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Tara, EB! (Scenario#1)

Submitted by on Monday, 24 April 2017, 03:25 AM (7 hours ago)
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Tara, EB! (Scenario#1)

Isang gabi ng kasiyahan
Kasama ang mga kaibigan
Tequila, Red Horse at Empe lights
Kuwentuhan, kulitan, harutan
Ang sarap lang maglandian
Kapag may tama na
Wala na ang kahihiyan
Hipo sa hita, himas sa likuran
Mga daliring di mapakali
Maglalakbay sa maselang parte
Sa gitna ng tawanan
Habang tuloy ang tuksuhan
May damdaming lumulukob
Puso'y tila bumilis ang pagtibok
Isang pitik, tila may pumipintig
Itago sa ngiti, kunyari di affected
Ipitin ang hita nang di mahalata
And dating malambot
Gumigilas sa loob ng panloob
Kay hirap ipaliwanag, tila balot ng libog
Subalit walang magagawa
Patay-malisya ang drama
Tuloy ang inuman, kalimutan ang pulutan
Panunukso ay hayaan
Damhin ang kaligayahan
Wala mang kahinatnan
Masarap pa rin sa pakiramdam
Bahala na sa kinabukasan
Malay mo, magkatuluyan.
Tagay pa Bes?


Kelan ulit tayo magkita-kita mga Pilyo't Pilya, hehe :)...

Lyrics Of My Dick

Submitted by on Thursday, 20 April 2017 (4 days ago)
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To all the pussies I've licked before
My dick travelled in and out their door
Im glad they cum along
I dedicate this poem
To all the pussies I've fucked before

To the pouty mouths that always blowing
And everytime I tried to dig in
The pouty mouths just keeps on blowing
And they sucked my dick away

Some were good, some were smooth
Some were bad, hairy and unwashed
There were those with clits so large
And there were those so cute that blushed

Holes that can swallow me whole
Few were tight, and some not so
Let me take a bow then take a knee
For whatever kind those pussies might be

I won't forget that even for once,
They had welcomed me
With open legs and wet insides
Squeezed me for all my semen's worth
And left me sated with a smile

To all the boobs I sucked before
Even sagged, lopsided or full
They filled my mouth with nips
And made my nights complete

To the pouty mouths that always blowing
And everytime I tried to dig in
The pouty mouths just keeps on blowing
And they sucked my dick away

To all the women I fucked before...


Submitted by on Wednesday, 19 April 2017 (5 days ago)
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Mga ka-Fss,

Sino dto mahilig sa mga korean?? yung khit mga kpop na pinagpapantasyahan nyo? share nyo naman yan hehe...

Just Remember My Name

Submitted by on April 16, 2017 (8 days ago)
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The darkness awaits.
Tremble in fear.
How fast are your
heartbeats my dear?
A moment with me
feels like a long year.
Out of the shadows,
I'll finally appear.

I came to take
more than just your head.
The corruption in you
is starting to spread.
I'd rather save you
than have you dead.
But you're consumed by hate,
sorrow, and dread.

Release yourself from
these emotions you tame.
Drown yourself in
this endless shame.
Get ready to be purged
by my holy flame.
At the end of the day,
just remember my name.


Those Days

Submitted by on April 13, 2017 (10 days ago)
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An ordinary day and here she is on her vitual world
Talking on chat, telling tales about her past no matter how bold and old
Just being herself, singing her nonsense songs and laughing a thousand fold
Though he feels like her actions doesn't match her words
Heaven knows that what she feels inside; it shows

He said he wants to be her territory, but she told him no, and do not worry
Because a woman like herself learnt the hard way not to expect and be sorry
He wants to stay by her side, but she can't let him feel what he must hide
For his desire for her which kept on growing must be cut where it's soon be going
And the friendship that they built is more impotant than the lust he's feeling

A wall separates them from one another, like a reminder not to waver
For it is wrong for him to like her, and he must focus on what is better
It is a promise she told herself, and she must never ever break
That for whatever reason it may be, whatever situation she was in
She will never be responsible for a family man to hurt any of his kin

He knows she is seeing someone, someone who told her not to fall
Because he wants to explore his being, and can't let her tie him for her keeping
Her heart is fragile from all the pain, and struggles she was bearing
But that heart is strong and daring, and can still take another beating
As it may sound old but truth be told, that loving also means...

