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i am always be yours

Submitted by on Friday, 21 October 2016, 11:58 PM (5 hours ago)
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I love being with you
I love all the joy 
That having you in my life
Brings me,
From our most intimate 
Moment alone
To the pride i feel in you
When were out somewhere

Most of all,
I miss that special,
Gentle way u have
That sensitive
And loving side
You save just for me
When we're alone together

I miss the way we are 
The simplicity of being you 
The shit n sweet guy 
I met before....

Does Being Cuckolded Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Submitted by on Friday, 21 October 2016, 05:39 PM (11 hours ago)
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can a husband keep the love for a cheating wife?

can he still live with her without physical contact?

can forgiveness have terms and still be called forgiveness?

does this love still falls on your personal perception of love?

does being cuckolded cause erectile dysfunction?

pondering about this case gave me more questions than answers...

anyway, i've written a fictional and whimsical poem for this...

pls excuse me for placing this item on a blog.
i do not have the luxury of time to wait for 5 hours
to post a poem.

wala nang hilot

ang pagsusumamo niya ay wag kong ipagkait,
na maranasan pa rin niya ang inaasam na langit,
sa aking pagwari at pagkaawa ay maaari datapwat,
maaari kang masugat kung iinom sa basong may lamat.

sa kapalaran kung sawi, araw-araw ay may pait,
bukas man ang pinto damdamin ay nakapiit,
makakita man ng bago ako'y manliliit,
dahil ang matandang ibon ay ayaw nang magalit.

hanggang ngayo'y hindi ko maisip bakit ako'y napaikot,
ng aking sinisintang dati nama'y pakipot,
at bakit lumuwang ang lagusang dati nama'y makipot,
at paano niya nalamang ang aking kaibigan ay may tagong supot?

kaya pala minsan sila'y nakita kong magkasabay sa kanto't
talo pa ang mga magkasintahan kung mga makapulupot,
ang sagradong butil pala na aking kinakain at s...


Submitted by on Thursday, 20 October 2016 (1 day ago)
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Ako'y nakatayo sa dakong ito,
Naghihintay na mag-iba ang mundo;
Nagbabakasakali na magbago,
Pati rin gawi ng mga tao.

Ngunit sa paghintay ba'y may resulta?
O ito'y mauuwi rin sa wala?
Dahil sa nakagawiang sistema,
Ay hindi na rin ako makalaya.

Madali lang ang maging karaniwan,
Tatanggapin lang kung anong nariyan;
Anumang higit ay huwag asahan,
Ang kagalinga'y wag pahalagahan.

Ngunit ako'y dumating sa punto,
Na ibig ko na nga ng pagbabago;
Wag gugulin ang buhay ng ganito-
Walang maiwang bakas parang animo.

Kaya't ninanais ko ang humusay,
Maging bihasa sa isa mang bagay;
Kung kulangin man sa talentong taglay,
Sa pagsusumikap ay wag magsinsay.

Pero di ko kaya to ng mag-isa,
Kakailanganin ko ng kasama;
Ngunit sa aking paghanap ay wala,
Paano ko kaya yun magagawa?...

Breaking Soul

Submitted by on Tuesday, 18 October 2016 (3 days ago)
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He is sorry for the secret dates
At the park, at night, far from lights
His one hand on yours and phone on the other
His mom is asking for him to go home, he say
You smiled and asked "Are you gong now?"
He nod, said sweet words, and walks away
You sit for awhile and made sure no one saw
That you two are dating, secretly, unknown

Looking and smiling bitterly: couple hugging and kissing
You're now alone, his mom's waiting
The moon is shadowed by dark and heavy clouds
You cracked a smile and mumbled, "Do you hear my breaking soul?"
Funny when it's not your heart breaking
But a soul: bitter, aching, and tearing
You accepted whatever he can give
Because you think his the reason you live

Click, clock, click, clock. Her heels is ticking
People looking, smiling and greeting
To this beautiful lady who is walking
Again, you felt your soul breaking
Swallowed hard and felt like dying
"Will he love me more than this perfect lady?"

There and then, he passed and didn't bother to look your way
Happy to his sunshine today
You felt numb and kept your tears at bay
Your the moon covered with heavy and dark clouds
And she is the light that shines so bright
Clearly, he doesn't care if she shatters your life....


