both men and women:

1. What if you accidentally bumped with your former bf/gf in the mall then invite you to have coffee?

2. What if he/she’s with the wife/husband, what will you do?

As for the first question, I would say yes to the coffee invitation with the hope of assessing myself kung okay na ba ako or hindi pa. It’s my chance to challenge myself na I’m fine kahit walang closure because, basically, no closure is what happening in real life and sometimes, we should accept that and move on. 

If my former partner is with the wife and he greeted me, I’d say hi or hello. Greetings lang naman ‘yon and no need to be sour about it or iwasan. I guess it is called maturity on my part.

All answers/opinions are very much welcome.

Thank you. :)...

May Asawang Babae 10 Years No Sex, Pwede?

Submitted by on June 30, 2016 (7 months ago)
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May mga ganoong bang mga babe? Thanks...

FSS How To Basics for Newbies and Old-Timers Alike

Submitted by on June 18, 2016 (8 months ago)
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How To Upload Picture for Profile and Chatroom

1. Go to Home Page
2. Click My Account located on the upper right part of the page.
3. Click My Profile on the upper left of the Account page.
4. In My Profile page click Choose File button
5. A window will open, locate and select the preferred picture on your computer and click
Open button.
6. Click Save Changes button at the bottom of the My Profile page.


How to Join FSS Chatroom

1. Click link as shown above
2. Read the Rules
3. And click Open "Members Lobby" Chat Room button


How to Post Images in the Chatroom Lobby and in Private (Whisper)

1. Open any imagehosting site (in this case I use postimg.org because it's easy and simple to
use). So open postimg.org sa isang tab or browser.
2. Click Upload and locate the image sa computer and click Open button


Random Rumble Thoughts.

Submitted by on June 16, 2016 (8 months ago)
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Yo, just wanna share what I am thinking right now.
After 26 yrs of existence so far. I realize.that, everything I have right now is what I exactly deserve not a bit less not a bit more
and also all of them are the results of my choices.

For example, nasa isang bar ka, and you see this hot chick on the club, what would you do.?
other say, may boyfriend n yan for sure, or others will be just in awe or na stun na sa ganda nya thinking
sarap neto, others will make a move on her, trying to get to know her to get in her pants

pero balik naman tayo, why am I saying this. For what reason,
For what nga ba.
Maybe it's because ive been listening to different people about how they see life.
and I realized they are right and most of them are telling me of things they wish they did
and I realized ulit of the things I wish I did,

like there was this crush of mine during college, crush na crush ko sya, but I did nothing, I just sat there at a distance just looking at her kung lalapit man sya, kahit hi lng nauutal pa ako. kung may oppurtunity man na magkakausap kami I just kept it short kasi ayaw ko mapahiya. until she had a boyfriend na. sakit nun men. and then after so many years mga 4 lng naman. I later thought she was in to me too. pero now d na pwede cause shes married and well ako in a relationship na. So I have this what if sa utak ko and also the word sayang.

haaayy.. things would be differen...

How it feels to be an FSS member

Submitted by on June 16, 2016 (8 months ago)
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It's been more than a week since my stay here sa FSS.

So far, naenjoy ko ang stay ko dito.

Makukulit na chatmates.
Magagaling na writers.
Nakakalibog na stories.

So I took my chances to write. There were a few who responded. And hanggang ngayon, on the hunt pa ako sa mga nagPM sakin. Wahahaha.

Then I came to realize na maybe, this was a place I can open my deepest, darkest desires. And my lustful side has found its place here.

For someone as young as me, I may not be able to understand everything about sex. But what I do know, is that there is an animal inside of us. The more we deny it, the more it tries to break free. I do not want that impulse to be inhibited. I believe that the more I try to suppress it, it will only lead me to make unnecessary choices; for instance, trying to engage my cousin, or anyone I set my eyes to.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon this site, and thankfully, I found a place to let all my sexual desires out. Naging training grounds ko din to for making a good story (I can settle with poems and essays, but stories? Not so much), and madami akong naencounter dito na mababait at makukulit na tao sa chatroom.

This is definitely, what I can say, is yet another place I can call home.

P.S. Now I know why I can't send some messages to some members here. Be sure to enable to accept private messages for all members, kaya siguro di makasend ng messages is because you h...

Trade Places

Submitted by on June 15, 2016 (8 months ago)
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Hi naisip ko lng to, marami narn kasi ang kaso ng mga babaeng na UTI Umibig, Tinira tapos Iniwan. Pano kaya pag nag trade places, Kami namn ang paasahin, paibigin tapos ibibigay namin sarili at katawan namin tapos bigla nyo lng kaming iwan. haha What if lng nman...

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