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Virgin or Not

Submitted by on May 11, 2017 (2 months ago)
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Hello fss, gusto ko lang po malaman ang sagot sa matagal ko ng tanong. Nagugulohan po ako, I was in an intimate relationship with a guy and i still want to preserve my virginity (kung meron pa man).

Let me start, nangyari ang mga bagay bagay sa napakabilis na pangyayari, sa unang pangyayari sinabihan ko siya na wag niyang ipasok kasi ayoko pa mawala ang virgin ko so sinabi niya sa akin na ikikiskis lang daw niya sa bukana ng aking hiyas so pumayag ako. Second time around, sinabi niya sa akin na ibubundol lang daw niya yung ulo sa aking hiyas, habang ginagawa niya yun naramramdaman ko yung ulo na medyo pumapasok at nakakaramdam ako ng medyo mahapdi pero saglit lang. The third time around sabi niya ipapasok niya ang ulo lang di din daw mawawala virginity ko kasi nga ulo lang daw ang ipapasok niya so pumayag ako that time wala na ako maramdaman na hapdi at alam ko na nagpipigil talaga siyang ipasok ng buo ang kanya.

Hindi kalakihan at kahabaan yung sakanya so tanong ko lang po. Am I still a virgin? Please po give me justification if yes or no. Thank you....

Hey Miss

Submitted by on May 10, 2017 (2 months ago)
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i miss,
our long conversations.
i miss,
your sighs and sights.
i miss,
us in playful banter and laughter.
i miss,
our planning for tomorrow.

i am missing,
our language in discussions.
i am missing,
the time spent til morning light.
i am missing,
asra and vito, the beach the sunrise after.
i am missing,
us being in time just borrowed.

i have missed,
droning pain of our situation.
i have missed,
reasons why loving you is so right.
i have missed,
you, my twins and my daughter.
i have missed,
loving you, with such sweet sorrow.

hey miss,
i miss, am missing and have missed you....

Sneaky Pleasure

Submitted by on May 9, 2017 (2 months ago)
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I’m just one of those women you’ve met.
Had talk and get to date
Never imagine myself getting laid
Of a stranger this great

I know it’s cheating
I need to stop coz it’s disturbing
And this will never have
A beautiful ending

I tried really hard not to kiss
Stay away from this
Being near you means danger
Not only for me but for my ever after.

Moans, groans and those sweaty peak
As we laid in this bed and feel this silky sheet
Mind-blowing sex
And after glow is what I get

It’s hard to move and forget
When you’re starting to get addicted
Choosing between you and him
I know who I’ll pick
But then one question always beep
Will I get the satisfaction I need??


Submitted by on May 7, 2017 (2 months ago)
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Box-shaped dimension,we locked,
where burning fire is a pleasing light.
Bodies starts to ignite,
like a melting snow,
we wash ourselves of ourselves.

Flame of your core,I sniffed,
in the melodies of your grasping breath.
Tounges dousing our thirsty lips,
like a clear waters,
we quench to our reflection.

Sultry sodden skins,they collide,
as mine devoured by your parting flesh.
Ecstactic motion slowly drips our essence,
until it floods our souls.
And like a free spirits,
we float together to the vastness of the


Submitted by on May 6, 2017 (2 months ago)
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Resilience escapes the grip of endurance
And the curse of autumn, touches the tree of life
One last tap and it shattered the brittle glass
With thundering menace it fell to the hard ground
Scattered and missing little important parts

Like a hoarder who hates throwing away anything
You picked each pieces with your bare calloused hands
Sharp edges cutting the pads of each finger
Hand in mouth, you suck the blood
Tanginess poses no challange to your unwavering heart

With each puzzle that you pieced together
Struggling to keep connected to one another
And supporting to stop from breaking altogether
The more crack on the surface appears
A kind of damage that no amount of adhesive could ever conceal

It pains me to see how you're doing everything
Even if it hurts so much that tears well from your eyes
I asked myself, 'Is it really worth your while?"
The agony and the anger oppressed by obsession and desire?

What am I to do?
When my heart can't hold on to?
Who can save you?
When I'm not willing to?
How can I tell you to let go?
Because I've already done so?

Yes, I did
Do so too.

Author's Note

Dedicated to a shy friend who's facing difficulties in her marriage.

I hope the both of them do what's best for them.


