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Short Note to Myself

Submitted by on March 17, 2018 (3 months ago)
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Don't hate life just because it gives you tough situation like this.
It is only its way to prepare you for something better that you truly deserve.

So don't think that just because it happens to you for the second time would mean that there has a problem in you, no dear. Believe me, it happens to anyone.

Before the right man for you finds you, you have to be the right woman for him first. And in order for you to be "The One," getting hurt is inevitable as you will encounter people that will almost answer your question of, "Is he the one?" and yet none of them could stand tall and prove himself to you: leaving you hanging, unwanted, questioning your whole being, and the such.

That's when the cycle begins, until someone enters your life and turn that cycle into something extraordinary and makes your life different. Then maybe, just maybe, this one is the one you're looking for.
Don't beg for someone's attention, young lady. Don't settle for something temporary. Remove yourself from a relationship that has no such thing as "label." You deserve a man with substance who will make you his priority, his choice not an option.

Rest your mind now, please.

Don't. Overthink. Again.

Most of all, you deserve to take a rest from all of these shts....

Shared Girlfriend

Submitted by on February 28, 2018 (3 months ago)
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Good evening, mag tatanong lang sana ako kung saan sa QC may spa na nag o-offer ng sensual massage. Ipapa sensual massage ko kasi si GF. Nag hahanap kami ng spa and hihingi na din sana ako ng tip sa inyo, paano ba dapat gawin?

Kausapin ang receptionist for extra service / sensual massage for my GF or ang masseur ang kakausapin?

Gusto sana namin ni GF nasa loob ako ng room habang nag papa massage siya, at manood habang minamasahe siya. Pwede ba iyun?

Let's avoid Plagiarism

Submitted by on February 23, 2018 (3 months ago)
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Let's avoid PlagiarismTo everyone,

Let's avoid plagiarising other peoples work, Hindi kayo mag mumukhang magaling if i copy paste nyo lang stories from other sites. 

Sa tingin nyo ba me ma attract kayo ng opposite sex dito if mag post kayo ng story? 

Mapapahiya lang kayo if me ibang member mag call out sa inyo.

It's better to write your own story that steal other people's work.

Thanks :D 

May Muta Ka

Submitted by on February 10, 2018 (4 months ago)
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Blog note:

Striking poetry for me is always thought provoking. However there is sweet side also to this, which is the comedic side. I know, I know.... only two sides of the coin, right; tragic or comic.

But let's not be so technical.

The contect is always the more important aspect of poetry.

I have been writing poetry since I started to read, well... almost, I think; and I have read and studied so many that I start to see them more clearly now than before. Or maybe I think I do.

Well one point is, that over the years, one would develop a preference. You know, a style of some sort or theme if you would like to call it that.

And one of my fave is funny poetry.

It's funny, and the irony makes it even more funnier.

And so, without further ado, let's see what I'm talking about...

This is...

May Muta Ka
by Pepe-007

Pag gising sa umaga at may muta ka,

Ibig sabihin ba ay masarap ang tulog mo.

O baka naman nakatulog ka sa kaka-iyak,

Dahil iniwan ka ng jowa mo.

Maari bang naluha ka lang sa tuwa,

Kasi ang sarap ng lechon na nilantakan mo.

O di kaya’y binangungot ka lang at napagod,

Sa kakahabol sa’yo ng maligno.

Nakakatuwang isipin kumbakit magtutubig ang mata mo,...

Thoughts of You

Submitted by on February 9, 2018 (4 months ago)
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May mga taong dadaan sa parehong landas nating tinatahak. Yung iba papakiligin ka, kukulitin ka, gagawin kang gago, manghihimasok sa mundo mong well-reserved. Pero hindi sila mag sstay forever. Aalis sila minsan ng walang paalam o kaya aalis kapag na fulfill na nila ang pantasya nila tapos kunwari di ka na kilala. Kung aalis sila, hayaan mo. Pakawalan mo. Let them walk ayaw from you. Tapangan mo na para bang kalaban mo ang mundo. Ganon talaga, people come and go.

Tarantado lang talaga ang tadhana paminsan pero di mo yun kasalanan. Kung nagbigay ka ng sobra sobra, hayaan mo na. Basta bukas at sa susunod sana di lang ikaw ang palaging dehado kasi you deserve to get a piece of what you have given. Sana di lang "enough" yung makuha mo kasi you deserve something big and something worth waiting for.

Wala, wala akong pinaglalaban. Sobrang dami ko lang talagang nilabhan....


Submitted by on February 8, 2018 (4 months ago)
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Minsan sa buhay natin dumating tayo sa punto na nakagawa tayo ng kasalanan na hindi natin gustong gawin. Hindi tayo aware na ganun pala ang kakalabasan. Para ito sa taong sobrang special sa akin na sinira ko ang tiwala nya lahat dahil sa sobrang kasalanan na nagawa ko na hindi ko inisip ang pwedeng mangyare. Alam mo na kung sino ka pero sana andito kapa.

