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My ODDyssey: It was a Hot, Dark and Stormy Night... (After Dark part 3)

Submitted by on April 11, 2017 (1 year ago)
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My ODDyssey:  It was a Hot, Dark and Stormy Night... (After Dark part 3)Bonne Annee guys and Dahlings, sorry to have kept you waiting...fucking bloody busy as usual

(Save a Prayer playing)

It's not very often that I get this kind of sensual excitement, I'm not your garden variety hypersexual (the archaic term is nymphomaniac) as  I'm mostly into women, I don't get this "attacks" often it but when it does I can't help myself, it's fucking overwhelming, unavoidable, I must and will always give in, it's a very bizarre if not a rare kind of nymphomania.  (you could say I'm a wee bit of xenophiliac or teratophiliac?)

I'm not even a bipolar, and I don't go like "Oh gawd not again" or "fuck! not now please" like someone turning into a werewolf or any monster,  a sexual Jekyl and Ms. Hyde, I have no  feelings of guilt, shame or inadequacy as I've enjoyed every wild sexual encounter very much and sometimes more than the last, getting really turned on being uber daring, wild and crazy, but not stupid and careless as I'm very careful keeping a low profile and covering my tracks.

I'm mostly into other hot females, but an episode during my early teenage years had awoken hidden sensual desires I never thought I had, and now my body would  crave these wild, bizaare orgasmic pleasures from time to time.

The "feeling" I had when I looked up at the moon as I was walking towards the restaurant, the tingling, heart racing, churning, steamy-air-inside and butterflies-in-stomach kind of feeling, as alway...

My Oddyssey: Wicked Game: A Long Wet Night (After Dark part 2)

Submitted by on August 17, 2016 (1 year ago)
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My Oddyssey:  Wicked Game: A Long Wet Night (After Dark part 2)(playing in a loop on my playlist and in this order, my phone on a small dock on the low square table, cord plugged into a socket on the wood beam in the center of the hut)

 "Because The Night" (10,000 Maniacs),   "Once in a lifetime" (Gregorian feat. Sisters of Oz), "Shake the Disease" (Hooverphonic),  "Heaven is a place on Earth" (Belinda Carlisle),  "Get into the Groove" (Madonna), “Let’s go to Bed (The Cure), "I touch Myself" (Divinyls),  "Burning up" (Madonna)",  "Wild Thing" (by X not Joan Jett), "Cherry Pie" (Warrant), "Pour some sugar on me" (Def Leppard), "I Feel You (Depeche Mode), "Save a Prayer" (Duran Duran), "World in my eyes" (Depeche Mode), "After Dark" (Tito & Tarantula),  “Wicked Game” (Chris Isaak),  "Stripped" (Depeche Mode)

         So there we were, dancing in partly open shirts and undies, singing, shouting, laughing, sharing smokes, sweedys and a bottle of sensuous Pinot Noir,   tasting and taking wine from each other's mouths.  We went swaying sexilly, pressing our bodies hard, arms in the air and around each other, going very wild or slow and passionate moving with a song's rhythm and  tempo,  as the rain poured in buckets, with lightning and thunder, cold moist wind blowing, and yet our bodies are drowning in sweat.

Light from vehicles would occasionally cut through the hut, but Lexie seemed stripped of her inhibitions as she's totally lost, so drunk and high and burning with inten...

My Oddyssey: After Dark, A Night of Firsts, Part 1

Submitted by on August 6, 2016 (1 year ago)
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My Oddyssey: After Dark, A Night of Firsts, Part 1Hi guys, it's been awhile I know, I've been fucking bloody busy, I've got lots of stories to tell, but lemme start with the most recent:

We came to Puerto Princessa in Palawan (unless there's another Puerto Princessa city in the Phil heh!)
as representatives and VIPs of sort, for a month (well it's a 4 weeker) of conventions and seminars, I don't want to bore you with the details, besides I'm keeping some things discrete so there. I've been very naughty, make that very, very, very naughty, a bad, bad girl and I want to share my experiences here with you, so enjoy.

Wednesday, July 20, I went out driving in a rental, I told my superiors I will be visiting some family vacationing in Palawan but I was told I should come back early for I'm needed at the seminar the next day. I wasn't in my uniform, I changed to a simple pink salmon, snap-button sleeved shirt, ripped jeans, and sandals before going to the car rental place. So there I was, cruising, exploring the city (and it's fucking bigger than Manila!) with driver side window down, wearing my favorite big classic aviators, smoking slimmies, hair pulled in a pony, or sometimes just held up with clip or in a quick lazy bun with a pencil (whatever's in my duffle), occassionally drinking water and or putting on lip balm with one foot on the seat (it's an automatic, duh).

I was a little annoyed earlier because some wanker left a board with a sheet of tarp and naugahyde hanging across the back of...

My ODDyssey 4 almost a broken frame part 4 conclusion

Submitted by on January 5, 2015 (3 years ago)
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I know you want me to, bitch! Li murmured as she stared devilishly sexy onto Acey's equally lovely eyes.

