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Does Being Cuckolded Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Submitted by on Friday, 21 October 2016, 05:39 PM (22 hours ago)
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can a husband keep the love for a cheating wife?

can he still live with her without physical contact?

can forgiveness have terms and still be called forgiveness?

does this love still falls on your personal perception of love?

does being cuckolded cause erectile dysfunction?

pondering about this case gave me more questions than answers...

anyway, i've written a fictional and whimsical poem for this...

pls excuse me for placing this item on a blog.
i do not have the luxury of time to wait for 5 hours
to post a poem.

wala nang hilot

ang pagsusumamo niya ay wag kong ipagkait,
na maranasan pa rin niya ang inaasam na langit,
sa aking pagwari at pagkaawa ay maaari datapwat,
maaari kang masugat kung iinom sa basong may lamat.

sa kapalaran kung sawi, araw-araw ay may pait,
bukas man ang pinto damdamin ay nakapiit,
makakita man ng bago ako'y manliliit,
dahil ang matandang ibon ay ayaw nang magalit.

hanggang ngayo'y hindi ko maisip bakit ako'y napaikot,
ng aking sinisintang dati nama'y pakipot,
at bakit lumuwang ang lagusang dati nama'y makipot,
at paano niya nalamang ang aking kaibigan ay may tagong supot?

kaya pala minsan sila'y nakita kong magkasabay sa kanto't
talo pa ang mga magkasintahan kung mga makapulupot,
ang sagradong butil pala na aking kinakain at s...

Is It Just Me?

Submitted by on Wednesday, 19 October 2016 (3 days ago)
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Is  It Just Me?

I continue to receive PMs for one reason or another. I  always  see to it that not one PM is left unanswered although sometimes, not as promptly as I wanted it to be. .  I know the feeling of being ignored..or neglected...BUT,   most of the time,  my reply could not be sent mainly due to the  SETTING of  the sender’s account.  

It  is irritating   to have made time and effort  replying  to PMS  that could not be sent.

So  guys,  please see  to  it that your setting allows you to receive PMs.  Unless , you are a bully who is brave  enough to send  unsavory PMs but  too coward to read replies.

To the commenters,   who are mainly  readers.

The posted..stories, blogs, confessions, or even poems,  are the pride and joy of the authors. We invested time and, effort racking our brains just  to come up with what we would like to believe as our “Obra” .  To some, it is too personal to them and as such,  take it as a personal affront  when  unjustly bashed by  foul and downright offensive comment/s.

We welcome  comments, in fact ,  most of us writers consider your comments as the only reward  for our  pro-bono works.  We really appreciate  CONSIDERATE  and THOUGHTFUL  airing  of  views.

But make  no mistake, we are open to criticism, constructive or otherwise,  profound or inane,   as long as they are well-meaning  and contributory  to t...


Submitted by on Tuesday, 18 October 2016 (3 days ago)
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I believe that in comparing a character's physical trait, one should sometimes give a clear example using a person, particularly one who is a celebrity e.g. "...Si Mang Rigor, who stands at five feet at may pagkakahawig kay Roi Vinzon is a bit shorter than me...")

I use this in my writing often and so far, I haven't encountered any problem until this one time when I compared a female character's body to an athlete because she, of course, has a great body (and a fit one too).

Then comes a reader commenting that it is not right for me to compare her physical traits because she has a wholesome reputation, that she is a role model to the youth...etc.etc.

Is there a limit in describing or comparing physical attributes using celebrities as examples? When is it appropriate to compare a character to celebrities with nice traits, at least in physical terms?...

Unknown You

Submitted by on Tuesday, 18 October 2016 (4 days ago)
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I met you for quite some time. Our convesation started with the usual hi and hello. 

In a couple of weeks that we talked, I got to know you. I was impressed and got hooked into you. 

Never thought I will find someone like you. And I felt sad when you suddenly disappear. 

Months passed without any news about how you were doing. And then I started to think less and less about you. 

Then one busy afternoon, you suddenly popped out and greeted me with a wink.

That wink.

Made my heart beat fast.

And we got back to our old routine until suddenly, you gave me a warning about falling for you.

"     WAG! Ayoko mahulog sayo. Mas mabuting kilalanin muna natin ang isa't isa. " were your exact words.

You wanted us to be JUST friends.

It hurts. And for some reason I agreed to be just your friend instead of walking away. But then you became a stranger. Our chit-chat became "hi.. hello" and then total silence. 

I cried, a couple of times. 

Now, the tears may not be visible, but I am crying inside. 

It hurts. A lot.

Now you're gone again. 

When you were gone the first time, I tried to forget about you. 

And then you came back, I tried to ignore you to prevent myself from falling hard for you. I thought I could but how could I resist you when my heart longs for you?

So for the third time, I fall and...


Submitted by on Sunday, 16 October 2016 (6 days ago)
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(Music in the background: Out Of Reach by Gabrielle, Chasing Pavements by Adelle, Stay by Lisa Loeb, I Can’t Make You Love cover by Adelle, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, etc., etc.)

I think I have cried my eyes dry. Or so I thought. Lately, I have been feeling numb. I don’t know if it was the intensity of the emotions I feel or maybe I just don’t want to feel anymore so that when I have decided to say my goodbye, I won’t be affected as much. Yes, I am now torn into staying or letting go. And I think I have become attached to alcohol more than I would like to admit. I guess this is good so it will build up my tolerance for alcohol. And yes, it will also block any pain that comes my way.

