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Just Fucked Look

Submitted by on February 3, 2017 (2 months ago)
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If I could turn back time
I would choose not to have called you mine
Then I didn't have to whine
And wish things were not out of line

But what a pity indeed
When all I could think of is doing the deed
Licking your nipples and giving you head
Sucking your manhood and tasting your seed.  

Oh how I really miss your kisses!
But we haven’t talked in ages
We’re not friends, we’re not enemies
We’re just strangers who shared some memories

See what a fool I have become?
Wanting again to watch your face as you cum
To hear you moan my name and then some
This lust I feel for you is never gone...

Emo 17 by Ayeen (Translated Edition)

Submitted by on February 1, 2017 (2 months ago)
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wag na laging alalahanin
ang pag-ibig na sinungaling
pangako dito, pangako doon
yun pala isang dosena na
ang babaeng pinangakuan
Move on na tayo Inday
kasi si Dodong ay hindi tapat
at di dapat mahalin
wag na umasa
may darating din

Lalaking mapagmahal at mamahalin ka
Kahit sa iyong pagkasumpungin
Yung nakakaintindi sa iyong kalamyaan
Pasensyoso at sumusuporta sayo
yung hindi singungaling at mapanlinlang

Kaya ikaw Inday
Tawa ka na dyan at alisin ang lungkot
Itigil na ang iyong mga hugot
At ihanda ang iyong sarili
Sa pag-ibig na darating
At sa lalaki na ikaw lang
Ikaw lang ang mamahalin...

Note: Ako lang po nagpost, translated by a concern bisdak. Hindi siya marunong magturo magbisaya kaya pina-translate ko na lang sa kanya. Thank you, concern bisdak :)...

Emo17-BISDAK edition

Submitted by on January 30, 2017 (2 months ago)
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ayaw na sige ug handom
sa gugma nga bakakon
pasalig diri..pasalig didto
diay to,usa ka dosena na
ang babaye nga gipasaligan

Move on na ta Inday
kay si Dodong dili tarong
ug dili angay na nga mahalon
ayaw na pag la-om
naa ra lagi maabot

Lalaki nga mapinanggaon ug mahalon ka
bisan sa imong kasapoton
kanang mosabot sa imong kalangayan
pasensyoso ug mo suporta kanimo
kanang dili bakakon ug atikon

Busa, ikaw Inday
katawa na diha ug wad a ang kaguol
undang na sa imong hugot
ug andama ang imong kaugalingon
sa gugma nga umaabot
ug sa lalaki nga ikaw ra
IKAW ra gyud ang mahalon...

Sino Na Ba Nakatry ng Threesome?

Submitted by on January 28, 2017 (2 months ago)
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Ano feeling nung tinry mo? Involved ba gf, bf o asawa mo? O ikaw yung third party?...

When Boredom Strikes

Submitted by on January 28, 2017 (2 months ago)
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When Boredom StrikesI hate the way you end things between us
I feel like for you there never was an "us"
But I don't wanna make it a big fuss
No matter how hurt I was I wanna cuss

Memories of your kisses, your thrusts, and your moan
Still make my senses awake with lust I can't help but groan
Making me wet and crave for your touch was your expert zone
You never fail to excite my erogenous zone

I have no regrets whatsoever
Loving you was one of my best decisions ever
I taught my heart to love you then
I am teaching her now to unlove you, my friend

My heart is kinda stubborn, I know
I've known her gradually as I grow
But soon she will fully understand
The love we had was not one to withstand


A/N: Nabored sa meeting. Sumakabilang-dimension ang utak. Nagsulat ng tula....


Submitted by on January 26, 2017 (2 months ago)
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May nakilala akong lalaki sa isang dating site. He was the first one to approach me. Hiningi niya iyong number ko, nagtxt kami ng ilang araw and then nagmeet last tuesday. Akala ko may connection kami. He seemed to be a good guy. Akala ko okay na ang lahat. 

Akala ko lang pala. Hindi naman kasi siya tulad ng iba. He says wgat he wants hindi siya namimilit. Hindi siya bastos but then para siyang nawala na parang bula. I cannot contact him anymore tapos patay na iyong phone niya maybe nagpalit pa ng number. I hate it, akala ko okay na...

What should I do? All i want is to love and be loved....


Submitted by on January 26, 2017 (2 months ago)
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Hi! Tanong ko lang kung totoo ba na kapag laging nakabukaka, maluwag na agad kahit virgin pa.

Is this true? Nabasa ko sya sa isang post sa FB na maluwag na daw yung part ng gf nya. Then ang comment dun ay "lagi kasing nakabukaka". I'm worried kasi lagi akong nakabukaka. Di ako kumportable pag nakaclose ang legs ko minsan haha. V pa naman and the most I did was masturbating pero hanggang clit lang. Ayokong ipasok or what. Di kasi ako kumportable and baka nga lumuwag, ganyan. Still, worried pa rin ako.

Anyway, sana may makasagot thx...


Submitted by on January 26, 2017 (2 months ago)
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We said our Hi’s and Hello's
In a room full of strangers who will ever know.
A friendship is born from then
That will last until the very end.

We talked about life and everything under the sun.
Two people who are still learning and lend each other’s hand
We talked about our passion and our dreams.
Who would have known these were done in a whim.

I know you're taking your PhD.
While I'm doing mine working in a company.
Miles apart but distance is irrelevant.
For time will tell when the coffee break will start.

Soon my time near your place
Will be over but neither time nor space
Will be neglected as long as you are there
In a room full of blues and purples it feels like you're near

Your advice, the support and vote of confidence you've given me
I want you to know I appreciate it wholeheartedly
Please don't worry for I will still be here
For you my Teacher who showed me the world without fear....


Submitted by on January 24, 2017 (3 months ago)
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SorryThere are things that are too deep and can't be kept.
Things that keep me wondering what I've skip.
From a friendly conversation comes to fruition
And keep me thinking what went wrong.

Words flew, messages sent.
I hope you'll understand what I meant.
From foreign language to our native tongue
I translated hoping to catch a glimpse of your time.

Maybe Sorry is not enough to ease the pain.
What can I do to make amend?
What I said is true every ounce of it.
Hope you'll understand even a.bit

Words are not enough to express how sorry I am.
I only wanted... just want you to know I was smitten by your charm.
You were the first person who notice me.
From a room of blues where I felt lonely.

But I guess this will be the end.
Hoping to show you what I intend.
I will cherish those little conversation we shared.
Openly or secretly, hoping you'll forgive.

Thank you and Sorry....

Want To Try Something New

Submitted by on January 23, 2017 (3 months ago)
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tanong ko lang, ano kaya magandang itry na bago pagdating sa sex?...

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