Si A-----
        Di ko alam kung pano maguumpisa. Di ko alam kung mababasa mo pa to kasi di kana masyadong napupunta dito. Nag take chances na din ako since dito tayo unang nakakilala. Its been 2 years na siguro nung una kitang nakilala. Sobrang bait mo nung una kitang inapproach. Di ko akalain na may makikilala ako na gaya mo. Kaso sobrang g*go ko at nawala ako bigla. Huling usap natin nung pasko pa nung binati kita ng Merry Christmas. Pero yung totong usap talaga siguro mga September pa. Ako na siguro yung sobrang g*go na tao sa mundo para biglang mawala at di mag paramdam sayo. Hindi mo deserve masaktan kasi sobra na yung nangyare sayo, dumagdag pa ako. Ilan ulit ko man sabihin na patawad pero huli na. Kasi sinasambit lang naman natin ang salitang patawad kung kelan huli na. Nagawa ko yung kasalanan. Ilang ulit ko man sabihin na patawad ngunit huli na hindi kita maabot. Akoy nagdarasal na sabihin mo saking pwede pa. Pangako ko sayo hindi kana mabubuhay sa pangamba na mawawala pa ako. Alam kong busy tayo parehas sa work. Lalo kana dalawa pa work mo. Panigurado kapag uuwi ka nanaman itinutulog mo nalang....

Who’s Counting?

Submitted by on February 3, 2018 (4 months ago)
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Gents and ladies, I have a few questions I’m hoping you could help me with:

1. For the men, does it bother you if your woman has had quite a few sexual partners? Say more than 5. Or is this not an issue at all?

2. Ladies, do you tell your men honestly how many guys you’ve already slept with?

3. Do you think we owe it to our partners to tell them the truth or is that something we should keep to ourselves?

Thanks in advance for your insights. :)...


Submitted by on January 30, 2018 (4 months ago)
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In a matter of days the wind blows cold. I dunno why maybe its because of signs of time, that the polar Ice caps are starting to melt so the breeze is now getting colder. Spring is comming, a new sign of life and a beggining of a new journey will start. Developments in the last quarter is about to end, some will continue some will end. In the panoramic view nothing really changed, only the names of the people, the faces and the voices but nothing changed. In some cosmic phoenomena, the circle still stays closed and nothing ever intercepts at any point of its orbit. We may see another heavenly body and see potential clash but the route is not the same. 

Now, the frigidness in the wind is chilling down to the bones. nothing did change but the temparature. The burning sensations and desires wallow and die beneath the coldness of the earth. Possibly the the carnation and snowdrops will now wither and the garnet surrounding it will be covered in dirt to give way for the violets and primrose to bloom above the amethyst. I just hope that the road is going be richer before the lily of the valley blooms together with the hawthorne plant beside the emerald road.

When emptiness and shallowness of words can be deciphered by the eyes all the time, we shall see that nothing has even changed. We can hear whispers of sense in the air but then it all loses its meaning altogether the moment we stop to breathe. Bathe in light is the only way to rinse ourselves from the de...

New Storyteller

Submitted by on January 29, 2018 (4 months ago)
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Mga mambabasa ng FSS, ito malamang ang unang ipo-post ko dito. Sa totoo lang, hindi ako gaanong magaling sa pag-gawa ng erotica o mga kuwento tungkol sa sex. Nagsimula ako bilang isang manunulat ng creepypasta. Oo, nabasa niyo iyon ng tama, creepypasta talaga ang alam kong isulat. Iyong mga kuwentong "creepy" o nakakatakot at kung saan nanggaling si Slender Man.

Pero, kamakailan lamang, nagkaroon ako ng mga pantasya tungkol sa mga kakaiba at nakakalibog na engkuwentro na may halong konting "horror". Dito siguro nanggaling ang ideya ng "erotic horror" kung saan may mga elemento ng katatakutan tulad ng mga multo, bampira at demonyo sa isang kuwento tungkol sa sex. Maari mo sigurong gamiting halimbawa dito ang mga kuwento tungkol sa mga succubus at incubus na nagse-seduce ng mga tao para gawing biktima.

Sa tingin ko, napahaba ko masyado ang blog na ito kaya magsisimula na lang ako sa mga kuwento......

Hot Topic sa Chat

Submitted by on January 23, 2018 (4 months ago)
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disclaimer: all the things i wrote here are my personal prejudice based on factual events that happen to me and as well as factual data based on records found in the internet.

Isa sa mga maiinit na topics sa chat lately : nang iwan / iniwan || paasa // umasa || black and white // grey areas


sa mga balitaktakan sa chat room, hindi maiiwasan ang biruan at asaran, at sa isang adult site tulad ng FSS, kailangan naten ng mga open mindedness sa mga makakasalamuha naten. hindi sa lahat ng oras ay makakasundo naten ang ating kabalitaktakan at hindi sa lahat ng oras at kontra naten sila. so dumarating ang oras na talagang nghahanap tayo ng mga taong sadyang masaya lang tayo kausap kaya pinanganak ang alamat ni whispher. 

dahil sa alamat n whisper, ay marameng nang naging biktima ng "nang iwan at iniwan"  kaya ng karoon ng mga "paasa at umasa" sa mga dahilang "black and white at grey area"

so di lang naman eto nagyayare sa whisper, kahit sa pub chat nagyayare at higit sa lahat sa mga kanya kanya nateng pang araw araw na kabuhayan, eto ay nangyayare.

for me, we should rectify this problem by understanding the standpoints of the diversity of the people who comes here.

1: sexually frustrated people (tang ina ang magdeny tamaan ng kidlat)
2: people who had or still have heart problems (tang na tlga yung mga mg dedeny jan magulungan sana ng pison)

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