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Submitted by on April 20, 2018 (2 months ago)
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Bakit ganon? Ano bang mali sa chubby? 😔 2months na akong hindi inaano ni mister. Tigang na tigang na ako. Ako ba my mali oh siya na? Payo naman di ko na alam gagawin ko sa sex lfe namin 😔😔...

In A Slump

Submitted by on April 18, 2018 (2 months ago)
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It has been a long while since I was here again. Had to finish a lot of things, settle what needs to be settled. Nung huli kong check dito, I realized I had a lot of unfinished stories. I really want to continue on writing the next parts, but I am having a hard time trying to get back into writing. I've been losing motivation din recently, and I have not engaged even in a naughty conversation to get me fired up. I need some advice on how I can recover from this slump and writer's block. Any help would be highly appreciated.



Submitted by on April 15, 2018 (2 months ago)
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May nakita ako trailer ng isang movie. Katulad ng kwento ni sir fictio. Factory na fuck fiancee minus lang ng sex scenes. Ang title ng movie is sana dati starring paulo avelino and lovi poe. Ewan ko pero parehas yung plot ehh. Sana di naman sana kinopya lang yung gawa ni sir fiction factory.

Haha sa nakapanood nung movie, do you have the same thoughts just like me or baka mema lang ako. Haha pa enlighten na lang....


Submitted by on April 5, 2018 (2 months ago)
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Common≠Normal≠CommonSometimes it makes me wonder, what on earth is really normal?
Some say that act is abnormal and that one is normal.
Some say this one is normal and that one is not.
What made them utter such judgments?
Where did they draw their conclusions?

When an old fella (whether male or female) is attracted to a young one they say he's/she's ephebophile.
And ephebophilia they say is a psychological disorder.
When a young fella (whether male or female) is attracted to an older one they say he's/she's either teleiophile, mesophile or gerontophile.
And either teleiophilia, mesophilia or gerontophilia they say is a psychological disease.
When a person is attracted to a person with the same gender they say it's not normal.
What the hell is their basis by saying so?

Did they forget that COMMON DOES NOT MEAN NORMAL?
Did they forget that NORMAL DOES NOT MEAN COMMON?
By judging a thing to be abnormal, why do you think you have a normal mind?

As long as an action does not violate human rights let them be.
They are all part of diversity.
A monotonous world I think is a sign of abnormality....

Insecurity Bilang Lalaki

Submitted by on March 31, 2018 (2 months ago)
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'Di lang babae ang may insecurities sa katawan sympre pati kaming mga lalaki. Bro's thoughts on titan gel??? Ang hopeless ko na kasi bali eto babalak ako bumili and san pala nakakabili non? Maraming salamat mga tol! Haha...

21 Days

Submitted by on March 27, 2018 (2 months ago)
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A trivia on Facebook caught my attention. It says,

"No matter how strong or deep your love is, our brain takes only 21 days to forget Love and create New feelings. Even if you think you will die with pain after loosing ANY TYPE of Love but after 21 days, you will get used to new people new routine. NO LOVE IS PERMANENT."

I don't know if it has already proven or has a scientific explanation or a common bluff trying to convince others that it's true. Anyway, just after I read that, I smirked. I know that's impossible, how can we unlove someone who became part of our lives and means a lot to us? How can we forget someone who taught us how to love and trust, again? In just 21 days? I am sure this is just one of the creations of some people out there who tries to express their bitterness or what to the world.

But I'm wrong.

In less than a month, I forgot how I loved you.
Or maybe the attachment or the idea of being in love with you.

I guess it works because in fear of being left and hurt again, I always talk to God. Every day, every night, every moment that I think my feelings are taking me somewhere deep, I always ask His guidance -- that if this man is not yet the one for me, or will bring no good to me, please take him away from me. But if finally, he's the one I meant to be with, please guide us until the end.

And I realized, God really has a plan for all of us. Because whenever I pray, every time...

Tapos Na

Submitted by on March 24, 2018 (2 months ago)
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Tapos na.

Nandito na talaga tayo sa dulo.

Dito sa hangganan na noon hindi ko naman natatanaw, pero ngayon dito tayo parehas napadpad. Masakit, oo. Nakakapanghinayang. Pero may mga bagay talaga na hindi na natin kayang ipilit at ayusin kapag ayaw na talaga.

Parang tayo, sinubukan naman nating ayusin di ba?

Mahal pa rin naman natin ang isa't isa... pero hindi na gaya noon.

Ang saya natin. Bakit biglang nasira? Bakit biglang nagkulang? Nasobrahan ba ako? O hindi ka lang nakuntento? Sagutin mo naman. Maghihintay ako.

Yung mga tawa at kulitan natin, napalitan ng away at sigawan. Yung halakhak, napalitan ng iyak. Hindi ko alam kung paano tayo maaayos kasi hindi ko naman alam kung saan nagkaproblema. Sabi mo ikaw ang may diperensya, sayo may problema, kaya sa huli ang sabi mo, palayain na kita..

