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These Days

Submitted by on April 11, 2017 (1 month ago)
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his is a bright sunny sunday,
her night is just on the way.
his chores he's about to keep,
her angels are just past asleep.

it's only thirty-six hours when they met,
but here they are again on the internet.
he gave her a hi and asked how she's doing,
she hi'd back and said not much happening.

only minutes passed and it seems forever,
how they could hold being together.
he wants to see her, she wants to see him,
they took the video chat without a whim.

you could see his smile with her acceptance,
the twinkle on her eyes in a close distance.
he sat on the floor with the phone on the bed,
she lays flat with the pillow under her head.

they exchanged jokes and told some stories,
even for a little time to make some memories.
he's enchanted by her even way before,
Idolizing her works and somehow adore.

he knows where she stand, she knows it too,
she told him his policy which is pure and true.
thou stubborn as he is and went what he feel,
she make him realized that he needs to be real.

everytime he tries something stupid and funny,
she reminds him it wont work and youre just lonely.
he cant help to think her action betray her words,
but shes just being herself like strumming a guitar chords.

it makes him ecstatic everytime they converse,
talking about family sometimes the universe.
he could go...

My Love

Submitted by on April 10, 2017 (1 month ago)
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My LoveWe started our relationship with an open string
Although we never cared what will be our future bring
In a mall where fishers are called
Why I fell in love, I don’t know the reason at all.

Your beauty and your heart surpass others from the start.
I wish to stay by your side and never be apart
You know my life was such a mess
With you by my side, I feel bliss.

Maybe it was a love at first sight.
Although I did not believe such notion even if I might.
But the feeling is real and so exhilarating,
Just like the first time I rode a roller coaster or gone skydiving.

The thrill and excitement
Like the feelings of a child in amazement.
A feeling I will never forget
To the woman I shared my life with whom I revered.

Truly my love for you will never end.
I hope you’ve felt what I meant.
The Beauty and madness that I will surely miss…
Forever and eternity is not enough to spend my life with you, miss…

I wished our time was right…
I missed my chance by more than 5…
I wish I could turn back the hands of time…
To be with you my love and forever be mine…...

Fiasco ( A Complete Failure )

Submitted by on April 9, 2017 (1 month ago)
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A tightly held hand, slowly letting go
A once sparkly stare, void of bliss, blank as slate
Isn't it enough? Do I need to wake up?
Are these painful signs which are laid before my eyes
Are still not enough for me to give up?

A tear run down my cheek as a memory appears
On that night you held my hand, sweetly smiled
And told me that you have finally known how it is
To feel real happiness eversince we went back together
Since I gave you that second chance

A chance you once again wasted
Thrown and set aside as a flower wilted
Used, abused, and taken for granted
Weak, broken, and here I am wasted
Tell me now, what is enough from enough?

Do I need to give up? Do I have to stop
From hoping, wishing, feeling and believing
That maybe, just maybe you will find it in your heart
To love me again just like how you loved me before
Just like how we fought so hard for us not to part

But just like how tales do come to an end
And how a song play its last single note
Like how a war would be decided who lost and won
I know this warmth I am feeling as your hand slowly let go
Will remain in my heart as a memory, as I accept this fiasco....


Submitted by on April 7, 2017 (1 month ago)
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Tears are flowing
Heart is bleeding
Can someone accept
This tainted being

She is flawed
She is damaged
She needs some fixing
And maybe some saving

She was betrayed
She was fooled
Everyday is a sorrow
She's now afraid of tomorrow

She needs someone who will show her the way
Everytime she gets lost in a haze
Someone who will dry her tears
As she conquer her fears

She needs someone to hold her
Someone who will not disappear
Someone who will stay
Even in her darkest day

She needs someone not behind her
But someone beside her
Someone who will not fight for her
But someone who will fight with her

All she needs is that one
Not just anyone
Not a random one
But... the Right One...


Submitted by on April 6, 2017 (1 month ago)
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Manako'y may kaibigan
Wicked ang pangalan
mahilig sa suman
singlaki ng German

para siyang halaman
kelangan diligan
wag mong dadamihan
baka siya'y malamigan

ang kanyang larawan
hilig kong pusuan
kung di pagbibiyan
baka ako magripuhan

ang aming pagkakaibigan
walang halong kalibugan
promise 'di to kasinungalingan
masunog man ang Pacific ocean

mahal kong kaibigan
huwag mo kong iiwan
ayaw kong mawalan
ng tunay na kaibigan

*Peace kambal ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼...

HAynaKuh 2

Submitted by on April 4, 2017 (1 month ago)
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mahilig na dalaga
walang steady
ngayon may estedi

lalake nangati
di mapakali
yan nangati

babaeng mayasawa
kay pare nagsawa
kay mare may tama

driver na lover
sa mahal salbahe
sa iba gumarahe

atensyon salat
naghanap ng sapat
sa lalake nagpasalat...


