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Asleep all day, awake all night
Why does it feel like sleeping isn’t right?
Ideas over ideas, lies over lies
This shit always happens when the sun is about to rise.

Chord after chord, word after word
My eyes won’t shut, even if my vision gets blurred.
Letter after letter, line after line
My mind just feels like its on cloud 9.

From notes to tabs, a G chord after C,
I wonder how fast these ideas could flee.
Everyone is fast asleep, and I feel alive,
Even if it’s already 30 minutes past 5.

Wrote a poem because of desperation,
While asking if salt and pepper is enough to season.
How do you even make the perfect Bouillabaisse?
And why is my mind so active even if I haven’t got enough sleep for days.

That’s it. I think I need to go to sleep,
Maybe I really can if I start counting sheep.
Or I’ll try to think everything away,
Knowing that this will happen again the next day....