Siguro nga hindi ka na masaya sa sakin. Pasensya ka na mahal ko kung hindi naging sapat yung Ako para Sa'yo.

Hindi ko alam kung ilang buwan o taon ang kailangang lumipas para makalimutan kita kasama lahat ng sakit na nandito pa rin sa dibdib ko hanggang ngayon. Pero alam ko, magiging masaya ulit tayo. Hindi man sa piling ng isa't isa, pero sa piling ng iba.

Sa ngayon, paniniwalain ko muna yung sarili kong hindi kita namimiss, hindi kita naaalala, at hindi na ako nasasaktan sa tuwing naiisip kita hanggang sa maging totoo na lahat ng pagpapanggap ko. :...

Restoration of Faith in "Loyal/Nice guys"

Submitted by on March 22, 2018 (2 months ago)
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He is a responsible boyfriend and a husband material. He doesn't have dating apps on his phone because he doesn't want to be 'tempted'. His gf knows his password in fb and phone because he knows he doesn't have anything to hide. He is one of the guys that you look up to because of their loyalty and commitment to their other half.

What will be your reaction if one day, this friend of yours admitted that he thinks he loves you more than a friend?

I was so shookt when this happened to me. One year of friendship, we never had a thing. We never flirted with each other. We drink together with friends but we never say good mornings and good nights or other sweet bullshits. We are just friends. Yes, we had lots of drinking sessions but we are always with other friends too!

The only thing that I remember that could trigger his confession was the night when one of our co-workers actively flirted with me the whole evening while we were all 'celebrating' their postponed ball game. He was beside me the whole evening and kept telling the other players that I am his sister. It was normal because we joke about it all the time. 

Just like the old times, when I had a drink or two, I always text the people I was with that I got home safely so they would not worry about me.

He replied to me, "Mahal na yata kita kapatid. Love you."

I was shookt. It was so out of his character so I ignored it.

The next day,...

Second Time

Submitted by on March 21, 2018 (2 months ago)
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It was a year ago when I bravely gave myself to someone I only talked with for a short time. 

Two weeks?

And in two months, we only meet for a few times. Then, I let him go. Felt like, we just fucked each other. Yeah, I know.

However, I don't want to regret any second that I'm with you. I treasured all the memories and the emotions I felt because I know how genuine it was because I loved you. I hope you really loved me too, at least.

But I can not stay with you if you're already committed to someone else.
That's why I let you go even if I know you'll take with you a big part of me or it was you who will leave a deep scar in my being.

I think it was the latter. I was devastated. I missed you, or its only my memories of us deceiving me?
I miss myself.

I thought I will not enter another kind of relationshit again -- a relationship without label. I thought what we had will be the last lesson and the last kind of pain from dumbness I would allow. I thought I will not let my body be used out of lust. 

I promised I will never be stupid again. I promised not to be attached with words and shitty sugarcoated actions of a jerk but then again, I failed.

What's with the "commitment" that most people fear about? Hopeless.

I don't know what to feel anymore. Didn't imagine that I will reach this point of questioni...

Silent Killer

Submitted by on March 18, 2018 (3 months ago)
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Gusto ko lang malaman...

Gusto ko lang malaman kung anong pakiramdam 'pag nang-bubully ka? Gaanong saya ang nararamdaman mo sa tuwing may inaasar ka? Pakipaliwanag naman kung ano yung feeling kapag nakikita mong napapahiya na yung binubully mo o kaya naooffend na?

Masarap ba?
Nakakataas ba ng tingin sa sarili?

Explain mo naman para maintindihan ko. Para sa susunod na aasarin mo ako, alam kong worth it naman kasi may nagiging benefit naman sa mental and physical health mo. :)

Kasi ako, bilang inaasar mo, hindi na ako natutuwa. Di na enjoy, kumbaga. Ang hirap kasi makiride nalang palagi sa mga biro mo, na para sa akin parang hindi nalang basta "biro." Siguro nga nag-eenjoy ka, syempre marami kayo e. Mukhang tama at masaya kapag marami kayong nagsama sama ' 'di ba? Pano naman ako? Isa lang ako, so pag naoffend at nasaktan ako, kj at pikon na 'ko? Hindi ba parang ang unfair? Pero sige, dahil enjoy kayo, go kayo. Wala kayong pake. Wala kayong pakikinggan. :)

Pero sana naiisip mong hindi lang basta biro yung ginagawa nyo.

Nakakasakit na.
Nakakasira na ng kumpiyansa sa sarili.

OA ba? Hindi. Subukan mong ikaw yung lumugar sa kinalalagyan ko. Subukan mong ikaw yung dumanas nung mga naranasan kong pambubully simula pagkabata, sige nga? Saka mo sabihing kj, pikon, maarte, o oa ako.

Ang hirap na gabi gabi mumultuhin...

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