Submitted by on April 3, 2017 (1 month ago)
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This aint your usual poem
Talkin bout love, sex and everythin thats gone wrong
This new generation
Feeling like they be ruling, and leadin and knowin everythin they need to be learning
Jacked up on drugs. They go high more than the mile high club
And then comes the heat
They be shittin themselves outta their seats.
These rhymes that im droppin are just random thoughts that im thinking.
Im observing and im talking, listening and hating.
God its hard to imagine with everything thats happening
We keep our minds going, imaginations flowing and ideas keep coming.
Days pass by and u know nothin will last.
Time goes so fast one blink and its already the past.
You try hard to keep up, try to make up but we all end up 6ft down on the ground.
From dust to dust think yo money gonna save you when the grim reaper be reapin for you?
So think about it, is it all worth it?
Be what u wanna be at the end its all just another history.
So do what u must in this life to survive.
But u gotta transcend and do matter to mankind.
We all have a part to play, realize whats yours and i promise everything will be okay....

Letter for my Friends with Benefits

Submitted by on April 3, 2017 (1 month ago)
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Hello, how are you? I hope that this letter finds you in good spirits.

Unfortunately, I would like to air out some grievances that I have with you. This is a conversation of a man to a woman; so please respond with an open mind. Some things I say here may shed light on the truth of our ugly situation.

First, let me introduce myself; I am the other man in your life. I am here because you invited me. I am her man on the side and I am quite content with that. I get what I want from this relationship and, contrary to popular belief, our relationship revolves around more than just sex. I am not here to judge you, so I ask you to stop judging me. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Now that I have gotten the pleasantries out the way, let’s get down to business. I am not some scandalous hood-rat running around on a mission to take someone’s woman. I am a man who have been with you for almost 3 years now, we enjoy every sex, every fantasies that we think about and I am angry because somehow everyone wants to throw dirt on my name by labeling me a jump-off as a means of demeaning and devaluing me. I am a guy that knows what I want and that is a relationship with no strings attached. Unfortunately, often I have been erroneously named a jump-off when, often, there is no woman to speak of on my life. Now that is not fair! Why can’t we just be friends with benefits, you confessed to me that you are falling inlove and it is slowly...

Friend With Benefits

Submitted by on April 2, 2017 (1 month ago)
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"Tara sabay na tayong mag-shower." Aya ko sa kasama ko sa kwarto noon.

Mga isang oras na din ang lumipas matapos ko syang tsupain. Alam kong he enjoyed what I just did. Hindi man ako magaling sa pag-blow job pero base sa mga ungol at mura nya habang sinusubo at dinidilaan ko ang mataba nyang burat ay alam kong nasasarapan sya sa ginawa ko.

Tangina naman kasi ang titi nya. Natatakam ako sa sarap. Nakakalibog hawakan, nakakadarang ang amoy.

Ewan ba, siguro kasi alam kong mahal ko sya kaya lahat ng parte ng katawan nya'y nasasarapan ako. Sarap na sarap akong lunukin at simutin ang lahat ng tamod sa lumabas sa naghuhumindig nyang sandata.

Hindi ko man sinasabi sa kanya na mahal ko sya pero alam naming pareho kung ano talaga ang nararamdaman ko para sa kanya.

Pero hanggang dun lang yon. We both know din naman na sex and friendship lang ang pwedeng mamagitan sa aming dalawa.

Bakit? Simple lang, may pamilya sya at tanggap kong hanggang friends with benefits lang talaga kami.

And I was okay with that setup. Hindi rin kasi ako tumatagal sa isang relasyon. May trust issues ako lalo na kapag nakakaramdam ako ng pagbabago sa kinikilos ng karelasyon ko. I tend to walk away hindi pa man makakapag-explain ang kabilang partido.

Anyway, back to the situation at hand.

Hinatak ko na si fren papasok ng banyo. He was in his white briefs nalang at ako nama'y nakatapis ng tuwalya. Hindi talag...

So Right

Submitted by on March 31, 2017 (1 month ago)
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Reality we are starting,
lay back and talk story till the morning.
Good vibes all around,
agree to what life's all about.
Watching these feelings take flight
and we really feel it.
This mutual connection run deeper
when you near it.

Anticipate the moment
we gonna share next time,
cause your presence
got me feeling so fine.
Any down moments,
I will strive to lift up.
Never let pollutants 
of this world to ever disrupt.

At times we got to put in the work,
at times we got to learn from the hurt,
but only makes you stronger
so next time we will conquer.

If struggles still arise 
from time to time,
we just put it in the hands
of the Most High....

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