Oh you think so. whore? Ace replied also staring devilishly sexy and then giggled softly.  Ace pulled Li by her shirt and they locked lips again.  "Oh fuck!" I exclaimed as I cover gumi's eyes, Li leaned more towards ace as they got more lost in overwhelming passions again and the back of her shirt got pulled up exposing her lovely alabaster bums.

"What the bloody Fu- Oh bugger!" I exclaimed, I pushed gumi's face on a pillow and he struggled as I pull Li's shirt to cover her pretty bums.  Li and Ace let go of their shirts getting their lovely smooth pussies exposed again "ravish me ricecakes" Acey murmured in an aching tone spreading her legs, her pussy swollen wet and throbbing pink  "make love to me, tale me" "oh bonbons" Li murmurde back and she pushed Ace gently on to my bed, holding her down she ravished her like a love goddess, her lovely bums rocked and bobbed slow but very hard, grinding their soft wet pussies.  Ace went moaning and groaning so loud, her body went spasmic, arching, writhing, twisting in ecstasy.

"oohh sweetie" Li moaned "I missed you I want you so bad, I-I love youu" "I l-love you ssoo much" Ace replied whimpering.  Li pulled up Acey's shirt and suckled and fondled her sexy bosoms, I was so moved both emotionally and erotically tears roll down my cheeks.  I let go of Li's shirt as Ace pull it up and also fond...

My ODDyssey 4 almost a broken frame part 4

Submitted by on January 2, 2015 (3 years ago)
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(Sorry folks been bloody busy)

Li and I lovingly fingered Acey's tight wet pussy, whilst sucking and licking her supple round bosoms, lightly biting and pulling her stiff pink nipples.  Our mouths slowly went up not leaving Acey's supple flesh, up to her neck sucking and licking every inch of her slender supple neck and ears and then the three of us kissed sucked and licked each other, Acey then fucked Li's lovehole with her supple fingers, their love juices flowed wetting my bed sheet even more with sweet smelling love juice.

My sweet love juice also continue to ooze down my thighs as gumi's dark fingers continue to fondle my soft wet pussy, like fat wriggling worms that also probe my tight wet love hole while his other hand squeezed and kneads my bums, the forbidden pleasure was so fucking overwhelming as my hips continue to sexilly bob and sway.

Acey pulled up my shirt and suckled and fondled by bosoms, she also bit and pulled my stiff nipples gently with her teeth,  "Oh baby baby" I moaned as I slowly went from kneeling to sitting on the bed.  Li went on loving Acey's face neck and ears with her mouth.  They pulled their fingers from each other with a squish and lets me suck and lick them. 

"so warm and so very sweet my babies" I muttered lovingly. Li and Ace fondled my bosoms as our mouths lovingly explored every inch of each others faces and neck, nibbling licking sucking the ears.  They then suckled my bosoms while...

My ODDyssey part 4 almost a broken frame cont.

Submitted by on May 19, 2014 (3 years ago)
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hewo guys sowi fo the long wait, been quite busy with work and personal life (wink wink) anyhoo where were we? Oh yes… we continue with almost a broken frame…

We finally patched things up with our beloved Acey, she reconciled with Li, and our friendship became more stronger, passionate and romantic than ever. Li brought a bubbly (dom perignon) and some of her exquisite flavored party sticks we got a wee bit stoned after drinking eating and smoking we tidy things up and went up to my room. I went in first to check the boys especially the little horny indian monkey since we’re just in our knickers and shirts. “I think the wee munchkins and the lil goblin are asleep” I whispered as I dim the lights and the lovely sluts jumped on to my bed giggling loudly. “Shh! Oh shut it you bloody bitches!” I hushed them but they kept on fucking taunting, giggling and laughing loudly gawd were they so fucking bloody stoned and pissed (drunk) and then the bitches pulled me on the bed.

I had our favorite songs play on loop on my Ipod and I tenderly held their cheeks and caressed them behind the ears, “gawd I love you both so so so much” I whispered. We kissed and caressed each other in ragingly scorching alcohol and weed amplified passions. Li motioned with her eyes and we both kiss suck lick Ace all over her gorgeous anne curtis-esque face and neck (well, not a fan of that bitch and Acey is a wee bit prettier but hey...

My ODDyssey chapter 4 part 2 of almost a broken frame

Submitted by on February 7, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Jade and Li dropped me off my house after school. "Hello sweetheart" Mum said as we hugged "theres a very beautiful surprise waiting for you in your room" "mum what is it?" I asked thinking it was another apparel or a new gadget "sweetheart it won't be a surprise if I tell you, now get upstairs and freshen up quick for dinner, I making one of your favorites" Mum said and winked at me. I hurriedly went up the stairs to my room. I slowly open the door with my heart racing and feeling so fucking strange with an incredible adrenaline rush, and happy chemicals partying in my brain, the same feeling I have whenever...