Submitted by on Sunday, 16 October 2016 (5 days ago)
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Life is full of choices

You don’t have to listen to the voices

Hear your heart and you’ll find out

So enjoy everything all throughout.

Other people might judge you

Don’t be bothered and don’t argue

For they don’t know what you endure

So keep moving, and be the real you.

There is only one voice you should hear

It will tell you loud and clear

That everything about you is great

So believe and have little faith.

Your looks are your own

Someone will see the things about you

Who’ll love and won’t leave you alone

Look in the mirror and see who....

Another Fantasy

Submitted by on Saturday, 15 October 2016 (6 days ago)
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Magandang gabi mga KA-FSS

Survey mna tau :)

Sino top 5 n gsto mong makama? ako eto

1. Kim Domingo
2. GF :)
3. Ate :)
4. Cassie V
5. Jayden James

ikw? sno top 5 mo? :)...


Submitted by on October 13, 2016 (8 days ago)
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I stare at the ceiling

My thoughts are of him

Moments we shared

skies we stared.

Happy memories are painful

Yet, for those I am thankful

While the rain outside is pouring

The pain inside is crawling

Sleep I must seek

Tears about to leak

For it isn’t rest for me

But an escape from reality

There, I am not lonely

There, I am not empty....


Submitted by on October 11, 2016 (10 days ago)
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If you are not yet ready and can't be constant with me, go away.
If you can't be crazy with me and I can't make you happy, turn away.
If you can't stand my jealousy, walk away.
If you can't handle me being clingy and doesn't miss me, break away.
If my voice can no longer get your attention, fly away.
If you can't find time for me and think I'm hard to deal with, be away.
If you can't listen to my dreams and dramas in life, run away.
If you don't see me having future with you and building a family, please stay away.
If you can still sleep knowing that I felt bad, move away.
If my tears will be just nothing to you and you can lie straight to my eyes, slip away.
If you can't love me rightly nor see me beyond what your eyes can see, be far far away....

Igang iga

Submitted by on October 8, 2016 (13 days ago)
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Tuyo't na ang lupa at bitak-bitak pa.
Wari'y nagsasabing ako'y dilgan na.
Pagkat ang pagka uhaw ramdam talaga.
Walang dumidilig ng halos isang dekada.

Pag kasabik sa tubig ikabubuang na.
Kung di madidiligan malilintikan ah.
Sapagkat mapapanis pinaka iingatang ligaya.
Kaya't halika wag nang mahiya pa.

Wag kang magtaka kung pinili kita.
Kahit ikaw ay pangit, pag tyatyagaan ka.
Basta't regadera mo'y malakas ang buga.
Ikaw ay papasa sa aking panlasa.

Tuyong lupa'y mababasa kung iyong didiligan.
Pangako sa iyo, ika'y masasarapan.
Wag mo lamang tangkain, na ako'y iyong tamnan.
Dahil ayaw kong mag bunga, ang punlang maiiwan....

I Just Do

Submitted by on October 7, 2016 (14 days ago)
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My 2nd poem :D a bit intruiging. Novice here.

I was yours. Truly yours,
Like a loving slave.

My heart, my soul,
And my pride I gave.

Sacfices I made.
All the things I've done.

Carry you on my back,
Through anything we'll run.

My life to shield you,
I'll take all the hit.

Yet it's all not enough,
As if not a single bit.

I made you happy,
You said you love me.

At the time, I was enough.
We knew what we'd be

Together, always.
Marriage and kids.

We wanted trees,
But only had seeds.

I was yours,
And you were mine.

Nothing would stop us,
Not even time.

But now, just like that.
All of it, gone.

Vows are void,
And can't be undone.

Don't take all of this,
As as a sign of my regret.

I did it because I love you.
Even now I still do.

Freedom, peace.
I'd still choose you.

Foolish, stupidity
And naivite

You left, I still follow.
You didn't stay.

Bleeding, aching.
With death right behind.

Facts, reality.
And acceptance I'm blind.

To keep my promise,
Even just one of the many.

What shall, and always be
All pure and true.

My everything, my life.
I love you.
Why? You might ask....

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