Ang Akala sa Inakala

Submitted by on May 5, 2017 (2 months ago)
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hindi ko inakala...
...pagbibigay ko.
...na buong-buo ang pag-ibig ko sa'yo.
hindi ko inakala...
...pagpipigil ko.
...na ipagsigawan ang pag-ibig ko sa'yo
hindi ko inakala...
...pagtanggap ko.
...na ikaila ang pag ibig ko sa'yo.
hindi ko inakala...
...pagpayag ko.
...na itago ang pag ibig ko sa'yo.
hindi ko inakala...
...pagtitiis ko.
...na isawalang bahala ang pag ibig ko sa'yo.
hindi ko inakala...
...pagpaparaya ko.
...na iwanan ang pag-ibig ko sa'yo.
hindi ko inakala...
...ikadudurog ko.
...pagbibigay, pagpipigil, pagtanggap, pagpayag, pagtitiis, pagpaparaya.
sa pagmamahal na inakala....

Laban Laban o Bawi Bawi

Submitted by on May 4, 2017 (2 months ago)
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hi krass
kumusta ka na?
tahimik ka yata ngayon
gusto sana kitang sisirin
kaso baka ako ay lulunurin
ng mga binibining ikaw ay inaankin
kahit pa madalas mo sinabi
wala namang nag mamay ari sa puso mo
pero baka kako minsan kong nasabi "sa puson baka meron"
isang malutong na tawa ang sinagot mo
at ako ay di na ulit nag komento

nabasa ko yun iniwan mong mensahe
di ko alam ano sasabihin o isasagot man lang
may konting kilig pero alam ko ako ay iyong sinusubukan
lalaban ba o bawi na lang tanong ko sa sarili
pero ng minsan akong napasilip
parang ganun din yata yun tanong mo sa isang binibini
at ako ay napa iling..krass naman eh send to many pala

kaya ako ngayon ay sumulat na lang ng tula
krass.puso ang pipiliin ko pa rin

ung puson ko nakalaan sa kung sino mag tyaga
na katukin ang puso kong pinadlock ko na muna...

Tara, EB! (Scenario#2)

Submitted by on May 3, 2017 (2 months ago)
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Sa wakas! Makikilala ko na siya
Babaeng mapang-akit
Ava ay kayrikit
Sa projection sa chatroom
Talagang ika'y mapapa-Whis
Hanep kung bumanat!
Sa ingles, magno-nosebleed
Katwiran mo'y mauubos
Pag sa debate siya'y katuos
Sa harutan walang kyeme
Sa landian game din si Nene
Mahusay din sa pagpapayo
At ang galing sa general info
Wow! Sexy mind, what a turn-on!
And I would love to see her soon

Heto na nga at dumating na
Ang araw na siya ay makikita
Subalit ano't ibang-iba
Hitsurang nasa isip
Naiba ang hulma
Kurbada niya'y malayo
Sa aking sapantaha
Mukha niya'y di naman pangit
Cute nga siya infairness
Na bumagay sa kanyang chubby-ness
Masarap pa ring kausap
Kahali-halina ang tinig
Hanggang sa ako'y napa-isip
Pamimintas ay nawaglit
At sa salamin ay pumihit
Mukha kong "ito" ang nasilip
At naitanong sa isip
Hindi rin kaya siya disappointed?

Kape tayo, bes :)...

The Difference in Living and Being Alive

Submitted by on May 2, 2017 (2 months ago)
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am i an afterthought?
an option on a list?
a footnote to a page
or an anecdote to a story?

we haven't argued or fought
i was in loving bliss.
despite the difference in age,
i lived and loved without worry.

but now i wonder and wait,
what changed in paradise?
everything turned about
my heart, torn and tattered.

i can't think straight.
i regressed to obtuse from wise.
always fighting off pangs of doubt.
of me, who i am and what mattered.

so i turn to another day
the sun turning to the moon.
to be sane, i grow numb
just to be able survive.

what wrong did i say?
why it ended so soon?
asks my heart so dumb,
just to differ living from being alive....


Submitted by on April 28, 2017 (2 months ago)
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i. Hit

I was pleased to be just me
Unaffected, jolly and sometimes, serene
Other times angry, but otherwise happy
Then you came and everything changed

I felt a sudden missing that wasn't there before
I don't want nor need it, but loneliness persisted
In my heart, something constantly grows so painfully
A hallow within, aching to be filled by something

ii. Denial

I looked the other way, walking past by you
Convinced myself that only if I faithfully ignore
Would the malady be gone and I would be cured
Much like a bad wind gushing fleetingly ahead

I am fine, I could take it, if I could just hold it in
I closed my eyes and run blindly away
The further I am, the less affected I'd be
I'll be happy alone, just like before...

iii. Acceptance

Or so I thought, but I was wrong
The more I denied, the more it pains
The more I run away, the more tired I became
I could never be free, distance is just an illusion

What I really needed, is to be with you
No one else would fit this empty hallow
Without you, a half-life is what I would follow
Like a moon without the sun in its horizon

iv. Plead

So wont you, take me with you?
Would you love me as I do?
Forgive my foolishness and emb...

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