"Hey sweetie" I murmured as I close my bedroom door, feeling so enthralled seeing my lovely Ace sitting on my bed, just like the first time we spent the night together, still in our school uniform, shoes off, black thigh high stockings and slightly raised skirt only thing is she may look cute and sultry but still poker faced and just stared at me not saying a word. "Uhm so when did you arrive, mum and dad will be leaving either before or after dinner, sooo do you want to sleep here tonight? with me?" I said stuttering a little, feeling the coldness of her stare "I-I uh we missed you, uhm I missed you, so much."

Ace stood up and slowly walked towards me, removing her jacket and dropping it on the rug, her stare a wee bit feral, then she began unbuttoning her shirt. She pushed me gently against the door and kissed me, sucking my...

My ODDyssey chapter 4 part 1 english girls again

Submitted by on February 5, 2014 (4 years ago)
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My ODDyssey chapter 4 part 1 english girls againWell I'm going to tell you anyway what happened after coming home from Japan. We had lots of cuddling and
hugging with Kate and Jade when we gave them the presents we bought for them in Japan (of course Li Ac and
I also bought special presents and souvenirs for our parents as well) We partied with Megumi and Saeko on
live video stream and also with Yoko and Saeko's girlgroup on the other screen. We did got very pissed
(drunk) though. We watched the compiled video clips we've taken of the places we went and the activities
we did in Japan. Though we don't have record on video of the violent soiree we had with the annoying
pinoy pricks and arseholes, we did ended up in youtube (truly) eventually later on and though the clips
were in japanese they had a few number of hits (no more than 2500 the last time we checked) and thank
goodness none of our parents saw that, as of yet.

We watched the sexy clips of the hot parties we had in Megumi's flat we've made especially the hot spring
lesbian orgy with the hot young japanese women we met in the springs, and also the video Megumi had of us
while she was sketching us. We huddled in the big sofa with Kate and Ac between me and Li and Jade curled
up beside Li. Jade was silent as we were watching the hot clips looking both shocked and amused, "gawd you
we're such whores!" Jade exclaimed as we watch the wild and erotic dancing we did in our parties "if by

My ODDyssey Turning Japanese, big in Japan part 3: The Lionesses

Submitted by on January 15, 2014 (4 years ago)
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We will have another partee in Megumi's flat but we didn't invite any of Saeko's girl group as many of them would be going home to their families after the very hectic schedule and also we want the saturday 'special' for Yoko, however we did a lot of shopping and karaoke with them after the last promotional presscon.

As saturday nears, we went out jogging and played double tennis as Li hated the gym and we needed to burn a lot of polys and sweat as much as we bloody can after all the eating and drinking, it is such a wonder for many how she is able to keep a such lovely figure like (ahem) ours, with her being a wee bit of a glutton. It was rather chilly that day though the sun is up and we played wearing shorts and sweatshirts. The place is public but it is so well kept and there are a lot of courts for many games.

After working up a bucket of sweat, we refreshed on a bench beside a basketball court. I recognized the blokes who were playing to be filipinos by the language though many of them speak in a dialect I don't understand, but they do all have that annoying accent as they talk with the other japanese players.

The pinoy blokes went on playing after the japanese have left. One of them tapped the others and pointed at us and I heard the prick say "bay, bay, bay huy ma nga parekoy, ayun o apat na bebot tisay at chinita ang gaganda ang sisiksi!" and they al went wowing and high fiving. I shook my head in contempt as I drink my voss. Li fel...

My ODDyssey Turning Japanese, big in Japan part 2: Cheesecakes, Ricecakes, Bon Bons, and Sugar

Submitted by on January 11, 2014 (4 years ago)
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My ODDyssey Turning Japanese, big in Japan part 2: Cheesecakes, Ricecakes, Bon Bons, and SugarAs we were soaking in the hot soothing and bubbling waters of the pond Megumi came out in her usual sexy short silken kimono robe, looking so exhilirated as she looks at us with arms folded. "Come on in Meg the water is so delicious!" Ac shouted and we all went calling, urging her to join us for a dip. "Later my beautiful dahlings!" Megumi responded in the usual sexy posh voice. "I really must give in to this delicious creative energy I'm having, I really must paint you dahlings, and immortalize this magical moment" Megumi said sounding so enthralled. She went back inside the house and came back with rolls of paper and canvas pencils and pastels, and a digital camera.

She set up the camera on a tri pod and after getting her desired focus and angle she set up her canvas on a board and sat crosslegged on the elevated wood flooring as her arm moved gracefully as she creates a picture. "Uhm Meg uh do we need to do a pose?" Li asked "No sweetheart just be as you are, move as you will I want these to be as natural as they can be" Megumi said. "These?" Ac Li Saeko and I said looking at each other. We went on dipping and enjoying the water, and then went like little girls splashing and playing in the water. It approximately took 7 minutes for Megumi between changing of canvases and paper.

We then relaxed on the smooth stones letting the soothing cascading waters massage us, with me at the middle Ac at my right with her head on my shoulder and Li at my left wit...

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