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To The Boy I Licked/Loved Before

Submitted by on Monday, 27 March 2017 (2 days ago)
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AN: FORGIVE MY GRAMMAR HUHUHUHU Kindly approach me nicely for grammatical ad typographical errors. :)

To The Boy I Licked/Loved Before,

I was a mess back then. I don't know how to make myself pretty. I don't know how to put make-up on, style my hair, what scent of shampoo to use, shave my pubic hair, and too skinny. You told me a bit nerdy is cute so I didn't bother buying anything that says lies about being pretty and makes you younger as if you drink from the fountain of youth. You tolerated me with my addiction, books. You bought me books and go with me to bookfairs. I fell in love. I gave you my all but you still left. You left me hanging. No explanations.

I keep asking myself what's wrong with me then I saw your other girl. She's wearing make-up, her hair looks nice, she's chubby and I bet she's shaving down there. Damn! She's completely different from me (Pero mas pretty pa din ako kahit pango ako I swear). I realized that you're a liar and everything in me is not nice.

I tried gaining weight first but I failed so I didn't pressure myself on that matter and go on. I saved money and bought beauty products from foundation to lipstick and had my eyebrows shaved. I remember when we're doing it and you didn't eat my pussy because I don't want to shave my pubic hair. Guess what? Now, I can't stand it not shaved down there. Yeah I was afraid of itchiness back then but I get used to it now and it's not itchy at all. Sorry boy you...

Happy Birthday WICKED

Submitted by on Monday, 27 March 2017 (2 days ago)
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Happy Birthday WICKEDKambal, Happy Birthday. Miss na miss na kita lalo na yung mga kulitan natin. Hindi ko makalimutan yung mga pangaapi mo kay Machete. Tawang tawa ko dun. Natatandaan mo ba nung pinabili mo siya ng 4 na Pringles, tig dalawa kamo tayo? Siya bibili pero hindi natin siya bibigyan. Tapos nung hinotseat natin siya sa skype, kung anu anung kagaguhan pinagtatanong natin sa kanya. May time pa na nagyaya siya ng habulang gahasa. Walang nagreply sa tin kaya ansabi mo, malamang hinahabol nya sarili nya ng mga oras na yun.

Dati nagwhis sa kin yan kasi sinusumbong ko raw siya sayo pati mga kinakausap nya. Hahaha mabuti na lang at hindi siya napipikon sa 'tin. Nasan na nga kaya yun? Hindi kaya nabadtrip yun kasi 95% ng group chat natin e puro stickers at emoji? Hahaha.

Aliw na aliw din ako nung minsang magpalit tayo ng ava. Pati mga whis sa 'tin nagkapalit palit. Grabe trip nating 2, tayo lang nagkakaintindihan. Alam mo ba kambal, kahit abot hanggang Mars ang tawa mo kapag napagkakamalan akong bakla ng mga chatters, kahit na sinasabihan mo mga kalandian kong foreigners na mukhang matanda, kahit na madalas mo inooff cam mo kapag nagvivideo call tayo, kahit na lagi mo kong inaasar at binabasag sa text at chat at kahit na hindi mo pinapansin ang mga pics sa FB na tinatag ko sa'yo, never ako magagalit sa'yo kasi I Love You (ewwwwww).

After ng napakahabang panahon na nagkulong ako sa bahay at inisolate ko sarili ko...


Submitted by on Saturday, 25 March 2017 (4 days ago)
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Bakit ang malas ko ngayon?
Walang tulog.
Nawala ang wallet ko
Nagcorrupt ang flashdrive ko
Napagantay ng matagal sa jollibee
Walang matinong makausap
Nasira pa ang 2 cp ko.

Iiyak na ba ako?...

Give Me Closure Please

Submitted by on Thursday, 23 March 2017 (6 days ago)
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We were best friends like forever.
We were almost inseparable.
We do things together always.
We share a lot of things others find disturbing for a girl and boy claiming to be just friends.
We know each other's secrets even all our crushes and puppy loves.
We share even our enemies.
If someone dares you for a fight, that person needs to win against me first and vice versa.
We were Bert and Ernie of Sesame Street, Batman and Robin, Puto and Dinuguan.
That's how compatible are chemistry is! Or was as it seems.
Everyone and anyone can't imagine one without the other.
So why?
Why did you change so much?
What's with having a girlfriend made you decide to forget that you have a best friend?
I know that what is between you is on a different level that what we shared in the past.
But should it really cost my lack of invite from your wedding? And every event there after?
Can't I still be your best friend even if you are already married?
Have I done something to merit this?