It’s really heartbreaking to realize that I never truly had his heart as he claimed. Wherein I have come into terms with my past relationships and decided to move on, he hasn’t. And here I thought I was the one who helped him get through his darkest days, as he once told me. Unfortunately, I have come to realize that wasn’t so.

Yes, I love him but do you ever get that feeling that you also want to let go to make him happy? It's a risk I am not sure I am willing to make. Maybe not just yet. But I know you'd all say I should let go and move on.

I really want to talk to the girl. But I don't know if that would be a good idea. I hate her. There, I've said it. I hate her for making him feel this way, for not shutting up when she could h...

Another Fantasy

Submitted by on October 15, 2016 (7 days ago)
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Magandang gabi mga KA-FSS

Survey mna tau :)

Sino top 5 n gsto mong makama? ako eto

1. Kim Domingo
2. GF :)
3. Ate :)
4. Cassie V
5. Jayden James

ikw? sno top 5 mo? :)...


Submitted by on October 12, 2016 (10 days ago)
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Mga ka-FSS,

Ano magagandang kwento sa cheating wifes? Suggest naman po kayo :) wala na kong mabasa tungkol sa cheating wife masyado eh :D

Gusto ko reng story yung mga cheating wife, tapos incest (Father-Daughter) gusto ko daddy tawag nila :)

Kayo? Ano gusto nyong topic ng story? :)...

Am I That Easy To Forget?

Submitted by on October 12, 2016 (10 days ago)
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Inspired by the song Am I That Easy To Forget by Engelbert Humperdinck

“They say you've found somebody new,”
No she’s not someone new. She was his first love, and still is his love

“But that won't stop my loving you.
I just can't let you walk away,
Forget the love I had for you.”
I can’t just let you go without a fight. Will I win, though?

“Guess I could find somebody, too,
But I don't want no one but you.
How could you leave without regret?”
And you said that you’d have no one else after me. Now it makes me laugh bitterly.

“Am I that easy to forget?”
Seems the case, I can easily be replaced.

“Before you leave be sure you find
You want her love much more than mine.”
Though you say you both can’t have a relationship, you know that you’d jump into each other’s arms if no one was in the way. 

“'Cause I'll just say we've never met,
If I'm that easy to forget.”
I’ll have to push all our memories at the back of my mind, my consciousness, until I have completely forgotten about you. Because no matter what I do, no matter how long we’ve been together and we’ve been through together, I can never compare to a decade of regret you have with h...

To The One Who Owns My Heart

Submitted by on October 10, 2016 (12 days ago)
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To The One Who Owns My HeartI love you and you know that. I have loved no one as much as I love you. At this moment, I am not in my right mind as it is clouded by alcohol: alcohol that I have been taking since yesterday. I tried to take my life but I was such a coward. I felt the pain of the blade cutting my flesh and I couldn’t go through it. It hurt. Or maybe, I wasn’t drunk enough to not feel the pain.

Hey, don’t cry. I’m not worth it. I could never compare to your one great love who has resurfaced. She still is the one your heart cries and long for. As for me, what can I do? Though in appearance I am the prettiest among the girls you’ve had but your eyes find her prettier than me. Though I have been with you for the past years, yet your heart has remained true to her.

It’s such a sad reality when I realize your heart never truly belonged to me. All those years, those times when you professed your love for me, suddenly, all felt like a lie now. At this moment, I want to remove myself from the equation and leave you and her to continue what could have been, should have been and would have been. That’ll remove all the what if’s in your mind.

As for me, I’m not sure how I’ll do that but you know, I’m willing to help you. It’s weird that even if I am hurting, I still want to help you. Maybe I’ve finally realized what true love is all about. That even if you’re hurting, you would do your be...

Day 15

Submitted by on October 9, 2016 (12 days ago)
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So.... yeah... now what? xD I suppose I should start with the infamous "apple". First of all, I didn't even called her that in the last blog. Second, I don't deny nor confirm your hunch kasi mamaya isipin niyo I deny it kasi siya nga. Third, walang third xD.

I don't know why I said that... Ilang araw palang naman nung nakilala ko siya, and it was too soon to say something like that. A tip for the bois out there, try not to say thing's too soon, you might end up knowing that it won't go your way. AGAIN mga ate't kuya, walang hidden meaning to, at wala akong pinapatamaan. Just food for thought. 

Anyways, fortunately... she is very charming (no visual contact yet? Maybe? but I just know) she's pleasant but still have a hint of cleverness to her. Refined but still clumsy... and I'm sure a whole lot more. I get the feeling na the more I get to know of her, good or bad, I'm sure I'd like her for who and what she is.

Enough about her hahaha xD So 15 days went so fast. Barely noticed. Fisnished my very first series today. Light up those fireworks and celebrate me B) (as if nigga) Every episode got more than a thousand views (which is awesome) hindi ko nalang iisipin na baka hindi big deal ang quality, I'll just consider myself a freakin Shakesphere (as if nigga) 

Have you seen em yet? No? Go check em out. I think it's in a nice spot in the novice level. (Says who?)
Know where the line is and don't ever forget it. Off limits so back o...

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