When You Love Someone

Submitted by on April 12, 2017 (12 days ago)
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One day, she was so sweet to you,
You thought all those things were maybe untrue,
Two days later she was back the same,
You thought you were the one to blame.

She thought the relationship was getting too serious
And that you had become a little too curious.
By this time you knew it wouldn't last,
All the nice things she said were in the past.

You thought that you would marry her someday,
But this time God wanted to get her way.
You wanted things back how they were before,
But you knew this couldn't happen anymore.

It was a Wednesday morning about 3 o'clock,
You heard the news and it wasn't a shock.
You knew this was going to happen soon,
As you laid there and cried in the pale lit moon.


These Days

Submitted by on April 11, 2017 (13 days ago)
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his is a bright sunny sunday,
her night is just on the way.
his chores he's about to keep,
her angels are just past asleep.

it's only thirty-six hours when they met,
but here they are again on the internet.
he gave her a hi and asked how she's doing,
she hi'd back and said not much happening.

only minutes passed and it seems forever,
how they could hold being together.
he wants to see her, she wants to see him,
they took the video chat without a whim.

you could see his smile with her acceptance,
the twinkle on her eyes in a close distance.
he sat on the floor with the phone on the bed,
she lays flat with the pillow under her head.

they exchanged jokes and told some stories,
even for a little time to make some memories.
he's enchanted by her even way before,
Idolizing her works and somehow adore.

he knows where she stand, she knows it too,
she told him his policy which is pure and true.
thou stubborn as he is and went what he feel,
she make him realized that he needs to be real.

everytime he tries something stupid and funny,
she reminds him it wont work and youre just lonely.
he cant help to think her action betray her words,
but shes just being herself like strumming a guitar chords.

it makes him ecstatic everytime they converse,
talking about family sometimes the universe.
he could go...

My Love

Submitted by on April 10, 2017 (14 days ago)
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My LoveWe started our relationship with an open string
Although we never cared what will be our future bring
In a mall where fishers are called
Why I fell in love, I don’t know the reason at all.

Your beauty and your heart surpass others from the start.
I wish to stay by your side and never be apart
You know my life was such a mess
With you by my side, I feel bliss.

Maybe it was a love at first sight.
Although I did not believe such notion even if I might.
But the feeling is real and so exhilarating,
Just like the first time I rode a roller coaster or gone skydiving.

The thrill and excitement
Like the feelings of a child in amazement.
A feeling I will never forget
To the woman I shared my life with whom I revered.

Truly my love for you will never end.
I hope you’ve felt what I meant.
The Beauty and madness that I will surely miss…
Forever and eternity is not enough to spend my life with you, miss…

I wished our time was right…
I missed my chance by more than 5…
I wish I could turn back the hands of time…
To be with you my love and forever be mine…...

Fiasco ( A Complete Failure )

Submitted by on April 9, 2017 (15 days ago)
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A tightly held hand, slowly letting go
A once sparkly stare, void of bliss, blank as slate
Isn't it enough? Do I need to wake up?
Are these painful signs which are laid before my eyes
Are still not enough for me to give up?

A tear run down my cheek as a memory appears
On that night you held my hand, sweetly smiled
And told me that you have finally known how it is
To feel real happiness eversince we went back together
Since I gave you that second chance

A chance you once again wasted
Thrown and set aside as a flower wilted
Used, abused, and taken for granted
Weak, broken, and here I am wasted
Tell me now, what is enough from enough?

Do I need to give up? Do I have to stop
From hoping, wishing, feeling and believing
That maybe, just maybe you will find it in your heart
To love me again just like how you loved me before
Just like how we fought so hard for us not to part

But just like how tales do come to an end
And how a song play its last single note
Like how a war would be decided who lost and won
I know this warmth I am feeling as your hand slowly let go
Will remain in my heart as a memory, as I accept this fiasco....


Submitted by on April 7, 2017 (16 days ago)
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Tears are flowing
Heart is bleeding
Can someone accept
This tainted being

She is flawed
She is damaged
She needs some fixing
And maybe some saving

She was betrayed
She was fooled
Everyday is a sorrow
She's now afraid of tomorrow

She needs someone who will show her the way
Everytime she gets lost in a haze
Someone who will dry her tears
As she conquer her fears

She needs someone to hold her
Someone who will not disappear
Someone who will stay
Even in her darkest day

She needs someone not behind her
But someone beside her
Someone who will not fight for her
But someone who will fight with her

All she needs is that one
Not just anyone
Not a random one
But... the Right One...

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