Fuck you!
Didn't you know I loved you too?
Yes, I did laugh at the three attempts of you courting me.
But my dear friend, we were just kids then.
You said you'd still wait until we graduate and finish our beloved courses.
And that we'd be best friends until then.
Then we would be lovers.
Where are you now?
You got married.
You had kids.
You migra...

Question about FUBU's.

Submitted by on March 17, 2017 (12 days ago)
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1.Bakit po ngayon mas pinipili nalang ng karamihan magkaroon ng FUBU rather having an serious relationship? 
2.Bakit minsan di maiwasan ma fall miski alam mong masaya lang kayo kse nag se-sex kayo?
3.Minsan naman may mga naghahanap ng FUBU kahit may bf/gf sila? so what it means? uncontented? unsatisfied? or something else?...

Love or Lust

Submitted by on March 16, 2017 (13 days ago)
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Love or Lust??
alin ba ang mas matimbang??
Alin ba ang tama, na kapag nagmahal ka kailangan mo nang ibigay lahat?
o kahit single ka, kpag tinamaan ka ng lust na yan., papatol ka nlang kung kani kanino lang?

hindi ba pedeng walang lust kapag nagmahal ka sa panahon ngayon?
hindi ba pedeng tumag ang isang relasyon na walang sex?
o talagang parte na nga ba ng isang relasyon ang lust? Na kapag nagsawa kana,
mang iiwan ka nalang sa ere?...

Just Sharing I

Submitted by on March 15, 2017 (14 days ago)
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FUBU is not for young ladies who have raging hormones but for ladies who are mature enough how this fubu thingy works. This is no fairytale wherein you're a damsel in distress and your knight in shining armor will help you. As a matter of fact, you are the heroine who needs to protect yourself. Why? Because one sided love is really painful, If you haven't saved yourself from falling. Well, I wish you goodluck to heartaches. If you've watched some movies or anything with the same theme, I'm telling you it's true, it happens in real life and it really hurts.

In the course of this set-up, never expect that something called love will bloom. A friendship can be built but it takes time to be love because love is different from seeking for sexual needs. Love is the care and affection you give to/receive from your other half. In love, you have respect for each other so the possibility of fulfilling your sexual needs is low. Well, there's respect in fubu but... sex is a must! lol (This should be serious lolololololol)

I dunno how to end this hahaha! So yeah, I wanna hear something from you. You may leave comments and correct my grammar. Please be nice! :D (y)...


Submitted by on March 12, 2017 (17 days ago)
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Goodmorning mga ka-fss,

Tanong ko lng sna, kung anong pwedeng gawin pra lumaki pa ang aking junior? ang size ng junior ko 5inch or 5 1/2 ata, gsto kong humaba khit hanggang 6 1/2..... pno po ba mgpalaki ng junior? anong mga dapat gwin at di dapat gawin? maraming slmat sa tulong :)...

Survey Survey Time Ulit

Submitted by on March 7, 2017 (23 days ago)
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Sa isang umpukan, over choco marbled cheesecake, dalawang bote ng red wine, inihaw na pua at pritong heihei, at background music si Adele,tawanan, kuwentuhan about work,fashion,sex and love.. biglang may nag ask ng ganito..

a. How do you draw the line between being malibog versus malandi?

b. Would you choose someone na malandi at madaming nilalandi and you think challenge yan or yun ikaw lang talaga ang pinapansin nya?

Mas interesting kung pati kayo sumali na rin at sumagot di ba? :)...


Submitted by on February 27, 2017 (1 month ago)
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Let's talk about the topic, confession.

As Usher's song goes - "Now this gon' be the hardest thing I think I ever had to do
Got me talkin' to myself askin' how I'm gon' tell you"

I know we have a portion in the site for erotic confessions but this one goes a bit deeper than that.

What was the hardest, most difficult confesion you ever had to reveal and to whom did you reveal it to?

Was is that you had a 3rd party?

Or that you got somebody else pregnant while you're already in a relationship?

Maybe how you really are a girl/woman trapped in a man's body? or vice versa.

No judgements here. I just wanna know if some of you would like to share.

As for me I guess the most difficult was when I had to man up and admit to my then partner that I've been unfaithful for years that we've been together. We were young, really young when we decided to try and live together since I got her pregnant at an early age. I thought growing up without my parents around me would make want to be better. I came from a relatively well off family and I guess having money and resources backed with stupidity in my youth got the better of me. After living together for 8 yrs I had to call it quits because I just can't see myself changing anytime soon. I can be there for my son but not be the partner that I thought I can be. 
And even 'til now as a grown man, I still play around. Maybe I'll get...

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